Thursday 16 December 2021

4 ways to protect your mental health


4 Great Ways to Protect Your Mental Health

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As a woman, you need to pay better attention to your mental health. This is because women are usually twice as likely to develop anxiety disorders as men. 

Unfortunately, the current state of global events has affected many women and continues to do so. This is why you cannot afford to take chances with your mental health. In this post, you’ll learn some effective methods that will help you regain your mental balance and what you can do to continue protecting yourself. 

Spend Time With the People You Love

The coronavirus pandemic unleashed an unprecedented level of anxiety and depression. The loneliness of being cooped up all day in the home caused people to almost lose their minds.

This emphasized the importance of company, particularly those of the people we love and care for. Women need the community and support of their loved ones. Therefore, spend more time with your loved ones. 

This provides you with emotional support and helps develop or reinforce your sense of belonging. Hang out with family and friends and do a lot of fun things together.

Take Precautions During Relations

Most women don’t think about this, but if you have had to rush to the pharmacy to get the morning-after pill, then you understand the mental anguish that comes from not being adequately protected during intercourse. 

Many women don’t understand that dealing with this anxiety frequently can negatively impact their mental health. This is probably why millions of women who undergo the same issue take it lightly. If you have a steady partner and you’re both not ready for kids, you should both consider contraceptives. 

Or if you don’t like the idea, have a discussion with them about male contraceptives like S-23 or other options. This way, you can both enjoy your relations without any worries. Remember, whatever causes mental stress for you is potentially a mental health issue. Deal with it very quickly. 

Turn off the News 

The news is a major source of anxiety. If you listen to it, you’ll feel like the world is about to end or that there’s no hope for the future. Yet, there’s a lot of good stuff happening in the world that gets little or no news coverage. 

Why? Because bad news drives more eyeballs and sells more papers than good news. So, filter your news or just stop listening to it altogether. Many women have found that their stress levels were considerably lower when they stopped watching the news. 

Practice Mindfulness and Journaling

Mindfulness simply means learning to stay in the present. So, pay attention to what’s currently happening with you at every point in time. This will be difficult at first, but you’ll get used to it and become much better at practicing mindfulness. 

Journaling involves writing down all the good stuff that’s happening in your life. People with grateful hearts and attitudes are hardly depressed. 

And if they do get anxious or worried, they can always consult those journals to get a fresh dose of hope. Simply going through your journal will show you that you’ve been through a similar challenge and emerged victorious. This will encourage you to keep going and focus on a better tomorrow. 


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