Thursday 10 December 2020

Keeping Your Mental Health In Check During Big Changes

One of the biggest things that can take a beating when you are making transitions in your life is your mental health. While you know that making any change in your life, such as a new career or a new start is overwhelming, this is where you have to keep your nerve. Our mental health can take a beating when we are faced with any sort of stressful situation, no matter how good it is for us. Keeping our mental health in check is about a handful of key components... 

The Little Things

When we are undergoing massive changes in our lives we can feel like the ground beneath us is moving. This is where we have to have emotional or physical anchors to keep us feeling even-keeled. This could be about certain routines that keep you in check. Something like a quick deep breathing session can help you to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. But in addition to this, there are little things that you know can set you off. And it's about learning to recognise these triggers before they set us off. But there are also little things that can gradually build up to wear us down. It could be about feeling a little pan of symptomatic anxiety that we then focus on or it could even be something like hunger. In both those instances, CBD gummies for anxiety can be a simple thing to keep yourself “afloat.”

Training Your State of Mind

This will always be an ongoing battle. And when you are making changes in your life, you've got to remember that you can very easily full back onto the things that you know. This isn't always a good thing especially if you are someone that has a negative frame of mind as your default setting. The great thing about your mind is that you can train it gradually to rethink. This is where something like cognitive behavioural therapy really comes in handy.

Learning to retrain your thought processes and your patterns means that gradually you will make the switch to viewing things either a little bit more pragmatically or understanding that the thoughts you have are just thoughts and are not a reality. But they can be little practices that you can undertake to ensure that you are going into stressful situations with the right frame of mind. A great example of this is positive self-talk. This is something that athletes do politicians utilise and anybody who is going into a stressful situation can benefit from talking positive affirmations and retraining their attitude to the situation.

When we start to become stressed by instability the stress can gradually begin to wear us down if we are constantly exposed to this environment. Starting anything new is always scary but if you can go into it with a handful of rituals that can prime your brain ready for the situation, you will feel more in control and more relaxed.

Reducing the Pressure on Yourself

Learning to keep calm in stressful situations is always beneficial but we have to remember that as we continually expose ourselves to stress that we've got to learn to step away. Being exposed to a small amount of stress is beneficial to our resilience and have a frame of mind but we've got to understand when we are over-egging the pudding. Reducing the pressure on yourself whether it's in terms of your career or about setting yourself a target in life or undergoing a significant change is about recognising when you aren't able to cope with what is going on.

Sometimes we believe that we've got to keep pushing on in order to repay benefits. But while this approach of what doesn't kill us makes us stronger is beneficial in small doses if we are continually pummelling our state of mind our mental health is not going to cope. When we undergo a change in life, we feel that we may have to devote ourselves wholeheartedly. This is especially the case in terms of a new job because we don't know the environment.

We may feel that we got to make a good impression constantly and this will make us tense. Learning to take the pressure off yourself outside of the work environment is crucial. Taking a duvet day is one thing, but also learning how to reduce the pressure in small doses throughout the day is just as important.

It is not easy because change is the thing that will benefit us in the long run. But when we have to address our mental health in these situations, these three components will go a long way.



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