Tuesday 8 December 2020

Advantages Of A Winter Wedding

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Most people who get married tend to opt for a summer wedding. A summer wedding is often sold to us as the ideal wedding image in commercials and movies. A summer wedding is special but so too is a winter one. Winter is also a magical time that is alive with festive cheer, there are also many financial and logistical advantages to having a winter wedding. See below for more information. 

Venue and Vendor Availability 

During the summer it can be difficult to source wedding venues, they all tend to be booked up for weeks, months, and years in advance. It can also be challenging to find vendors, there are so many weddings on, that their services are harder to book. 

With a winter wedding, there are no such difficulties. Winter is the off-peak season, so all the best venues and vendors are available. You can select where you want to get married with ease and create a schedule with less stress and more options.


Seasonal Pricing 

A fundamental law of economics is that supply affects demand, which in turn affects pricing. You will find that your summer wedding is far more expensive than a winter one. You will also notice there are more possibilities with a winter wedding.

The off-peak season means that venues are freed up; as a result, they lower their prices and offer discounts. Take advantage of this and make your budget go further with a winter wedding, also check out the Angara Review. The cash you save can be spent on a better honeymoon or saved for your first home. 

Decorated Venues

Winter weddings don't just allow you to save money on the venue, vendors, catering, and attire, you will also save on the decorations. During the summer all of the hotels and churches you would want as a wedding venue are not decorated, you must do that yourself. 

It's different in the winter. All of these venues are already decorated for the festive season, often with high-quality decorations that you would pay a fortune for. Your wedding guests will be impressed and your photographer will look amazing, all for free. 

Guest Availability 

Most people have friends and relatives who live in other cities and countries. It can be difficult for them to get time off work through the year to fly back for a wedding. They will probably do it for such a special occasion, but in the winter it is easier for everyone. 

People tend to return home in winter anyway, it's a good chance to visit friends and family. If you have your wedding at this time of year it will be more convenient for them and appreciated. It will also mean you are more likely to have the guests you want at your wedding event. 

Recycle Holiday Decorations 

Your venue may not have decorations, it could be a community centre or unusual venue that isn't decorated for the season. Not to worry. At this time of year, decorations are available everywhere in the shops and you can easily borrow the things you need from friends.

Recycling decorations is not only good for the environment, but it's also much cheaper in the long run, you can use these decorations over again in future years, or lend them to other friends who follow your example and get married in the winter. 

I hope you have found these tips helpful if you are thinking of planning your wedding!

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