Thursday 20 May 2021

Jewellery Of Dreams


This week I was kindly sent some beautiful pieces from Jewellery Inspired.

Jewellery Inspired is a family-run jewellery store based in Stourbridge. 

Not only do they have a brick and mortar store in the Ryemarket Shopping Centre, they also have an Etsy store where you can buy their goods online

Their Etsy store is super popular and they have had over 200 sales and have only ever received 5 star reviews which is very impressive! 

Jewellery Inspired was founded in 2013 by Jane McCrone who started making jewellery as a hobby, and now in 2021 is running a very successful business with incredibly loyal customers and an ever-growing online presence. With help from her supportive family, they have been able to expand onto social media.

I was really excited to work with them on a collaboration, I chose three pieces.
A cubic zirconia necklace, a Swarovski crystal bracelet and a silver star pendant. 

They arrived quickly and in practical packaging ensuring that things were not going to get damaged in the post.

The Cubic Zirconia Round Pendant Necklace 

I absolutely adore this necklace! It's so elegant and has such a lovely sparkle to it when it catches the light. 
In fact, I haven't taken it off yet! 

This would make such a beautiful gift for somebody, it looks really expensive but when I saw the prices I was really shocked. The prices are incredibly affordable. For such a luxurious piece, this necklace only costs £17.99+ 

One thing I really like about Jewellery Inspired is that they can offer size options so if like me, you struggle to find jewellery the right length, this store is a really great option. 

I opted for an 18 inch length necklace and it's perfect. 

This is such a great piece for special occasions, you could even wear it as wedding jewellery, it's a lovely gift for your bridesmaids too! 

I would personally wear this on evenings out, fancy meals, events etc...

I'm so impressed with the quality of this necklace so it's a thumbs up from me.


The Swarovski Crystal Bracelet 

I think this might be my favourite piece! 
I really struggle to find bracelets that fit my tiny little wrists! 
If I am to buy bracelets I have to opt for adjustable ones which then have a long tail of chain so I don't have many which I've always thought was a shame as I do like them.

Jewellery Inspired very kindly adjusted the bracelet to fit me perfectly! I opted for a 15cm length bracelet and it sits so nicely on my wrist. 

I'm in love with the richness of the blue! It feels like such a special piece. This would make beautiful wedding jewellery. I was previously engaged and my ring was sapphire blue and I feel like this bracelet would have been perfect (had the wedding gone ahead 😂).

It really is so beautiful and definitely the most elegant bracelet I own. I'll wear it at any chance I get! It's one of those items you know will draw in compliments too. 

Oh and it's only £16.99, can you believe it! So reasonably priced!

The Sterling Silver Star Pendant 

A minimalistic simple piece which adds character. This is such a sweet necklace and is my new staple!
I'm going to wear this everyday, it's just one of those items that go with everything in your wardrobe. I love the simplicity of it and not only do they do stars, these pendants come in an array of styles.
From wishbones to your favourite animals to crosses, bows, hearts, feathers and many more! 

I can only recommend having a scroll through their Etsy store as there really is something for everyone. 

Such a great choice if you're looking for something specific as a gift for a loved one. 

This necklace is such great quality and comes in at just £12.99 which I think is amazing! 

Jewellery Inspired is 100% my new favourite jewellery store. 
I love that they allocate to your needs, provide great customer service, fast postage and incredible prices. What's not to love? 

Oh and also, free delivery!! 

This is just a small collection of items from their store, with 165 items on their Etsy shop to choose from, you are guaranteed to find something special. 

A big thank you to Jewellery Inspired for their generosity, I'm looking forward to seeing you guys soar online. 


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