Monday 2 November 2020

How To Live Longer

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It is a universal truth to say that everyone wants to live long enough to achieve their dreams. However, your lifespan depends on several factors that are closely linked to your lifestyle. Did you know that living smoke-free can increase your lifespan by up to seven years? The rule of thumb is that you need to live healthily if you want to live longer. Quite unfortunately, some people often sacrifice their health for wealth - which is rather profoundly worrying. There are a lot of ailments that you can avoid by changing your lifestyle. Eager to find out more? Discussed here are four healthy-living habits to cultivate and live longer.

Join a fitness class

Exercise heals and strengthens the body. The National Cancer Institute has stated that physical activities have health benefits such as controlling your body weight, maintaining healthy bones, and reducing your risks of heart diseases. On the other hand, statistics reveal that about 260,000 Americans die in the United States due to physical inactivity. Fitness experts suggest that committing 30 minutes of your day to exercise is rewarding, and you can join a class to achieve this. Doing it with others will make it easier for you to be consistent. Remember that you do not always have to do overly intensive exercise routines to be healthy. 

Avoid skipping meals

As the saying goes, "we are what we eat." Researchers have established well-grounded facts suggesting that people who take vitamins and minerals-rich breakfast tend to have lower levels of fat and cholesterol. Eating more fibre and proteins also keeps you satisfied and energised. Whole grain cereals, yogurt, and fruits are equally healthy for your body. You must chew your food into digestible sizes before swallowing. In a research study, it was proven that when you chew your food slowly, you can decrease your calorie intake by 10%. That is partly because it takes your stomach 20 minutes after eating before it can signal to your brain that you are full.

Get a good night's sleep

The fun fact here is that lack of sleep kills faster than hunger. So, do not take your seven to nine hours of sleep for granted. Well-rested individuals can cope well with stress and have better control over their appetites. Researchers caution that sleep deprivation can activate your hunger hormones and thereby force you to overeat. During sleep, your body goes through so many activities that are beneficial for your well-being. It repairs its worn-out tissues, expels waste materials, and recuperates you for the following day's tasks.

Go for regular check-ups

Sometimes, our illnesses are caused by minor issues building up over time. You might not notice these little problems, and that is why it is essential to visit the doctor regularly. Early detection puts you one step ahead of your illness before it gets out of hand. Some examples of health checks to do are immunisations, sensory and cancer screenings, and osteopathic treatments for your bones. Some lifestyle choices like smoking, alcoholism, and drug use can make things worse. So as much as possible, try to avoid them. 

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  1. My mom always stressed that you should go to the doctors every single year even if you don't think anything is wrong. Definitely keep to that to this day!
    Jenna ♥
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