Thursday 9 June 2016

An Evening of De-stress...


So lately I've noticed that there seems to be a sense of doom and gloom in the air.

Everyone is feeling rather shitty, whether it be something little that is bothering you deep down or maybe you are going through the hardest time of your life.
Either way what I do know is that we all need a little de-stress sometimes where we can all wind down and just take our minds elsewhere, somewhere we don’t have to think about it and can just focus on something happy.

All I seem to be seeing on my social medias are negative thoughts from sooo many people and I want to do my best to help, even if it's just a little to show my support.
So…I have put together an example of MY perfect evening of de-stressing. I'm pretty sure we all have similar ideas of what that might involve and you might prefer something different to me but I wanted to show people what it is that really relaxes me and makes me realise life isn't all that bad.
I hope this encourages you to sit down and take some time to yourself, you deserve it.

Tidy the house

First up before you do anything you need a nice tidy house. Even if it’s just your bedroom. This alone will probably de-stress you by like a million percent. Knowing that you don’t have any housework to complete is one less stress at the back of your mind.
Also I personally cannot fully relax unless the room is spotless. Everything has to be perfect if I truly want some down time. The feeling of being able to look around and see that everything is clean and you can just sit down and not have to do anything is amazing. So this is your first step. You’ll appreciate it once it’s done. If you hate cleaning I suggest putting on some motown music and making it a bit more fun. Have a little boogie. Nobody's judging.

Set the scene

So next up, once everything is tidy you need to set the scene. I recommend grabbing some comfy items like cushions upon cushions and a nice heavy blanket. If you plan on having your evening downstairs grab your duvet. Being comfy is my favourite feeling and I can just sink into the sofa when I'm nice and warm, it feels amazing.
Also find some candles, preferably a nice rich, warm scent like cinnamon, cranberry or gingerbread. Don’t light them yet though! Grab a big bowl and fill it with your favourite snacks. You’re doing this now while you’re motivated so you truly have to do nothing later on.
Choose your favourite film of all time or just something you really feel in the mood for. Maybe you fancy trying a new film? Put it on the side ready.
Get your lighting all set up. I personally loveeeee fairy lights. I like a dark room with dim lighting and the light of the candles really gives it that hygge feeling (It’s a Danish thing, look it up).


Once the scene is set, make your way to the bathroom and sort out some way of playing your music. I use my phone for YouTube or the Ipad for Spotify. I recommend making a playlist on Spotify of your favourite calming music. My personal favourite is Enya. Enya is very twinkly, calming music which I only listen to when bathing. Not everybody will want this music so if you don’t want a classical vibe then go the opposite. Play some very uplifting care-free music like Rick James- Superfreak or Lynrdd Skynrrd- Free Bird. Have a sing song and let the good feelings take over.

Face Mask

So what you need to do next is start running a bath. The hotter the better. But not too hot that you faint and hit your head off the sink like my friend Daniel did once. That’s too hot. (hot damn)
Guys might want to miss this next step in fear of being too girly but I reckon you should do it anyway for ultimate relaxation. Whilst waiting for your bath to run cleanse your face and put on a face mask.
Montagne Jeunesse face masks are my personal favourite, 99p in most drug stores. Boots, Superdrug, Bodycare, Tesco, Asda etc…
Keep it on as your bath will almost be ready and you can sit in the bath with it on.

Make a bath cocktail

When your bath is almost finished you need to add some bits and bobs. If you don’t have a bath then I feel sorry for you. I grew up in a house without one and I'm so grateful that I have one where I live now. If you have a shower then just use some amazing smelling and moisturising products during your shower.
If you are lucky enough to have a bath then add as many different products as you can! (within reason)

I recommend any bath bomb from Lush, some bubble bath, some candles around the side. If you are a guy and don’t like the sound of this just use what you personally find relaxes you, maybe some muscle soothing Radox or something, I dunno. 
If you're having a bath, why not grab a book to really take your mind off any troubles?


Once you are out the bath and feel a million dollars because your face is smooth as silk and your body is soft and soothed then you might feel like you need something to fill your stomach. This is the point where you need to order in your favourite food. I like Chinese food so that would be my go to meal. Takeaway isn't a necessity, you may have already eaten but if you’re anything like my group of friends then that won’t matter.

Onesie time

Go and put on your most comfortable pyjamas. I live in my onesie so I would throw that on. Maybe add some fluffy socks if you like them. If you are always cold like me, add a dressing gown over the top of your onesie for extreme warmth.


Now you can light the candles you selected earlier. Draw the curtains, make sure the lights are sorted and the room will soon start to smell luxurious and by this point you will feel so much calmer.

Hot drink

Whilst waiting for your takeaway if you ordered one, sort yourself out a hot drink. I'm not a huge fan of hot drinks but when it comes to winding down I just find that you have a better nights sleep after a hot drink. I always seem to be really tired after them.
I would always choose a hot chocolate but some people prefer Horlicks or maybe a chai latte (yummy by the way) but maybe not something with lots of caffeine otherwise it will have the opposite effect to the desired.

The Film

Preferably your food should be here by now. You can now sit down, put on your movie of choice and really sink into it. Don’t have a care in the world and just focus on the TV. Grab the blanket or duvet and lose yourself in it.
I would choose anything by Baz Luhrmann for my perfect night in. Moulin Rouge mainly, maybe Great Gatsby. Both are my top favourite films. I love anything really insanely romantic which is surprising to most people because I'm the least affectionate person.  

I just don’t like the whole kissy cuddly thing all the time unless I'm truly down in the dumps and really need some affection from my boyfriend but I definitely don’t give affection. I'm just like ‘man up!’ I'm not very sympathetic at all.
Although Moulin Rouge and Great Gatsby are not your typical romance films…not everything is happy and joyous. That’s what I like about them.


After your film I recommend an early night. People always say sleep on it and I agree with that. Sleep definitely makes things better. Maybe as your falling asleep think of something nice to do tomorrow. Whether it be a lazy day or a productive day. Maybe even plan way ahead and book a weekend away or a much needed holiday. Either way, give yourself something to look forward to.

I hope this blog post has been of some help. Sometimes you really do just need to forget about everything and think about your mental health and well-being.
So if you’re stressed. Take some time out. It’ll help. Trust me.

Much Love,

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  1. This is absolutely lovely! I shall take note of this perfect de stress routine.
    very best wishes...

    Keep Calm and start writing ~

    1. Aww, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I hope it helps you and many others ☺️ X

  2. Hello lovely blog are your reader if tive to be my reader this and my blog I also follow on bloglovin ;)

  3. I am looking forward to a bit of rest and relaxtion when I go on holiday next week but I really want some new really comfy Pjs haha

    1. Ooh there really is nothing better than comfy pjs! Enjoy your holiday! I'm jealous 🙈


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