Thursday 24 September 2020

5 Fitness Tips To Feel Like You're Winning

Being a winner doesn't happen by magic or overnight. Those who achieve their goals, whether it's in life, fitness, or competitive activities, do so after some years of dedicated effort.

If this puts you off, it shouldn't. Anyone is capable of obtaining their goals if they put their mind to it. Furthermore, there are some tried and tested techniques that winners use to achieve excellent results. These include supporting their fitness goals with effective diets, knowing how to train, when to train, and when to rest. With a few helpful tips, you, too, could be on your way to fitness success. 

Feed Your Fitness

A big part of a successful fitness regime is getting your diet right. This will, of course, depend on your fitness goals. Quite often, people give up working out because they aren't getting the results they had hoped for; they might spend hours in the gym but without losing any weight or building any muscle. This is because they are eating the wrong things. First, know what your fitness goals are and then get on a diet that supports your ambitions.    

There are no limits

Many people have one fitness interest that they pursue wholeheartedly, such as gym-going, yoga, football, tennis, or swimming. If you want to become an expert in that field, it makes sense to dedicate yourself to that single pursuit, but it can be a good idea to diversify your interests if it's improving your fitness. Different fitness activities complement each other: football and yoga, for instance, tennis and cheerleading (you can buy some pretty cute Cheer Uniforms.) 

Know when to rest 

When people first get into fitness training, there is a tendency to overtrain. You want to see your training results right away, and you think that more means better. But this is not how the body responds to the stresses and strains placed upon when engaged in a training schedule. When you exercise, your muscles stretch and tear. They need some time to recover and rebuild: this is also how your muscles gain strength. For every two days of training you do, don't forget to rest up for one. 

Make workouts work 

Again, for those new to training, the tendency is to think that more is better, but you will gain better results if you use your training time more efficiently. You might enjoy long hours in the gym – perhaps for social reasons – but interval training is often better for burning calories and building strength. If you can be efficient with your workouts, for example, by committing to one hour a day and training hard within that hour, you will notice excellent results much faster. 

Treat yourself 

Are you a fitness fanatic? In other words, are you slightly obsessed with your fitness? This can happen at any stage of your journey, but it is more likely to happen at the start. It's another reason people tend to give up their fitness ambitions; basically, it becomes too much to handle. You need to think about your fitness regime as something for the long term and give yourself treat days regularly along the way. 

 I hope you found these tips helpful!


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  1. Love this - I actually got into working out during quarantine, but taking breaks/rest days is so important for me! :)
    Jenna ♥
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