Tuesday 19 February 2019

How To Support The Women In Your Life

There are very few things that men and women will experience the same, and sometimes in order to support the women in your life, you need to edit what you do. It isn’t about censoring yourself, it is more just about having the knowledge to make your efforts of support make a real difference.

If you are a woman, and you’re reading this, the chances are you have experienced a number of things in your life that you feel have been unjust. Sometimes it’s about jobs or the mental load of running a household. Other times it's sexist jokes made at your expense. Sadly these things can also come from other women, which means they can land a little bit harder.

So what can we do about it? How can we give real support to the women in our lives? And, even the ones who aren’t?

"I raise up my voice—not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard...we cannot succeed when half of us are held back." ―Malala Yousafzai

Be There

One of the key things will always be to be there when you can. Some experiences are very much had only by women. Childbirth, abortion, miscarriage, breastfeeding to name just a few. These are emotionally tumultuous times for some, and having the ear of another female makes a big difference.

Active listening is a skill here. Using the ‘two ears and one mouth’ mantra, you can listen to someone when they really need to talk. How often have you spoken and felt like you weren’t heard at all? Combat that and actively listen when someone needs to talk.

Thanks to the internet we can be there, even when we can’t be there. Sending a text or a WhatsApp just to show your friend (or anyone really) that you’re thinking about them can make a big difference.

If you know a woman, even on the periphery of your life, that you are aware is starting a business, or trying to do something, give them a like, share their posts featuring their products or services. Support doesn’t have to amount to buying their goods, but sharing it with others is a way to support on any budget.

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Be Open

There is a rise in female-focused writers, sharing what they have been through, in the hopes of reaching out to others that feel the same. So being open is happening more and more. But, that doesn’t mean there is less room for that openness. Talking about salaries in the workplace can help make pay gaps more transparent.

The problematic points in relationships are another place where it can often feel like you’re the only one experiencing something. But if you’re thinking it, there is probably someone else out there who can relate.

Raising children, another thing that in recent years, with the big boom of parenting blogs means that the loneliness that came come with that has been exposed and while it isn’t always more comfortable to cope with it is more widely spoken about.

Self-esteem and confidence being lost, found and worked on is another thing that no one is really alone in.

Mental health is another space where women are making great strides in sharing more. Triggers, medication, therapies and talking about it has made a significant impact on how others who are suffering feel. Feeling like you have the freedom to speak can make a substantial difference when you feel alone.

Secrecy and the unknown are breeding grounds for jealousy, and feeling like no one else is going through what you are. So no matter what your experience is, try and share that.

Be The Change

If you find that you are surrounded by women who don’t hold similar beliefs to you when it comes to supporting and appreciation you have two options. You can keep doing what you do and hope it rubs off on them, or you can grow your friendship group and try and furnish your life with higher vibes.

Create space for women. This could be in the shape of panel talks, where a group of inspiring women share and discuss set topics. Arranging courses to help women skill up, or explore creative outlets like painting, writing and photography.

Networking events for women who run their own businesses are a great way to help many people grow their support network and their business in one swoop. They don’t need to be formal events, but the space to talk about what they do, or have stalls with their products can make a big difference.

Encourage them to share each other's business, even if they are in the same field. Collaboration over competition fosters positive feelings more often!

Or, if you are more politically minded then check out what impact the local government, and the countrywide leadership means for you. Is there anything there? Marches, protests, or simply petitions that you want to add your name to?

Think about younger women too. If you have skills or knowledge that you can pass on, why not arrange some skill workshops or a week-long course teaching and talking. Water those seeds of big hopes and dreams.

Be Complementary

But go for more than ‘you're so pretty’. Obviously, being called pretty isn’t going to ruin anyone's day, but there is so much more to appreciate than what is on the surface. Say something a little more meaningful.

  • Your business idea is fantastic
  • I love how you do XYZ
  • You’re really talented

Be Seen

For whatever reason women tend to shy away from being seen as great. They make an excuse like, time, kids, undeserving etc. But it is time to accept the accolades for the things you do, and it doesn't matter if it is big or small. Own your space.

Declining or shying away from greatness, can be used to protect us, but it also means that you’re ducking away from your real potential. Set an example for girls younger than you. If they never see women achieving it is easy for them to assume they won’t either.

Support the women in your life <3 



  1. Great post ☺️. I think as women we are self-depreciating by nature. We have been taught by society to be that way. We go through so many different things that men don’t, like childbirth and it is really incredible what our bodies can do but as its deemed normal and no biggie we just carry on with life like its nothing. When really it is a big deal, we created and grew a life in our own bodies. Thats amazing. We do so much and not much notice is taken and we are more susceptible to mental health and body confidence issues. We really do need to learn how to support each other in the way we need. Everyone is different but you have given so many ways to cater to everyone. Thanks for sharing. Its really thought provoking 💕

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! You are so so right and I'm so glad you enjoyed this post! Women are amazing xx


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