Wednesday 27 February 2019

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Phone

Would you say you're making the most out of your phone? I feel as a blogger that I'm quite dependent on this little old thing! Most of my day is taken up sitting around completing work through my phone but sometimes I do wonder if I'm using it to it's full advantage.

I'm hoping this post will be helpful for anyone running their own business or using their phone predominately in their work lives.

At this point most people in America are using their phones more than their desktop and laptop computers. With the increased memory, storage, and speed of smart phones, we can now do much more than taking and initiating phone calls, and some people like myself even manage to run their business on the go using just their phones. Whether you are a blogger or a freelancer, you just need to do your research to find the right apps and software to make your life easier.


If you have to be at different places and meet clients or visit business clients, having an advanced app that will plan your best routes and help you avoid traffic jams will be a life saver. When you're living in London like myself it's definitely helpful to have a route planning app! It is crucial that you improve your time management, and this means avoiding unnecessary delays and being late due to not planning ahead. No matter if you take your car, the train, or walk to meetings, your phone can help you make the most out of your time.


Whether you are working on a client’s sales funnel design (useful for us small business owners and something I only recently learnt about) or would like to plan your next project on the go, whilst sitting in the taxi or waiting for a client, you will find the right planning and project management app and tool for your job. You will find plenty of free idea boards and process map planning apps that will help you visualise complicated processes.


Another great use of phones in your business can be collaborating with other people. No matter if you have a remote team to manage, or you are looking to update the head office on the job you have just done, you can find apps that will sync your content with a computer and allow you to update files on the cloud storage. However, you will need to ensure that you have the right cell phone plans that give you enough airtime and data.  There is nothing worse than running out of data when there is no wifi around. Trust me, as a blogger, I know! Story of my life!

Blog and Vlog

Bloggers almost never part with their phones. You will be able to update your blog or your YouTube channel, so you don’t have to fall behind on content creation. With the latest apps, you can now create content without the need to edit it!

Turn It Into a Productivity Tool

You can also use your phone as a productivity tool. From recording earnings and hours spent on each project to installing a simple Pomodoro widget, there are plenty of ways you can improve your efficiency on the go without having to invest into an expensive software or sitting by your desk all day. From sharing to getting social media statistics, there are plenty of ways you can improve your business using free apps. I use Google Analytics to keep on track of my page views and compare it month by month so I can be sure I'm making progress!

While some people think that smart phones are just a distraction in business, there are some great benefits of having them handy if you want to make your life easier and work smarter. I personally don't know what I would do without my phone in regards to my work life!

What apps do you use to help keep your business up and running and ahead of it's game?

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  1. Love this post hun 💕. Never really thought about how useful it is to have a phone and to be able to do all this stuff. I’m so guilty of not using my phone enough because theres never time at work or when i’m home i’m putting together a healthy dinner. So when i do get that 30 mins before bed i use it to catch up on life rather than use it to be productive. Definitely food for thought. Will definitely look at getting a planner app as i am pretty disorganised 😂🙊. Not good being a blogger ha. Thanks for sharing, loving how helpful and positive you made this babe. Thankyou 💕

    1. Oh so glad you found it helpful babe! I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing to have time away from your phone, that's something I wish I was stricter with but I can relate to not being productive enough with the time that you do spend on it. Thanks for reading! xx


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