Sunday 27 January 2019

Affordable Yoga Haul

I took up yoga a while ago and I can honestly say I'm addicted. 
When I first started I didn't know if I would keep it up, so I didn't really want to invest in expensive equipment. 

When you look online for yoga clothing and equipment you'll find some really great pieces but I can't help but think they are quite pricey. Especially if you're a beginner. 

Rather than going for the fashionable in season branded items, I would recommend going to places like TK Maxx where you can pick up branded brilliant quality pieces for a much cheaper price. 

But even better than that, if you really are strapped for cash, or even if you're not! Flying Tiger is the best shop you can go to. I mean it is SUPER cheap and the items are actually really good quality! 

I'm going to share my yoga collection with you and tell you where I got everything. Unfortunately Tiger and Primark aren't online so I can't link but if you come across one I highly recommend popping in!

First up,

Where to actually do Yoga?

I actually do yoga from the comfort of my living room, completely free of charge. I simply YouTube 15 minute yoga and do whatever pops up. There are amazing free resources all over the Internet, you don't necessarily have to join a class. It's a great way to meet new people and learn new things but yoga teachers have their own Youtube channels where you can attend classes for free. You can't get cheaper than that and I think the videos are so so helpful!


Yoga mat

To do yoga, a yoga mat is an essential. You definitely shouldn't do yoga without a mat. There's a variety to choose from but I opted for a foam material as it's super soft but has stability. Mine was from Tiger and it only cost me £10. It's great quality. I've been using it for coming up to a year now and it's in perfect condition. No dents, no scratches, it's not dirty. 

TK Maxx is another option. 

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks are used quite a lot in yoga practices. They aren't necessary but I would highly recommend them! I picked up all of my yoga blocks from Tiger. I have two bigger ones, and two smaller ones.
The small marble print ones were £3 each and the bigger striped were £4 ... However, Tiger recently had their dream days promotion so I got them all for £2 each which is amazing! I believe they are about the same price in TK Maxx too but I like the funky colours of the Tiger ones! 

Yoga wheel

Yoga wheels are great for practicing your back bends. I wouldn't recommend buying one of these straight away because I don't actually find myself reaching for it all that often. Unless you're specifically practicing back bends it's not really needed. If you've been doing yoga a while and are after a yoga wheel, you can look online but you'll be looking to spend around £40-£50.
I can't remember the exact price but I feel like £20 keeps springing to mind but I could be completely wrong. Mine again was from Tiger and has a foam layer so it's soft on your back. Plus it matches my yoga mat! That's what I love about Tiger. You can buy your whole yoga collection and have it all matching for under £60 easy.

Massage roller

Yoga consists of a LOT of stretching which can take it's toll on your body and when you're doing regular yoga like myself (mon-fri) it can really make your body ache. A massage roller is a great idea for working out any knots and creating space in your body. I just have a small one for in between my shoulders where I get pain most. It was £3 from Tiger.

Yoga band

Yoga bands are great for working on your flexibility. Some poses require having your leg straight but sometimes it seems impossible and you just have to bend your leg. With a band it makes it so much easier to keep your leg straight and train the muscles.
Mine was only £2 from Tiger for a rubber one (also available in pink) but I would like to try a material one because although the rubber is great at it's job, I find it really aches my arms (I suppose it's a good thing as it's working them). Also I get afraid it's going to have a slingshot effect and smack me in the face. It's yet to happen but it's inevitable! 


Yoga gloves

Yoga can certainly get sweaty and sometimes your palms can become slippy. If your mat is a material where it's an issue, yoga gloves can combat that. 
With mine being foam, I don't have to worry too much but I have them on anyway just in case. They help a lot to keep your position, for example, in downward facing dog.
Mine are fingerless and cost £1 from Tiger. They have a really great selection of colours and patterns!

Yoga socks

For the exact same use as the gloves,  they will stop you from slipping. Tiger do them for £2 each and they match the gloves and some have super cute slogans!

Yoga pants

So I do have pair of yoga pants from Tiger that are great quality but I do prefer the branded items as they are slightly better quality. 
I have got majority of mine from TK Maxx and Primark. Something to remember is that you don't necessarily have to get items that are advertised as 'yoga pants'. Any sports leggings will do. All sports leggings have some degree of flexibility but yoga pants tend to be a little softer and less restricting so it's completely your choice.
I have yoga pants from TK Maxx that are fantastic quality. I also have some from Primark and H&M which are equally as good but could also be used for other gym activities and running.

£20 from H&M
These aren't in stock anymore but here is the link to some similar ones.

£8 from Primark and has a matching sports bra!

£10 from TK Maxx.

£10 from Tiger.

Yoga tops

I'm not fussy about yoga tops to be honest. I tend to stick to sports bras or vests. I pick mine up cheap from Primark. Sometimes I do yoga in my pyjamas so it's not a big deal. You don't have to rush out and buy yoga clothing straight away if you're looking to start your new hobby. You just want to be comfortable and not restricted.

£3 from Primark.

£5 from Primark.

£4 from Primark.

 £13 from TK Maxx.

And that so far is all of my yoga equipment and clothing.
I will obviously expand it at some point but I feel like what I have is enough at the moment. It's got me through the last year happily and it hasn't set me back a lot of money! 

Oh and a little tip. If you're wondering where to store all your equipment that's easy to get to, doesn't take up lots of space and keeps it all confined then I recommend just grabbing one of those IKEA boxes that slot into the Kallax units if you happen to go there. I just keep mine in my bedroom and stand my mat up in it and then when I am getting ready it's all in one place and easy to put back.

I hope this post was of help to anyone thinking of starting yoga from home, for any beginners, or even for experienced yogis.




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