Sunday 20 January 2019

45 Things You Should Watch On Netflix

I am forever seeing people on social media asking others for Netflix recommendations.
I wanted to write a super simple post this week (unlike my usual lengthy posts) that you can bookmark on your phone and keep coming back to.
It is a list of 45 things I have watched on Netflix and enjoyed and would therefore recommend.
So next time you think 'What shall I watch on Netflix?' just come here!
You might have seen a lot of them but if you feel like you agree with my list, and there is something on there you haven't watched, perhaps we have the same taste and you will like it.

Also, this might be a helpful post for anyone considering getting Netflix so you can see what choice you have! 

I've included series and films in this list so there is a LOT of content to keep you going.

And believe it or not...Birdbox, Bandersnatch and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo aren't on it!


You - This is the first time in a while that I've been hooked on a series. It goes from 0-100 very quickly! 

Friends - Obviously.

Black Mirror - Although Bandersnatch isn't on my list...the original Black Mirror episodes are! This is a must if you haven't already watched them!!

Sex Education - I just finished this today, it's very funny but also covers a lot of issues the younger generation come across!

Impractical Jokers - Great background noise prank show that literally makes me howl with laughter.

Dogs - A very endearing docuseries about the wonderful world of woofers! Could you ask for anything better??

The Sinner - I haven't got to season 2 yet but I really enjoyed the first season! Bit of a thriller but also a guessing game.

Chilling adventures of Sabrina - Very different to the original Sabrina we all remember from childhood! A more grown-up darker version I guess.

The Great British Bake Off - This is just such a feel good show. I like watching this when it's that time of the month :')

Breaking Bad - This is one of my favourite series I've ever watched. It's always intense and really grips you in. One of those I would find myself re-watching again.

Riverdale - I don't typically American high school type shows but this is like a murder mystery mixed in and I actually love it. So far-fetched but brilliant!

Hells Kitchen - Because nothing is better than Gordon Ramsay asking people if they are an idiot sandwich.

Mythbusters - I love watching this show! I always feel like I learn something. Always interesting.

Shameless - Because it's a classic.

GirlBoss - One of my favourites. She's who I aspire to be and a funny watch! Very relatable for me!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Amazing! Hilarious! Got me through hard times last summer.

Atypical - A series about a teenager with autism. Really endearing but a comedy. A great watch.

Skins - I find myself re-watching skins over and over throughout the years. 

Planet Earth - Because David Attenborough.

Stranger Things - I'm sure you've all watched it. And we all love it. Never heard a bad thing about it!

Anne with an E - A really endearing lovely series. Very heart-warming!

Glow - One of those binge-worthy TV shows that we all love!

Love - A comedy that gets you chuckling.

The End of the Fucking World - I love this series! Still waiting on series 2! 

Outnumbered - If you didn't catch it when it was on TV, you can still catch up on Netflix. Perfect show about everyday family life. So so funny!

Blue Planet - Because David Attenborough ... again.


Gone Girl - Not what you think. A brilliant thriller. The book is equally as good.

The Witches - Childhood Roald Dahl film that I love so much.

Bad Neighbours - Hilarious film!

3096 Days - A true story about the kidnapping of Rebecca Kampusch. Shocking!

Love Rosie - My favourite rom-com. 

Me Before You - Heartbreaking but worth the watch!

Orphan - A horror that I make everyone watch. Big twist in it!

6 Days - A film based on the Iranian Embassy siege. Very intense.

About A Boy - Great Sunday afternoon chill out movie.

The Goonies - A classic!

Matilda - Childhood!

Superbad - Hilariously funny.

The Breakfast Club - Another classic.

Jumanji - Robin Williams.

Gnomeo and Juliet - One of those kids films that adults love even more. One of my favourite films.

Shark Tale - I loved this as a kid and it's still just as good looking back now.

Bridge to Terabithia - If you need a good cry

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Another film I love showing people. A whodunnit. 

King Kong - Oh I just love this movie! Watched it too many times to count.

There are so many more I could recommend but these were my favourites that sprung to mind!

Let me know if you have watched any or are going to and what you thought! Or if there is anything I've missed. I too am always looking for new things to watch!
Feel free to bookmark this post to work your way through the list.

Happy Netflixing! 



  1. Love this list! I binged watched Riverdale season 1 and 2. It took me two weeks but it was so worth it.

    Samara // The Marshall Wardrobe

    1. Ahh glad you like it! I'm still yet to finish season two! Must find the time. :) xx


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