Saturday 15 April 2017

Pretty And Personal Pieces

Something I have seen ALL over my Instagram feed recently is cute little personalised bits and bobs.
Whether that be jewellery, handbags or cute little embroidery detail shirts.
Anything personalised seems to be the 'in-thing' at the moment and I for one am loving it.

By personalised I mean things with your photo on, items with your name on or even just your initial.
I have quite a few personalised items with my name on, I have a notebook and some pencils and quite recently I gained a new little addition.

This beautiful gold necklace with my initial on. 

Another fashion trend I have been enjoying is dainty gold and rose gold necklaces. I've taken quite a lot of gold detailing inspiration from Josie Fear of Fashion Mumblr. I adore her Instagram and although we have very different styles, I admire her class.

This necklace was very kindly sent to me by a fabulous company called Thoughtful Impressions.
Thoughtful Impressions specialise in engraved minimalist jewellery and gifts. 
They actually started through their sister site (who you may be more familiar with) Sticky Jewellery.
Sticky J started back in the year 2000 so it has been around for quite a while now. Since starting back then they have managed to fulfill over 500,000 orders! 

Something they like to be known for is their prices. They are very confident that they have the lowest prices online that they even offer a price match guarantee. That's something I don't see many companies doing unless it's something like car insurance so I thought that was a nice added touch.
Plus they offer the fastest turn-around times in the industry.
Sticky J is now only medical ID jewellery though.

I was very excited to browse the Thoughtful Impressions website for an item to review. I knew instantly that the only jewellery item I had being dying to add to my collection was a dainty gold necklace, the fact that it was monogrammed  was just an added bonus for me.

I have quite a few dainty necklaces but they are all silver or white gold. Surprisingly I don't have a lot of gold jewellery but I actually prefer it to silver. 
I think a lot of people see gold as quite 'chavvy' but I really feel it has made a huge comeback and is now seen as a more classy luxurious colour. I'm so glad it had such a turn-around!

Almost like Burberry. Burberry was always worn by guys in tracksuits who took drugs and lived off benefits back in the day (where I was from anyway)  but now when I think of Burberry, I think of beautiful handbags and wonderful accessories that are very high-class and prestigious. That's something that I only realised after joining the blogging community. It's a shame because in the UK a lot of people have a set opinion on it and will always see it as the brand that sell tacky caps.

Anyway, when ordering the necklace I was stuck for choice as they have such a wide collection of items to choose from such as bracelets, necklaces, lockets, rings, charms, accessories and gift ideas that can all be engraved to your taste!

I think personalised gifts are so sentimental and so this is a great website to browse if you are looking for something special for someone.

But as I said I knew I wanted a delicate gold necklace. Surprisingly there was quite a variety of those so I had to whittle it down to one. So I chose the Personalised Dainty Gold Charm Necklace which retails at $22.99
You could also choose the writing to go on it and the font.
I chose an S for Stacie as the circle is quite small and in the 'fancy script' font.

As it was coming from Florida, I presumed it would take a little while to get here but it was less than a week!
It arrived in the most lovely little red silk organza bag to keep it safe.

It had a little bit of tape over the necklace to prevent any scratches that might occur during transit.
As it was in the organza bag, my first reaction was 'oh god, it's going to be all tangled'.
I remember receiving my beautiful sapphire engagement necklace from H Samuel and it was sooo tangled that it still has a knot in it that I never got out.
I was very pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't tangled at all. It's one of those dream chains that just don't tangle. It wasn't as delicate as I thought it would be but that was not an issue because chains that are that delicate tend to break easily and never last long due to tangles. This was like my PERFECT chain. It still looks delicate but feels a little thicker.

The second thing I noticed was the fantastic idea that Thoughtful Impressions had. They had added an extra clasp so that you could either wear the necklace at an extended length or shorter, depending on your preference.
This is handy for me as I'm quite petite and sometimes necklaces are longer on me than other people with your average size neck :') 

When ordering the necklace I had the choice of a traditional needle etching engraved design or a coloured laser engravery which would be black but I definitely preferred it colourless. I think it looked more 'expensive' and higher quality. 

The only thing I will warn you of is that on the website it shows you a preview of your design and I put in a capital S and it showed a cute minimalist design that I was happy to go ahead and order.
However, when I received my necklace, it wasn't the same design. It was still an S but it was much fancier and feminine. Very grown up and mature actually.
 This is fine by me because I actually preferred this S but it wasn't what I was expecting.
That might be an issue for you if you have your heart set on the design you see on the preview.

I checked my order receipt that came with it and it says the font was script - balmoral.
But I remember choosing 'fancy script' which is one of the 5 options. I can't see a balmoral option. I wasn't sure if this was a mistake or not but it could be a little misleading. 

As I said, this wasn't an issue for me personally as I loved the design and so it worked out to be a pleasant surprise and I'm glad it happened but just be cautious of that when ordering yourself! 

Another positive I also found was that the gold doesn't smear easily which is great because a lot of gold plated jewellery can look very dirty from fingerprints but this doesn't.
I have a habit of pulling at my necklaces without realising and getting them all smeary so this is the perfect necklace for me.

I think the price is great too for what you are getting, considering you can put whatever you like on the necklace. I think because of the size of this particular necklace, an initial really was the best choice otherwise it could look a little cramped. However, they do have a variety of other gold pieces that fit full names or short sentences.

It's such great quality. I feel as though it is very sturdy and won't fall apart after wearing it twice. As its nice and minimalist it will go with so many outfits! I can't wait to style it up over the summer.

I had another look at the Thoughtful Impressions website because I wanted to put some examples below of other beautiful items I love from the site that would make great gifts.

PS: They don't just do women's jewellery but also mens and kids. And they do lots of amazing gifts that aren't jewellery.

Personalised Tan Leather Adjustable Bracelet (I LOVE this)
Peach and Pearl Gold Heart Charm Bracelet
Eco Friendly Wooden Cheeseboard and 3 Carving Utensils

Whether it's treating yourself for all the hard work you've got done this month, or if you've been having a hard time lately, why not treat yourself?

Luckily I have a discount code to share with all you lovely people that read this till the end. You're the best.

You can get 20% off site wide with my code FBS2017 (case sensitive) and also bare in mind that they offer free shipping on all US orders. They do send to the UK though so don't feel left out! I know the majority of my Instagram followers are USA and so I hope that appeals to you guys! I do think and care about you all just as much as my lovely UK followers.

Please also bare in mind that this discount code expires on the 30th of this month so you'll have to be quick :)

I hope you love this necklace as much as I do.
I haven't taken it off yet.
I said that in my last post about my Fraser watch. I'm just loving wearing jewellery lately. I'm a nightmare for forgetting to wear it and so this is a big deal for me.

Hope you are all well. Better than me anyway! I've been having a bloody rough time lately and I just realised I haven't kept my blog readers updated. I've got endometriosis so that explains my awful awful periods and inability to get pregnant. It's hard to hear but we will adopt if we have to and that is all I'm going to say on the matter.

Thanks to everyone for their support so far. Means a lot.

Oh and I have flu. Not a great year for me so far is it!! 

Let's keep our fingers crossed for May. I have a holiday and it's my 25th birthday.

Hope you are all healthy and well!

Love to you all, 

Disclaimer: I was sent this necklace free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion. I am making not making any money from this collaboration. The discount code is purely a gift for my readers. All photos are my own.

To see more of my posts click on Blog Archive where you can find all my posts in one list. 



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