Friday 7 April 2017

The Watch I've Been Waiting For

I am a fiend for a tan leather watch.
The obsession is real.

I have quite a collection of brown leather watches and each of them are equally beautiful but different in their own way. However, each watch I own has just one element missing and so I've been waiting for the perfect watch that is an ideal mix of them all.

Let me describe my dream watch.

Tan leather strap.
Rose gold metal features (this seasons must have, and last seasons!).
Minimalist style.
Classic timeless design.
Adjustable strap that fits my skinny little wrists.

That's all. I don't think that's too much to ask?

Well...the time has finally arrived. 
Fraser Collection have outdone all the other watch brands and made the perfect watch! (In my eyes anyway).

Let me introduce to new watch.

I love, love, love it!

Before I go into details of this absolutely gorgeous watch let me tell you a bit more about the company.

Fraser are a very new brand and although they had been planning their products for a while they officially started in March of this year, that's only last month and so they are still very much in the infancy stage. 

I think for such a new brand they have really impressed me. Usually with start up businesses I find they tend to have that one basic set piece that they eventually improve and alter to peoples tastes but I think the watches that Fraser have started with are just as good as any other big brand already! I really see them going places.

They took inspiration from brands such as Daniel Wellington. That classic, simplistic style of watch.
The watch that goes with everything yet screams high-class.
A way to instantly smarten up any outfit.

They were also inspired by the more refined classic styles of Girard Perregaux. 
These styles differ in both quality, affordability and looks and so Fraser have come up with the perfect in-between. 

Fraser's ambition was to design a watch that would resemble the classic, modern but refined image at a price that was affordable for all. 
I like to think they have got it pretty spot on.

In the starting process they took a venture to source a manufacturer and started drafting a few designs. Eventually, they found a design they were really happy with and that is the design you see in this blog post.

Although they plan to make future products, at the moment they are keeping it nice and simple with four choices.
Which you can browse below.

When looking through the watches I was really stuck on which colour combination I wanted to try out.
I'm a sucker for rose gold and tan but should I try something different? The black sure does look classy and sleek. 
But nope, the tan just fits so well with my style and my wardrobe too! 
Plus I don't have one with rose gold, I now officially have the watch from my dreams.

The Fraser Collection website is also brand spanking new so still in the early stages! 
It's very smart and professional which fits in nicely with the style of the watches.
Its easy to navigate and can I postage?! On everything. No minimum spend and even free to ship to anywhere in the world.
If that doesn't make sales I don't know what will!

I actually really love that there are just the four styles to choose from because there is nothing worse than a website with soooo many choices that you get stressed, and by the time you've found one you like, you're too tired to finish the transaction!

I love that there are a select few to choose from and that's it. Just makes life so much easier and they are all equally as beautiful so it doesn't matter that there isn't a huge choice. There is still something for everyone.

So how are the watches made?

The watches are all designed in house so that Fraser have creative control of the designs. They come up with images of what they want to create and then send those images off to the manufacturer who then proceeds to give them a choice of materials.

Fraser then take into account what materials are good for general everyday use. That is an important factor really because I cannot count the amount of watches I have gone through that break so easily.
The straps are genuine leather so they are fantastic quality and nice and sturdy. The way the leather joins around the metal is secure and well made and that gives me faith that this will last me a long time.

Very reliable watches indeed.
But not to worry because the watch comes with a 12 month guarantee anyway!

The watch itself is made from stainless steel. The movement is Japanese quartz which is just as reliable and popular as Swiss and the glass is crystal.

One of my favourite things about this watch is the strap because I really do struggle to find watches that fit me. I have such teeny tiny little wrists that I have to get the watches that you can poke holes through yourself. This wasn't necessary with my Fraser watch because it came with a hole that fits me perfectly. 

The face of the watch is a great size for me too. Sometimes the faces are so big that they are actually bigger than my wrist itself. This means you don't see the strap that much on my wrists and that the sides of the metal dig in, making them very uncomfortable.

The face on this watch is the perfect size for me and would look great on bigger wrists too. 

Another thing a lot of watches do not have that Fraser have included is an extra loop to keep the strap in place. 
A lot of watches have one and it's stuck in one place and so you cannot adjust it. 
The Fraser watches have two. One stuck in place to put the end of the strap through but one movable loop so you can adjust it so that the strap stays down firmly all the way around.

It's quite hard to explain what I mean, so I hope you all understood what I'm trying to say :')

I like the minimalist design with no numbers. Some people may not like this because a fair few people can struggle telling the time with just the lines but it's actually one of my favourite features of the watch. Maybe a limited edition one with numbers could be a future idea perhaps?

I love the timeless feel to this watch. It's just so simple and the perfect mix of old fashioned meets modern. I couldn't be happier with it. As you can probably tell!

I actually spoke to Alastair from Fraser (who has been very helpful throughout this collaboration) and asked him what their ambitions are for the future.
I can let you all know that they do actually plan to add at least one more watch style to the basic collection and then another as a limited edition piece. 
The limited edition is a great idea as that will continually give them the freedom to come up with new designs and test them out. 
They can see how the customers react to them and see how they sell without the commitment of a permanent design. I'm sure that will help them figure out what designs people want.

At the moment they are focusing on their current classic design. I think they really have a fantastic staple piece there and it's a good decision to stick with that for now. As I said, its everything I was looking for in a watch.

So let's bring out the fashion blogger in me. How would I style it?

I think tan is a fantastic colour that can be styled all year around. Regardless of weather and seasons.

I love wearing tan in autumn as it fits in so beautifully with all the yellows, oranges and reds. I wore my watch with my mustard cardigan the other day and I thought it looked really nice. I wore it to work and lots of people complimented my watch so I was sure to tell them all about the brand so they could have a look themselves.

In summer I also love tan watches because I like to think I dress very 'bohemian' in summer and tan goes so nicely with that. You get a lot of tan suede tassel detailing in summer and it comes back without fail every year. The watch will run with my summer wardrobe very well this year!

But right now, it's spring so how am I going to style it now?

I have been just a little bit obsessed with the style of Freddy Cousin Brown of Freddy My Love and Josie Fear of Fashion Mumblr.

They wear a lot of pastel colours, pinks in particular and always look so elegant and graceful. Their Instagram feeds are absolute goals. 
I think they have hit spring styling on the head so I came up with a little outfit yesterday.

I think this is really nice and isn't typically something I would wear but Elliot said I looked really lovely and to be honest, I felt it. 
I teamed the watch with my River Island cream trousers. They have rose gold detailing too which really complimented the watch.

I added a suede vest to bring out the tan detailing of the watch and then my Fiorelli bag for a bit of designer chic.

PS: I am LOVING this nail varnish by the way. It's the Barry M Aquarium Collection in Caspian 404 and I cannot get enough of it. It looks super nice with the watch. I told you it goes with everything!!

So as you can see, it's very versatile and can be dressed up or down. The perfect mix between a casual and very smart vibe. You can make it suit your tastes. Make of it what you wish!

I love how Instagrammable it is, (you will be seeing a lot of it on my feed this season, don't you worry about that!).

Elliot was getting frustrated with me, on my way to work I was constantly stopping to take pretty photos of it!

The swans wanted to get in on the action.

As I said before the watch comes with a guarantee. Although it is water resistant, they do recommend that you try not to get it in contact with water as the warranty does not cover water damage.
The warranty is for 12 months so that is good to know! 

I liked that this came with a slip to tell you it had been quality checked beforehand. I've not had that with a watch before. It just gives you confidence and peace of mind that Fraser really do care that your watch arrives in the best condition and that they want you to have the very best.

The packaging is very nice too. Minimalist and sleek like the watch. It comes with a nice little removable padded cushion which is different to anything else I have bought before. 

The only thing it didn't have that a lot of watches do is the little protective film on the face of the watch to prevent scratches. But to be honest, if it has been quality checked beforehand that doesn't really matter!

I think they put so much passion into these watches and so I expected the price to be a lot higher than it was.

As they are inspired by very luxury brands I figured they would match the luxury price tags and so I was extremely happy to find that these watches are certainly affordable.

They retail at £79. 

I think for what you are getting, a timeless every day piece that goes with anything and will never ever go out of style. £79 is an absolute steal.

I was so impressed with that. This is around the price you would pay for a Daisy Dixon watch. You all know I love Daisy Dixon but I can't help but feel these watches are more prestigious and upper class. Daisy Dixon are more trend based and have a lot of funky designs but the Fraser watches are so captivating and elegant which you typically would pay much more for. 

If you would be interested in buying one you can do so from the website here, I think this would make such a lovely gift too. 
Its such a shame I didn't know about Fraser before Mother's Day! That would have made a great campaign.

However, anniversaries are all year round and I would have loved something like this for our anniversary. It's very personal and delicate but useful too. 

Don't forget the free shipping as well. What a perk.

I would just like to thank Fraser for the beautiful watch but mostly the amazing customer service. They have been so helpful answering my questions and getting my watch to me safely and I really can assure you all that you will get great customer service if you were to encounter any issues. Which personally I cannot see happening. 

I am unbelievably in love with my watch and actually haven't taken it off yet.

I wish Fraser the very best with their business adventure. I really do see them going places and being very popular indeed! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about the brand or the products please don't hesitate to get in touch with myself or Fraser using their online form.

All the love,

Disclaimer: I was sent this watch free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion. This is a paid collaboration. However, I am not earning a commission from any sales. All photos are my own.



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