Tuesday 14 March 2017

How To Achieve Award Winning Hair...

It's not everyday you get an award for 'great hair' but last week I received the most amazing parcel from OGX.

If you have been following my blog for a while now you will know that OGX are by far my favourite hair care brand to use and also one of my very favourite brands to work with.

If you are new to my blog then you might want to catch up on some previous blog posts which you can find below.

My Haircare Routine

Allow me to show you what was in my parcel!

I couldn't believe my eyes. When I first got it I presumed it was off Elliots mum because whenever she sends parcels the are always addressed to 'Lovely Stacie'  and this was addressed to 'The Fabulous Stacie' so I thought 'what has she got us now?' 

I opened it to find a very beautiful, posh looking red box wrapped with a ribbon.
I really didn't have a clue what it was.

It was only when I opened it and spotted the personalised OGX love heart sweets that I realised it wasn't from Elaine. 

As soon as I saw it was from OGX I knew there would be a new supply of shampoo and conditioner and it couldn't have been better timing because I had literally just run out of the last one.
But it was packaged very prestigious so I was curious to know why.

When I unwrapped the red tissue paper I found a gold envelope with ' And the winner is...' written on it. At this point I was so confused...I hadn't entered any competitions! What the hell is going on?

I opened the gold envelope to find a very special personalised card in there. It was at this point I realised it was just a really sweet and thoughtful way of OGX saying thank you for working with them and everything I've done for them. I wanted to cry!

I then properly opened the box to find a supply of their newest range 'Bamboo Fibre-Full' but alongside that was the most amazing gift! An award for great hair :')
It's engraved with my name and is actually surprisingly heavy. I absolutely howled with laughter for about 5 minutes then sat in shock at how sweet it was and how far I've come with my blogging and had a bit of an emotional moment. 

I work with a lot of brands and they are always very polite and grateful for everything you do for them but it's not very often that brands go out of their way to thank you with a gift or a very sentimental thank you email. It's usually a polite thanks for everything! Then you never hear from them again or they come back to collaborate but I've never had anything so personal like this so it just shows what a fantastic and caring brand they are! 

I'm even popping to London next weekend to have a nice brunch with Jess from OGX who is the very lovely lady who I've been emailing back and forth since we first collaborated and I'm so so excited to be able to put a face to the emails! And to be able to thank her in person. It's all very exciting!
I'm also attending BlogconLDN hosted by Scarlett London so I'll more than likely be snapchatting the day and blogging about it too! My first big blogger event!

Any how let me tell you more about the shampoo and conditioner and how I actually managed to achieve award-winning hair! 

The bamboo fibre-full collection that I was sent included a shampoo, conditioner and a root boost mist (that's a bit of a tongue twister).

I first opened the bottle and couldn't smell much which is different to the other OGX products I've tried that tend to be strong scents but there was definitely a discreet scent of bamboo and it smelt bladdy lavly.

Elliot took a smell and I don't know if his nose is just better than mine but he could smell it quite strong and he said that it's his favourite so far and he was excited to use it too. He said it smelt very fresh.
Usually he just leaves me to use the OGX because they are quite ladylike scents. They remind me of beautiful perfumes that are not overpowering but this was certainly different.
More unisex I would say, so Elliot was looking forward to trying it with me which made me happy. I like when we get to try stuff together and compare thoughts. Getting old...

To be honest I felt like nothing was really going to top the last one I tried which was the O2 range. That shampoo and conditioner is literally perfect for me. I had nothing negative to say about it at all and I think that will be my go-to collection forever so I was curious to see how this would live up to its standards.

First up. The bottle. It's a lovely green colour and is again, a slimmer bottle, I'm not sure if that's a permanent feature for all of them now? But that makes me happy because the wider ones were too wide for my hand and now you get the same amount of product but an easier grip. 
It's got a lovely little bamboo picture on the inside at the back of the bottle which is really nice. You see it more as the shampoo runs down which is a really cool idea. The texture of the shampoo almost gives it a 3D effect!

Next. The scent. Obviously when I smelt it in the bottle it didn't smell too strong but still nice.
When I used it in the shower. Oh my god. The only way to describe it is 'being abroad'.
This smells like holiday. I swear if I closed my eyes and thought hard enough I could convince myself I was on a beach, covered in sun tan lotion and sipping on a cocktail. 
This IS holiday. And perfect for this time of year. Not many of us go on holiday this time of year, it's usually unpredictable weather, lots of wind and showers and we all start getting the miserable feeling to go along with it. Longing for a holiday, anywhere away from here. This smell takes you away from everything and it's like a half hour holiday in your bathroom. It's SUCH a beautiful smell.

It's very refreshing too so I feel like you can change your mindset with it. If you're using it in the morning, it's fresh so that it gives you an energy boost and wakes you up and you feel squeaky clean but it can also be that wind down time where you need to escape reality. The perfect mix.

The first thing I noticed when using it was the texture, it's a very jelly-like consistency. It breaks up quite easily but they tend to lather very well! 
On the first use it didn't lather very well but to be honest this happens with most shampoos and conditioners and my hairdresser actually gave me a fantastic tip for this. Buy a cheaper alternative shampoo for your first wash to get out any unwanted product and then use a more luxury shampoo afterwards. It will lather much better so you're not wasting product and also it will do it's job better as the product won't be in the way. 
I never realised the importance of a good shampoo and conditioner until I started using one and saw the huge difference in the quality of my hair.
Its so so important, using cheap ones constantly actually can damage your hair so you really do have to look into what you're using!

Anyway the second wash was like 'Lather City Central'. Bubbles everywhere. once your hair is wet enough this lathers soooo well and I always feel like the more lather, the cleaner your hair is. But maybe that's just me.

When I washed out the shampoo my hair felt very oil-free. Not dry...but completely cleansed of any oils and dirt. I then used the conditioner and friggin hell! My hair felt the softest it's ever felt. It's like the water was just gliding off it like a waterfall. It was insane. The other OGX products make my hair feel like silk but this was something else. This was like 100% Egyptian cotton meets the most expensive and rare silk on the planet. 

When I got out of the shower I used the root boost. The other mists that I have used previously have been in a smaller bottle and have just a typical press-down spray lid and I find sometimes they can get a bit 'clicky'? I don't know how to describe it but they get stuck halfway through pushing down and then spray too much or too little.

This was a proper mist. I LOVE this bottle and I'm really glad they are doing it! I just found it sprayed beautifully and you can't really go wrong with it. 
Once I got out the shower I felt so squeaky clean and refreshed. I just think natural scents have that effect dont they?

I blow-dried my hair and this was when I realised how important this shampoo and conditioner was going to be in my life. 

One thing I find with OGX products is that they work pretty quickly and you start to notice results after about a week. They ALWAYS do what they say they will on the bottle and I am yet to find one I dislike. I cannot see that happening!

This one changed my hair immediately. When I blow dry my hair it goes quite voluminous but frizzy? I tend to let it dry naturally but I wanted to give this one a go with a blow-dry.
I will never dry my hair naturally again (bit dramatic, I probably will) but I couldn't believe it.

My hair was really thick and bouncy but so lightweight and soft. It fell in the right places, it brought out my layers, my ends looked smooth and it was just so...swishy? I couldn't stop swinging my head around. I felt like a goddess. I hadn't even said anything to Elliot and he said 'your hair looks very luxurious and glossy'.
You know it's good when a BOY notices a difference!

The feeling lasted all night. Usually after a blow-dry if it feels good, it tends to settle after a few minutes but this just stayed strong and didn't let me down. The next morning I did my hair and it was just so easy to style, it brushed nicely with no knots, it curled beautifully at the ends and everyone at work complimented my hair that day. No flyaway hairs or anything. Here is a photo!

I honestly think this is the best shampoo and conditioner I have used in terms of immediate results. If you have a big event coming up or just need to look your best on a particular day then you need this. 
I just never expected such a quick difference.

I haven't yet tried it without a blow-dry to be honest because I feel like I'm addicted to the feeling now but if I do and it doesn't work the same I'll keep you all updated. 

It's been around 2 weeks now and my hair feels very full and soft most days. Unfortunately it's that time of month and I tend to get greasy hair very easily around this time so it's hard to gauge whether my hair is getting greasy quickly because of that or the product is just a little too oily for my hair? I found it's so perfect on the day of washing but my hair didn't last as long between washes as other OGX products, but as I said, it's probably just me and my stupid unpredictable messed up hormones. 

My hair feels thicker but not heavier. It's a very lightweight feeling and although it doesn't look huge, it feels it. It's almost like each individual strand is thicker which is exactly what it says it will do.

OGX never fail to amaze me. Once again a fantastic collection. 
And that my friends is how you get award-winning, swishy, fuller, Egyptian cotton meets expensive silk hair. 
Just use OGX.

You're welcome. 

PS: I get a lot of people ask me 'Stace, is that OGX ACTUALLY any good or are you just saying that?'
I've said it before and I'll say it again. I never feature anything on my website if I don't like it. If I have anything negative to say I'll feature it in any reviews. Yes I love OGX. With all my heart. 100% the best brand I've ever used for my hair. I also like Aussie but it doesn't compare to this. And that is the truth. I cant guarantee at any point that a particular product will work on your hair because everybody is different but I have never personally heard anything bad about OGX from anyone and it has always worked wonders for me. 

For anybody wanting to compare hair types. My hair is typically oily, thin, limp and colour / heat damaged. Since using OGX all these conditions have improved dramatically. However, OGX really do have something for everybody so if this doesn't sound like the one for you but you would still be interested in trying OGX products you can browse all the choices here

Thanks for reading guys, 

Disclaimer: I was sent this collection free of charge as a gift. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion. I am not making any money from this collaboration. All photos are my own.

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