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How To Rock A Snapback Cap...

Hello everyone, 

A couple of days ago I published a survey to find out what you guys want to see more of on my blog.
The results were really helpful so I want to thank everybody who took part in that.
In the survey I left a little suggestion box for people to write some ideas of what they want and I had quite a few of you ask me to feature some fashion items that aren't my usual style.

I like to think I feature a wide variety of styles already on the blog but I understand that there are some styles that I wouldn't attempt as I don't think it would look right on me. When brands get in touch I tend to think 'do I like the product?' and 'can I pull it off?'.

If I don't think it will suit me, I tend to turn it down because I don't want to lie to my followers saying that I love it and give the impression that I am not honest. However, I guess not everybody finds my style to their tastes and so I decided to style something for you that isn't something that I would usually wear. Hopefully this will then be more interesting to people with a different sense of style to me and maybe even open my mind (and yours) to a new style addition for my wardrobe. You never know until you try.

So...I was contacted by a company I hadn't heard of before called Ace Vestiti
Ace Vestiti specialise in premium baseball caps. A lot of celebrities are wearing them, in particular, soccer players. 
Ace Vestiti are more so streetwear clothing and primarily suit males although they are unisex.
They are a very luxury brand so their prices tend to be slightly higher than competitive brands and they are also looking to branch out to clothes in the next month or so. 

Another popular suggestion on my survey was blogging male fashion. So here we are! What the readers want, the readers get. 

So when I had a peak at the website I did think 'this isn't my usual style'.
I have never wore a baseball cap, in fact I don't think I've ever wore a cap full stop.
I also tend to shop at more budget places such as high street stores so this really was different for me. I decided to go ahead with it! Push myself out my comfort zone and try something new and I'm really glad that I did!

For all I know I could have a whole bunch of readers that LOVE baseball caps and high end stores. I know it is indeed a very popular fashion craze at the moment. If it's not your usual style hopefully this blog post might inspire you to try something new too. 

I chose this beautiful burgundy colour for the cap as I felt it would suit my hair the most and it would be a colour I am most likely to wear.
I chose a matching lipstick to compliment it (Maybelline Lasting Finish Divine Wine Matte) and also styled it with my Guess Connect Watch which you can read all about here

I did like the black hats on Ace Vestiti but I felt red would stand out more in photos. The white was also lovely but I would probably mark it so I stuck with maroon.

When I received the hat I immediately ran to the mirror to check myself out in it. I expected to burst out laughing at myself because it would be too big for my little pin head but actually I really liked it.
I felt like a bit of a boss-ass bitch if I'm honest.

I liked the added feature of the green colour underneath the cap. It adds a little burst of colour to it.

I also really like the logo too!

I could see why they charge a bit more than other brands. (They average at £55 per hat)
The hat is of really good quality. The peak feels sturdy, like it won't misshape easily. They also do rounded peaks, I just chose the flat peak to really push myself into a different style.

Can I add that it came packaged in a nice spacious box so that it wouldn't get crushed in transit which is good! Too many companies are careless with packaging these days. A friend of mine ordered a high brand make-up palette the other day and it arrived smashed. My heart broke for her.

I expected the hat to be far too big but it fits perfectly. It has an adjustable popper strap at the back so you can suit it to your size. I also find that a lot of cap size adjusters are flimsy and too soft and loose so they just fall apart but this strap is firmer than others and you have to actually click it in so it won't open. 

My only concern with the hat was what to wear it with. As I said, I don't have any streetwear clothing in my wardrobe so I really had to bring out the fashion blogger in me and come up with some alternative ways to dress it up.

I recalled my friend Amy once wearing a cap and looking super cool. Hers was a New York Yankees rounded peak cap (I think) and she wore it casually with a black vest and some denim jeans. She added a jacket over the top and I remember thinking the whole day about how cool she looked and maybe I should invest in a cap. 
I took inspiration from Amy and tried it out. 

I liked it! I think if you're new to the world of snapback caps like myself then maybe starting out with something simple like this is a good way to ease yourself into it. 
I felt comfortable in this, I didn't feel silly like I thought I would, and it made me realise that I always tell people 'just try it, you won't know if it looks good until you try it on, you'll surprise yourself trust me'. Yet I don't practice what I preach.

Jacket: Nike
Vest: Primark
Jeggings: River Island

I decided it needed dressing up a little bit so I came up with something myself and added one of those very fashionable sheer t-shirts over a crop top, teamed it with a choker, changed my jeans to high waisted leggings, rolled up the bottoms and added some trainers. This felt a bit more 'instagrammable' and I did honestly feel really on trend and cool. It also felt quite sporty and maybe an outfit I would wear on my way to the gym. 

I felt like I needed a good highlight on my cheeks to complete the look though, hahaha!

Crop Top - Primark
Leggings - River Island
Sheer Top - Primark
Choker - H&M
Trainers - Primark

I also tried it with a colour contrast jumper, some baggy mom jeans, a cute backpack and some circle sunnies. I quite liked this look as it was comfortable, yet super stylish. I'm annoyed with myself though because I was supposed to wear the cap backwards for this one but only just realised I didn't and that's personally how I would have styled it. I'm such a klutz! 

Sunglasses - River Island
Jumper - Primark
Jeans - River Island
Choker - H&M
Backpack - Primark
Shoes - Primark

I guess you can make anything suit your style if you try hard enough. I really am glad I decided to go through with this collaboration so thank you everyone who suggested it and of course Ace Vestiti for getting in touch. Although I  must say this was quite a challenge!

So those were my three ways of styling a baseball cap. However, if I had every single item ever in my wardrobe I would probably team it with one of those baggy baseball tops and some really bulky statement trainers, maybe some dope shades too. But unfortunately, that's not a combo I own but the idea is there for anybody who does!

As I wanted this post to include male fashion I asked Elliot to help me out. Elliot is definitely not a snapback cap kinda guy although he used to be so this wasn't completely out of his comfort zone.

I then had to bring out my inner personal stylist and raid Elliots wardrobe for some outfit ideas. 

I was going for a very 'Eggsy from Kingsmen' vibe with this outfit. 

This was a very casual outfit for when you don't have big plans and just want to be comfortable.
I like Elliot in his grey joggers. So I forced these on him and added a polo shirt and trainers that would compliment the hat. It's important not to have too much of a statement colour and it's important to break up the colour too! Having lots of burgundy at the top can sometimes be too much but just having the two accessories apart is a nice touch.

We added the jacket should you need some extra warmth.

Jacket: Primark
Polo Shirt - Primark
Joggers - Nike
Trainers - Puma Classics

I wanted to smarten it up a bit and show you how to make the hat wearable for a day out perhaps?

I love Elliot in knitted jumpers but he never wears this one I bought him.
Because the denim is a bright but light blue it takes away from the burgundy that is close together and makes it work.

I added some desert boots with and his parka to add some layers and smarten it all up. I really like this as a nice winter outfit. I really think it suits Elliot and would suit most males too! 

Jumper -Primark
Parka - Debenhams
Jeans - Topman 
Shoes - Primark

This is definitely not Elliot's style and doesn't suit him as well as the others but again I wanted him to try something out of his comfort zone.
Elliot looks better in layers and horizontal stripes aren't flattering on wider bodies. (He doesn't mind me saying that before anyone calls me a meanie)
I feel this outfit is more for slender body shapes.
Elliot would never choose to have his jeans rolled up and ankles showing so I'm surprised he let me do this! 
I think the cap backwards made this outfit more trendy.
We added some accessories such as the watch and belt and some high top Converse.

I think this is a very stylish outfit but wouldn't suit everybody. You've got to feel comfortable in it to be able to wear it well.

Jeans - Topman
High Tops- Converse
Belt - Atticus
Watch - G-Shock

So those are the outfits we came up with. Although not typically a street wear style, I like that I've managed to put a different twist on it so if you already have a baseball cap this might give you an idea of a new way to wear it and if you don't have one this might inspire you to get one.

If you are considering buying one I highly recommend an Ace Vestiti one as they are really good quality and have a good variety of colours, shapes and designs. You can browse their website here!

I hope that this blog post has been interesting for the people who suggested it! I hope it's what you had in mind. I'd like to thank you for opening my mind up to a new wardrobe staple. This isn't something I would have seen myself wearing before but I believe I will now and I'll feel like a bad-ass whilst doing so.

Thanks guys, lots of exciting stuff coming on the blog very soon so keep your eyes peeled! 

Much love, 

Disclaimer: I was sent this hat free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion. I am not making any money from this collaboration. All photos are my own.

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