Saturday 28 January 2017

January Favourites 2017...

Hey guys!

This year is already going quickly but I feel like a lot has already happened this year!
I've discovered lots of new things this month and wanted to share some of those discoveries with you.

So lets begin...

Black Mirror

I'm sure a lot of you have already watched Black Mirror but some of you may not have a clue what I am waffling on about. 
Black Mirror is a series on Netflix. I first thought it would be a really scary series and wouldn't be my thing but I'm so glad I decided to watch it. 
It was one of those where Elliot and I had had an argument and I made up with him just because I wanted to show him it.
We had planned to watch it already but I got in there first.
It's basically about technology going out of control and a glimpse of what the future could be like. 
You don't have to watch them in order as each episode is completely different with different characters but soooo good. I haven't heard of anyone not getting into it yet.


Another TV series but an oldie! I have loved Friends for years and I will never tire of it. I could watch it over and over and over and still howl with laughter. Favourite TV series of all time. Need I say more?

Cooking and Baking

This is probably the biggest difference I have made since last year. The New Years resolution I have actually stuck to. Elliot has always been the chef and I have been the cleaner but recently I have learnt to cook and not just bog standard meals but proper healthy and complex meals. I'm ever so proud of myself. Not just for learning a new skill but trying new foods. Before I would have just refused anything green but I've ate so many new foods I had never even heard of.
 I've also really enjoyed baking too. These are just some of the meals I have cooked and baked throughout January.

Mexican chilli bowl
Cottage pie
Stir fried tofu with crisps greens and mushrooms
Roasted Mediterranean vegetables
Garlic and chilli rice soup with spring vegetables
Miso with ramen noodles and stir-fried vegetables
Lebanese hot red pepper and walnut dip

(Most of those being vegan)

Cappuccino cake
Banoffee pie
Homemade scones
Peanut Blondie mousse

I never thought I'd see the day. I'm actually wifey material now!
The vegan cookbook is the best thing I have ever bought. You can get it here.


I'm sure you all saw my raving review of this stuff. I won't go into lots of detail as I shall just link a whole blog post about it here.

Daisy Dreams by Marc Jacobs

Something super sweet happened this month. I got a parcel through from Elliot's step-dad. We have quite a funny relationship. We pretend to hate each other but secretly we're best buddies. He will never admit that but I'm definitely becoming his favourite child. Hahaha! I do joke but he's a good egg...sometimes. But nevertheless, we adore bullying each other.
For Christmas I put together a handwritten poem about how much I dislike him and then framed it. It went something along the lines of ' he eats too much paella, wouldn't introduce him to a friend'.

So when I received my parcel I just smiled because I knew there was going to be some witty comeback in the box. I opened it and saw the Marc Jacobs gift box and just started laughing because I thought it's going to have dog poo in it or something so I was absolutely shocked to find he had actually bought me the perfume I've been longing for for ages. 

I was just so confused because I hadn't done anything to deserve it. He also bought Elliot a Diesel perfume too. We were over the moon and super grateful. Thanks Dave, ya dickhead. :) xxx

Glittery Boots

I have been saying on this blog for a few months now that I am a fan of statement ankle boots but don't actually own any. I found these in the Primark sale for just £7 and I love them. Comfortable and sassy.

Cath Kidston

For Christmas, one of my favourite presents was a Cath Kidston gift card from Elliot's dad and step mum. I bought some beautiful items that are all super useful. I wrote a blog post, find it here!

My Daisy Dixon Watch

I got this watch from Daisy Dixon which is a watch brand I am very fond of. This is the 'Kate' watch and it's rose gold all over. I was so in love with it but it was about ten sizes too big so I had to get lots of links taken out. 

Some fun facts for you: I have the same size wrist as a 4 year old.
And also if you are looking to get a watch altered don't take it to the jewellers as they charge £20 but if you go to Timpsons it's about £5.

You're Welcome.

My Nica Handbag

This was a lovely Christmas present from Elliot's mum and Nica was a brand I hadn't heard of but I found out it's from the same company that make Fiorelli bags.
I love the little bit on the side with the quote, how sweet is that!
The colour is great all year round and nude colours are very in and very versatile.

This is actually my favourite style of bag too. I like ones you can hang over the shoulder but also carry, that have nice inner patterns and a pull string. 

Home Decor

Every month when it comes to payday I already spend it all in my head on home ware. 
I am definitely a home maker. I love when people come to visit and compliment how homey our flat is.
I want it to be comfortable and pretty. I managed to find some amazing bargains this month.
Places and prices are listed below.
(The drawing is a gift from Elliot)

Copper wire cage - Primark £7
Copper alarm clock - Asda £8
Handpicked with love vase - Asda £3
Inital candles - Asda £2 each
Copper jar with succulent - Asda £4
Dream catcher - Primark £3

That's about all for now folks. I should have an exciting collaboration with Chi Chi London coming up in the next week. 

Have a lovely weekend!

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