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Our Valentine's Day Gifts...

This year Elliot and I are celebrating Valentine's Day early. Partly because I am working on Valentine's Day and partly because I wanted to show you all what we bought each other in time for you to buy it for your partner should you want to! 

So this is also kind of a gift guide!

Elliot and I wanted to get something personal and sentimental for each other this year. Although I am quite crafty and enjoy making things for him, this year has already been severely stressful and busy so I wanted something creative but I kind of wanted somebody else to do my hard work for me.

Elliot doesn't really do the homemade stuff either. He gets ideas in his head of what he wants to do but when it comes to making something it's harder than he realises so basically this year...we needed help.

You might remember that back in the New Year a company called Photo Box sent me a beautiful personalised photo book of my year and it was the most treasurable gift that I immediately thought of them for Valentines Day gifts and I was quite lucky as they wanted to collaborate for Valentine's Day too anyway!

I suggested to Elliot that we both got each other one gift from Photo Box with my credits but we weren't to tell each other what it was. 

All the items on Photo Box are very sentimental and personalised which is exactly what we wanted.
They sell a variety of products such as

And all of them can easily be made to your taste using whatever photo or text you like!

It's all very simple and straight-forward. It's very easy to use as it explains everything nicely along the way, step by step. 

They even do 'save the date' cards which is really useful for me to know because I'll be needing some of those soon. I think there is a good chance I will be ordering mine from Photo Box! 

So what did we get each other?

As I had already created a photo book previously we decided that photo books were not on the list and that we should try something different.

I had been saying for ages that I wanted a nice canvas photo of me and Elliot for the front room as we don't actually have many photos of ourselves together around the flat at all. There are pictures of my niece and nephew everywhere but not us so I started thinking outside the box. 

I knew Elliot would order me a canvas so I decided not to get one myself and go for something different.

I was right. Elliot got me a canvas.

This is Elliot's favourite picture of us and I absolutely adore it. This was taken at Damon and Charl's engagement party. I remember watching Damon and Charl slow dancing together that night and I got so emotional because they just looked so so happy together and it was just a lovely atmosphere.
It was at that moment that I realised how much I wanted this for myself and Elliot. That was the moment I realised just how much I wanted to marry this man. 

So having a photo from that night on the wall is just so much more sentimental to me than Elliot probably even realises. 

He chose the perfect photo and it's going to look beautiful on the feature wall above the dining table. I'm really happy with it. It's such great quality too! Elliot said that it had prompted a message whilst he was creating it saying 'this is a poor quality image' but he ordered it anyway (men!) and it's actually fantastic quality! It's not pixelated at all and I have ordered from other canvas companies in the past that only look good from far away. But this is perfect.

He got it in the size 40x50cm which is the perfect size for the wall really and it was reduced from £40 to just £20 which is amazing!

That's another great thing about Photo Box, they always have offers on so be sure to look for a promo code first before ordering. Right now all canvasses and books are 40% off with the code LOVE40 and everything else is 30% off with LOVE30 ! 

They even have canvasses from £10 for the smallest size which means it would be £6 for a canvas with the discount code! It's definitely worth having a look.

Click here to have a browse!

I was impressed that it arrived in such great condition too. Canvasses are very delicate but Elliot said it was packaged nicely so that it wouldn't get damaged and it arrived super quickly too. Another positive about this amazing company, their speedy delivery.

So what did I decide to get Elliot in the end?

Well...I had a lot of creative tension in my body that I just needed to get out so I wanted to get something quick and simple that I could make even more creative once I had received it and put my own twist on it.

So I ordered some retro polaroid prints.

That way I could choose 36 photos that I liked and do something artsy-farsty with them!
I'm a huge fan of polaroid photos and I especially like decorating with them and displaying them.

I chose out 36 of our best memories that I caught on camera. Here are a few of our favourite moments.

Our first date to Starbucks. I looked terrible! Haha! But it was our first time just us, chilling out with frappes. An enjoyable day.

This was our first night out in Plymouth. We got rather drunk and had an awesome time.

This was when we were just setting off for a road trip to Torquay. It was such a lovely day and I want to go back again this summer!

Our first house viewing. It went terribly. But we got there in the end.

Seco Lounge is one of our favourite places for a date night.

This was our second date and it was truly magical. We were so loved up that day, everything was going right and I just wanted to hold his hand all day long.

This was when Elliot surprised me with a trip to the safari park for my 23rd birthday. We had a lovely time together and I was so grateful that he came up with something he knew I would absolutely love. Although a giraffe bit my hand that day.

Our first Valentine's Day together!

anddddd this is Elliot's drawing of me...........

I wanted to do something nice for when he got home from work so I thought 'What is more romantic and 'Valentine's Daysy' than a heart?

I set this up in the bedroom ready for when he got back and it really made him smile. All our favourite memories in one place. This was actually really simple to do and took about 5 minutes so it was minimal effort but super thoughtful thanks to Photo Box.

Again, amazing quality and the polaroids are nice and thick so they don't bend easily. There are so many ways to use these polaroids to surprise your partner.
A handmade scrapbook, make a collage on a cork board or even set up a treasure hunt and write clues to the next one in the caption! 

Why didn't I think of that for myself? 

Oh well. He really liked it anyway.

I loved coming up with the captions on the photos! Such a great idea.

Also can I mention the packaging it arrived in? It's a really cute magnetic case to keep the photos together and secure.

What really made me smile was the first photo I saw was the one he got me on the canvas. Great minds think alike... Or two idiots on the same wavelength. 

We both loved our presents and it's nice that we have something to keep for life to remind us of all our good times together.

I hope this post has helped inspire you if you are stuck on what to get your partner this Valentines Day! 

Don't forget to use the discount code on for some great deals and have a look at all the other amazing items you can order.

Have a wonderful Valentines Day with your loved ones and if you're single this year why not treat yourself?! After all if half the people out there are getting presents this month, why not you? Or treat a friend and cheer them up if they are getting the Valentine's Day blues.

All the love, 

Disclaimer: I was sent these items free of charge in exchange for a blog post. All words, pictures and opinions in this blogpost are my own and my 100% honest opinion.

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