Monday 5 December 2016

My Top 8 Christmas Films...

Here it is, my first Christmas themed blog post for December and I'm hoping to do a few!

Is anyone excited about Christmas as much as I am?
Like I nearly cried in The Range the other day because of all the decorations and also when I went into work because it looks amazing all decorated.

I loveeeeee Christmas. Well...the build up to Christmas. Christmas day is over too quickly and it means it's the end.
But the lead up is my favourite part!

One of my favourite things to do to get me into the festive mood is watching Christmas films and so find below my top 8 movies I love to watch every year without fail! If you're wondering why I didn't make it up to ten, it's because then it would have been forced. Although there are others that I like, I feel like these are my absolute faveeeees.
Let me know if you watch any that you haven't seen before and let me know what you thought!

PS: These are in no particular order.


Who doesn't have elf on their Christmas movie list really? I never did see the fuss in Elf but actually I find myself watching it every year and I love it more and more everytime.
If you don't know what it's about then here is a little description without giving too much away.

It's about Buddy the elf who is a human who is raised by elves at the North Pole.
He feels as though he doesn't really fit in (the fact that he is huge compared to everyone else might be a contributing factor) and so he goes to New York to search for his real father.

When he finds him he desperately tries to build a relationship with his father who isn't interested, after all who would take a fully grown man in an elf suit with the personality of a child seriously?

Such a great family film. This is great for kids because it's super funny but also has some adult humour making it great for us oldies too.

Home Alone

This is SUCH a childhood favourite and I believe it is tradition in many households to watch this and Home Alone 2 every year. The third and fourth ones just killed it and so we don't speak of those but this is just the best Christmas film.

I don't really think I need to explain it because everyone has watched Home Alone, if you haven't you have to tell me so I can force you to watch it. You have no excuse it's on TV every year.

But just in case...

It's about Kevin, a young boy with a very big family and when they all visit at Christmas he throws a typical child tantrum and wishes for his family to disappear.
The next day the family set off to Paris for a Christmas trip but they accidentally leave Kevin behind and when he awakes he thinks he made his family disappear with his wish.
He has to be the man of the house and when trouble comes knocking he has to fend for himself.
Meanwhile his mum just wants to get home to her son but also hits trouble along the way.

Funny and heart-warming this is a fantastic film for children to realise how important family is but also a classic for us 80's and 90's babies. Such an amazing film.

The Muppets Christmas Carol

There are many versions of The Christmas Carol based on Charles Dickens novel.
If any of you say you prefer a different one to this then you are the sick in the head.

This is the best one by far. I don't like the Muppet's anymore but as a kid, this and Muppet's Treasure Island were just life.
All the other Christmas Carol movies are too serious but this one adds humour and makes it much more fun for the children.
It also teaches boring adults to love Christmas, humbugs!!
I love Christmas more now as an adult than I did as a child.

Scrooge is a bitter twisted man who hates the idea of Christmas. He doesn't think people should have time off during the holidays and sees it as a waste of money.
He then gets visited by three spirits from the past, present and future showing him what his childhood was like, what people think of him now, results of his horrible actions and what his future will be like if he doesn't buck up his ideas.
But is it too late to change his ways?

Watch it and find out if you haven't already!

Jingle All The Way

I actually only watched this one last year for the first time. I was surprised at just how many Christmas films I had missed out on until I had Christmas with Elliot. Elliot is obsessed with Christmas and really gets into the spirit of things and that's why I get so excited by it now. He's just happier this time of year.
We are like big kids.

So yes, Elliot introduced me to Jingle All The Way.

Workaholic Howard is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and after seeing his son and wife get stressed and upset because of him working all the time he wants to make it up to them. He decides to get their son the most amazing toy that every single child has at the top of their Christmas list this year, Turbo-Man.
But leaving the shopping till Christmas Eve was not a good idea. He tries his best to get the toy for his little boy, meeting another dad in the same situation along the way.
But will he learn the true meaning of Christmas?

I love this because it shows kids what lengths their parents will go to, to make them happy and shows parents that work is not more important than quality family time.

The Polar Express

Another film I had not watched until last year. Once again, Elliot introduced me to it.

A young boy is losing his faith in Christmas, Christmas eve he is awoken by a train where he is greeted by Tom Hanks. Not, Tom Hanks himself but he plays the character who is the conductor of the train.
They then embark on a long magical journey from America to the North Pole to meet Santa but when his friend loses her train ticket things get difficult along the way.
He makes a couple of friends on his journey and learns a lot of lessons.

I like this because a lot of the characters are played by Tom Hanks and it's not very predictable. Definitely not your typical Christmas movie. It's different and interesting. You're constantly wondering 'where is this going?

The Santa Clause

Such a great funny family film.

Tim Allen plays a divorced father who has been granted custody of his son on Christmas eve. After accidentally killing Santa he becomes Santa himself. 
An elf tells him what is happening and that he is the new Santa and he doesn't believe him but his appearance changes and he soon realises this isn't a dream.
Trying to convince his ex-wife that he is Santa and not in fact going bat shit crazy is a difficult task but his son stays by his side the entire time.
The bond between this father and son makes for a beautiful story. 
Definitely a favourite of mine. Love it!

Arthur Christmas

Yet again, another film I discovered last year through Elliot...he really does show me all the good ones.
Arthur Christmas is the son of Father Christmas and has the job of replying to all the letters. His bigger brother however is in line to be the next Father Christmas and practically runs the place anyway making sure that all the children get their presents on time for Christmas.
But one present gets left behind. A bicycle for a young girl in Cornwall.
All hell breaks loose and Arthur steps up to make sure the young girl gets her present because no child deserves to be left out at Christmas.
Everyone else comes to terms that maybe it's worth leaving it and risking one upset child but Arthur isn't having it.
A heart-warming story, Arthur's morals are in the right place. Such a lovely family animation. A great alternative to the typical Santa tales, this Santa has a super fast space-station sleigh and they make their own entrances, no chimneys round here!

Young boys would like this film. But also everyone else in the family, I've actually bought this as a gift for one of my family members. Not saying who though!

The Grinch

My all time favourite Christmas film ever. It is my absolute tradition to watch this every single year without fail because this is my childhood.
Jim Carrey is one of my all-time favourite actors and 2016 has been cruel and there is still time so if he pops his clogs I'm going to be devastated. Just calling that now.

But anyway. The Grinch is a big old scrooge who hates Christmas and plots to ruin it for the residents of Whoville who LIVE for Christmas. Christmas is in their blood and they go all out. Even more so than Harrods do in London and that's something.

Little Cindy Lou Who is the only person in Whoville who is willing to give him a chance. PS: Does anyone else think I look like a who? Because I think I do. It's my flicky nose.

At first The Grinch is not interesting in making friends with some annoying persistent little toe rag and only wants company with his trusty sidekick, his dog.
He starts to realise he is a little lonely and starts to think about his childhood where you learn that it wasn't exactly an easy time for him. This fuels his rage more and he is more adamant than ever to ruin Christmas but Cindy Lou Who is determined.

Can she convince The Grinch that it really is the most wonderful time of the year and convince everyone else that The Grinch just needs love?

If you haven't watched this you absolutely must, you won't regret it. Best Christmas film EVER.

I hope you enjoyed this list! If there are any that you haven't watched let me know if you do end up watching them and if there are any you think I've missed that are your own traditions, let me know, I might be missing out!

Hope you are all enjoying the run up to Christmas too!

Don't be a scrooge ;)

Much love. 

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  1. I really loved this post! I'm already feeling so Christmassy and this was fab! We share so many of the same Christmas films :) xxx

    1. Aww thank you! There were some good ones! Excited for next year to see if there are any new ones released! xxx

  2. I love all of these! Home Alone always makes me feel christmassy no matter how many times I watch it! And The polar express is so magical. My little nephew has just discovered this! The build up is definitely the best part to Christmas for sure.

    Very best wishes . . .
    Keep Calm and start writing -

    1. I totally agree! Home Alone never ever gets old! :) xx

  3. Great list, will definitely be making my way through these over the Christmas break! XX

    The Fashion
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

    1. Aww, I'm glad you liked it! I hope you managed to get through some of them and discover some new favourites! xx


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