Wednesday 6 July 2016

Baziic Gym Kit...

Hello my lovelies!

So you might remember me saying a while back that I had won an Instagram competition that 'Baziic' were holding on their account.

The competition was to upload a photo of your loungewear essentials. So I uploaded a photo of my onesie along with my favourite film, some hot chocolate and a face mask. Perfect essentials for the perfect night in! 

Surprisingly not many people actually entered this competition. I don't know why people didn't enter though! Baziic have over 120,000 followers on Instagram! But I'm kind of glad people didn't enter because that meant more chance for me to win hehehe! 

When they announced that I had won I was very happy as the prize was an outfit of your choice off their website.

Baziic are a loungewear / sportswear style brand and they are actually a brand that are featured through the Hot Mess website.
Hot Mess is a very popular online shopping website. They stock brands such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge etc... and Baziic is one of them.

I hadn't actually looked on the Baziic website before so I wasn't entirely sure what style they were, I just kind of entered the competition on a whim.
When I looked on their website I really loved their style but found a lot of their outfits were very fashionable but revealing? 

A lot of strappy bralets and short shorts. I personally would probably not wear something like that out running myself but I figured it would be great for when I do yoga at home! I certainly found their designs very modern, on-trend and minimalist.
They do stock long sleeve crop tops, normal length tops and leggings but I preferred the design of these little shorts and this crop top so it's my own fault that this outfit in particular is quite revealing so please bare that in mind.

You may have read my Boohoo Fit blog post where Boohoo sent me a new gym kit and that was leggings, a crop top and a jacket so I figured that I could use that one in colder weather and this one in hotter weather.

It did take a while for my order to be processed but I didn't mind one bit because technically I was not a paying customer so I didn't expect to be priority.

I received my parcel Monday and I knew straight away when I opened it that I liked the material and knew it would fit me well. I got both the crop top and shorts in an XS/S.
I am a size 6/8 and they fit me really nicely. I'd say XS/S was a pretty perfect fit for myself.

The sizing chart on their website says that XS/S is 8/10 and M/L is 12-14. 
If I was a size 10 I think that the shorts would be a bit too tight and rather revealing. It's fitted on me but if I was any larger it would start to feel too tight. Because of the fit and the material I would suggest that if you were a size 10 it might be worth getting the bigger size in the shorts. My size 8 butt is slightly creeping out the bottom of them and this is them pulled down hahaha!

The crop top was the material that I expected it to be. Cotton.
However from the pictures I thought that the shorts were going to be a thick Lycra material but they are also cotton (the website doesn't tell you the material so I just presumed). They stretch nicely though. If they had been Lycra they would have been really quite restricting on my butt.

I do feel that the outfit itself is a bit small to go out and about in so it will be used strictly indoors for myself. 
Although the kit is actually super comfortable and has lots of flexibility so it really is good to wear when getting those stretches in! 
I like how it looks, I think it suits my figure quite well. I feel nice in it and I think it's very flattering.

You can have a look at the Baziic Collection here and you can find this outfit for £48.

The crop top is £22 which I thought was a little on the pricey side. Although I love that it has adjustable straps. Bra tops like this tend not too!

and the shorts were £26 which isn't too bad because I like the fit and the design (other than them being just slightly too short).

Overall I do actually really like this gym kit. I wouldn't have featured it if I didn't like it. I just think it's aimed more at petite people with an athletic body. If you have beautiful curves it would look super flattering but I don't think it would be very practical and keep everything supported. But that's just my advice. Obviously I'm just reviewing this particular outfit and I did choose shorts and a crop top. As I said they have a selection of other styles which might be better for people who want to feel more covered up so I cant really say much about Baziic as a brand, all I can really review is this outfit.

I hope everyone found this informative and helpful if you're looking for a new gym kit!

PS: I've had this blog for a while now and I've been so stupid. A lot of people ask how they can follow me and I've been telling them the wrong thing. I hadn't actually added the feature to follow my blog when I first started so now you can actually follow me!!

At the top of this page there is a little blue box that says join this site and if you click that, as long as you have a google account, you can follow me. Hopefully that should work now lol, silly me!

Thanks guys,

Until next time. 

Disclaimer: I won this gym kit in a competition. I was not asked to blog about it. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion.

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