Monday 11 July 2016

My Jewellery Collection...

Before I start I have a funny story to tell you about dildos.

A sentence I never thought I'd have to write on my blog.

So...this morning I awake peacefully and in my own time. I pull open the curtains and gaze out at the still glass-like water and feel happy to be here as I always do. I think maybe I should get some breakfast? I am rather hungry after all but first maybe I'll just quickly check my emails.

As expected around 30 emails flooded in when I refreshed my inbox. Slowly scrolling through all the junk I saw one that caught my eye, something about a collaboration.

But it was all in French? I don't speak French. They had found me through my Instagram page but surely if they had looked they would see I was English? But anyway I was curious so I used trusty Google Translate. 

It translated well, everything made sense. It was from a company trying to promote femininity. They wanted women to be confident, empowering and most of all enjoy life. I thought they had a really nice goal and I liked their idea so I read it all and took it all in. They mentioned that they understood that I would probably wonder why they had asked me as I don't usually blog about femininism but they explained that they thought I would be GREAT at blogging about this sort of thing and I had a lot of potential which I thought was so nice of them.

They said they wanted to send me some of their products and they just needed a shipping address but hang on...they hadn't actually told me that they sold anything but they had linked their website and Instagram page so I had a quick snoop.

I saw little bits and bobs that looked like lipsticks and lipglosses and I thought ooh yay! But what's this got to do with being empowering and everything. Bit dramatic...

Hang on...what is that in the background. Is that..? Is that a? Is that what I think it is?

Is that a dildo??!! 

It was only then that I realised the lipgloss was in fact lube and the lipstick was a bullet vibrator. Their main products were dildos and they wanted me to review their product for you guys and let you all know what I thought.

Well I'm sorry guys but I just can't do that. It made me laugh so much, I was howling and of course all my friends and family thought it was hilarious too.

But seriously...what pictures and words could I put of a dildo review that weren't unbelievably sexual and trashy?  This blog is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. Dildos aren't something I want to talk about on here.

This is a place of innocence and a lot of young girls read it so I don't really think that I should reply to that email hahaha!!! It took me a while to realise they said I would be great at promoting that sort of thing?? What's that supposed to mean ?

ANYWAY, lets get back to normality. This is supposed to be an introduction to my jewellery collection. 

So lets get started


My ring holders were both gifts. The hand was from Asos and the crystal heart..I have no idea.

I have a lot of midi rings which are supposed to rest on the top of your finger but I have very slim slender fingers so they fall straight to the bottom of my finger like a normal ring.

I love rings with coloured gems in! I like chunky rings but unfortunately they all seem to be too big for me. Most of them are dress rings from Accessorize. (They have a sale on right now). There is only one proper ring which is the one right at the front which was a valentines day present years ago.

My favourites are the one at the front, the lizard one, the pink triangle and the brown one in front of the peace ring.

I do have a beautiful pearl Pandora ring but it's too big and I can't find it anywhere (don't tell Elliot).


I don't have many anklets, again they are too big. I'm selling the gold one on Depop. It's far too big for a size 3 foot. I like to wear the flower one from accessorize whenever it's sunny but get slightly paranoid about attracting bees. The little one was bought in Mallorca.


As I said in my Daisy Dixon blog post I have a thing about brown leather watches. 

The first was an impulse holiday buy and I've never worn it, the second is suede effect and from New Look, the third is leopard print and from Primark, the fourth is my leather Daisy Dixon watch.

My favourite is of course my Daisy Dixon.


Another funny story. When I was a teen I went through the inevitable greebo stage (or emos as you crazy kids call them now) and stretched my ear. I took it out quite soon because I got bored but it healed my ear piercing completely so I only have one ear pierced. This means I have to use magnetic or clip on earrings. On the other hand I can just wear the one.

I like dangly earrings but they are too heavy and hurt when they are clipons so I don't have a lot.

All these earrings are from Claires Accessories.


My jewellery holders are from a shop in Wolves called Discount UK. I'm not sure if they have a website but the Wolves store closed down.

A lot of my bracelets are the stretchy ones because they seem to be the only ones that fit me! I really really like pearls.

These were a gift from a friend and are my prettiest girliest bracelets, they are Lipsy bracelets.

I also wear a lot of tie up adjustable bracelets because I can make them fit. 

This is from River Island and I have the matching necklace. I wear this set on occasions and nights out.

These are too big but I love the moustache one from accessorize and sometimes wear it as an anklet.

This is one of the arm bracelets for your upper arm. I believe it was from Primark.

These are Kitsch hairbands but I wear them as bracelets instead. You can get these in a pack of 5 from Boots and they have lots of beautiful designs.

I don't have many charm bracelets but I really like them. I love my Pandora although I don't have many charms. I have the family infinity charm (for my fam) , the theatre mask (I did performing arts at college) , The S and E (for Stacie and Elliot), The wing (for love and guidance), the moon and the sun, (I thought it was very bohemian which is my summer style) and the windmill (Moulin Rouge).


My necklace holder was from Ebay.

These are my short and more dainty necklaces. The first one is a Taurus one from Miss Selfridge. The second a matching necklace to my ring from Accessorize. The third has a quote engraved for my mum "A mother holds their daughters hand for a short while but their hearts forever". My mum means the world to me. 
The fourth is from New Look or Primark, I'm not sure but I wear it a lot.

I quite like short chunky necklaces to dress up any outfit and put a bit of sparkle on the neckline. 
I have a lot of different ones for all types of outfits. 

These are all my long necklaces. The second one is my favourite. I think it looks very vintage which I love about it. The fourth one is my worst nightmare, can never untangle it!

I'm a huge fan of chokers! I really love all my chokers and probably wear these the most.


I actually have a very beautiful gem brooch but I don't know where it is but I got this knitted poppy one last remembrance day and I think it's so cute!

This brings me to the end of my jewellery collection.

If there is a particular item that you like and want to know where I got it, let me know!

Much love guys!

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  1. beautiful items and your lighting is lovely! I somehow rarely wear jewelry....

    xx, rebecca

    1. Thank you so much! 😘 I am the same! I have all this jewellery but I'm not great at remembering to put it on! Xx


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