Monday 2 May 2016

Bohemian On A Budget...

Want to know where I got these four outfits for just over £30 ?

Then you just stay put Missy! or Mister...

So everyone knows I love me some Primark.
Well last week I popped into town just to get some boring adult banking stuff sorted and I thought I'll just have a quick browse at the home-ware stuff so I can hint at things for my birthday.

As I walked into the shop I got completely distracted by the prettiest pink dress I have ever seen. It was the quintessence of femininity. (If you're wondering where I, Stacie Cunningham picked up such a long was from when a lovely lady called Sheila told me I was the quintessence of femininity, bless her! Unfortunately she passed away last year which broke my heart. R.I.P Sheila)

But anyway. This dress had really caught my attention so I decided 'I'm buying it!' 
I thought I deserved it after being so sensible with my shopping lately. Back in 2013/14 I became a bit of an oniomaniac because of my anxiety. This is how I coped and I would spend around £200 on clothes every single month. I never got myself in any money trouble. I'm very good with stuff like that but now I have no space for all the clothes I bought in the past even after a clear out!
So I vowed that I wouldn't buy any more clothes until I had worn them all. In the past 6 months I've spent around £5 on clothes so I'm very proud of myself. It's hard when you are a fashion blogger but I had done so well. Surely this dress wouldn't hurt? Would it? 

Well tough titties because they didn't have my size anyway!!

Well then I just lost it and started picking up stuff left, right and centre throwing it over Elliots arm like in the movies.

When I took it all to the till I was expecting maybe £75?



Well that really made me feel good. I spent the rest of the day with a smile on my face and I feel that it was blog-worthy. Everyone wants four new beautiful items for less than £35 right?

Well let me show you my new wardrobe staples and give you the deets.

The Gypsy Skirt

I fell in love with this skirt months ago. I kept seeing it and telling myself 'NO' but it was a moment of weakness and I don't even slightly regret it. It is super comfy and airy. Perfect for a hot day as it has small splits up either side. 
I thought this skirt would go nice with a big floppy hat and the top I am wearing is actually a dress. I added a bum bag as I've been trying to find an outfit it would go with since I bought it about a year ago and then some little kitsch bands on my wrist which can also be used as hair bands. I am wearing a necklace but you can't really see it from all the pattern!

Skirt- Primark £10

Bum Bag- Primark £4

Dress (worn as top) - Boohoo £15 

Kitsch Bands-  Boots £7.50

Hat -Oasis £7

Necklace-  New Look £5

The Monochrome Playsuit

I love this. I love the pattern. The shape. The length. At first I thought it might be a little bit short but once I put it on it was actually the perfect length. The straps are adjustable so you can have it low cut or covering and there is a tie around the waist to also adjust to your preference. 
As this playsuit shows off your arms and legs I imagine if there was any wind you might get rather cold so I added a lovely kimono I already had along with one of my favourite bags which has such a beautiful floral pattern inside. 

Playsuit- Primark £8

Kimono- Missguided £15

Handbag- Sainsburys 

Bracelet- Pandora

The Grown-Up Dress

This is actually my cheapest outfit on this blog post. Keep reading to find out why...
I feel that this dress is very grown-up for me. Maybe its the length and fit? If I wear long dresses it's usually maxi dresses or midi dresses halfway down the leg and short dresses are above the knee. There is no in between.

I would wear this strawberry picking. THIS is my new fruit farm dress. Haha!
You can decide whether to tie this and pull it in to accentuate your figure or leave it untied for a more casual boho look. I quite like it untied but for a more formal occasion I would pull it in.
There is also a suede tassel at the top which you can undo to show your cleavage. Ooh la la!
My favourite part about this dress is that the price tag said it was £13 but when I took it to the till it was £5!! My boots were also in the sale a while ago.
I added it with knee high boots and a cute choker necklace then threw my hair into a quick plait with a pretty floral headband.

Dress- Primark £5

Boots- Primark £5

Headband - Primark £3

Choker - Unsure

The Skirt Of Many Lengths

I really love this skirt. It reminds me of something a hippy might wear but I really like that. I love the different lengths and layers, its very different to your average a-line skirt. Personally I don't like this outfit choice. At this point my camera battery was running out so I was rushing to just throw anything together and I was feeling a bit irritable. 
Had I put more thought into it I would have opted for more colour. Maybe a mustard yellow jumper or a burgundy t-shirt. Because it is black and white I imagine it will go with everything. I just need to experiment.
Again the top is actually a dress. I added some sunglasses as I thought this skirt might look cute for a day out at a safari park! I added the headband for a little gypsy vibe.

Skirt- Primark £10

Headband - River Island £8

Sunglasses- River Island £10

Dress (worn as top) Primark £8

And that brings me to the end of my blog post.
I'm really happy with my four new pieces. I think there is a bit of a bohemian theme going on but this happens every summer. It's my go to style. I love clashing patterns so all these items will be perfect for me over the next few seasons.

PS: I hope you are all loving my new blog layout? I added a few little pages to make it easier to get around. hope it has worked!

And I hope you are all well!

Much love, 



  1. Ahh you have such cute style, I wish I could pull the bohemian trend off but I just feel like I can't!

  2. I love boho style, all these outfits were so gorgeous! Great post!

    Ella xx

  3. Thank you so much! Glad to hear people are enjoying the post 😊😘 xx

  4. You got some really nice pieces! I love Primark but the one in my city is huge and so difficult to shop in. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? X

    The Fashion Road

    1. Thank you! I wish mine was big enough to get lost in! Haha xx

  5. Really nice clothes. I love the bohemian style :)

    Measlychocolate by Patty

  6. this is such a cute post!!! Also, your hair color is the same as Clary in Shadowhunters.. Also the same length and I think the same curl! How cool :)

    Arianne | Ayre

    1. Ooh I don't know who that is! I'll have to google it :P
      And Thankyou! xxx


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