Wednesday 27 April 2016

April Favourites...

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my April favourites.

This month I've discovered some amazing new products.
 I also wanted to feature some personal faves that have been a regular choice over the past few years that I couldn't live without.

First up!


I used to wear dungarees when I was a very little girl with the little frilly socks and I'd have ponytails and I would cry because I hated it so much.

I'm now nearly 24 and I wear dungarees with the little frilly socks and I have ponytails and I love it.
Dungarees are life.

Loreal Infallible 24H- Matte

I bought this foundation recently as a panic buy in Tesco because I very suddenly ran out of foundation. This was the only one they had which was matte and also in my price range at the time.

Usually I would only buy my trusty No7 'Beautifully Matte' foundation but this was an emergency so I tried it and this is actually SUCH a good foundation. It’s half the price of my normal one. This one is around £7 I think? I got it in the colour vanilla and chose the matte version as they also do a normal version of the infallible 24H foundation.

This has a medium texture so it’s quite 'liquidy' but sets really nicely and blends so well. I was very impressed with the coverage. It is high coverage and doesn't set horribly around any blemishes. It covers them just perfect. I wore this foundation to Torquay the other day for a whole day out and when I got home it was still perfect which really surprised me because it stayed nicer than my Beautifully Matte foundation. I still prefer No7 but only because it makes my skin look flawless when I'm having a good skin day. This is a fantastic budget foundation though. I will definitely buy this again to use as my everyday foundation and then use my No7 for occasions.

H&M Body Sprays

I do believe these may have been mentioned on my blog before but I cannot get enough of them. I have the Rose Reverie one and the Buttercream Dream one. They both smell very sweet but I like sweet scents so I fell in love with them! Highly recommend having a sniff next time you visit H&M! There is a wide variety of other scents.


Yes. Primark was in my last favourites but it truly deserves it this month. I went into Primark this week just to browse as I hardly had any money to spend after paying the bills (so hard being an adult) but I managed to walk out with these four beautiful items of clothing for less than £35 which is impressive! My next blog post is going to be about this in a lot more detail and I’ll post pictures of me in them so you can get a better idea of the fit so I won’t give too much away now.

Forever Aloe Ever-Shield deodorant stick.

I'm sure you've all heard of this by now because I'm pretty sure 75% of the worlds population are now Forever Living promoters and they are all over my Facebook feed.  Not necessarily a bad thing either!

I first discovered this deodorant around 3 or 4 years ago as my friend had taken up a job with Forever and so she introduced me to it at one of her events. 
She explained how this deodorant was a scent-free, aluminium free, long lasting, aloe vera deodorant. At first I wasn't keen on the idea of it being scent free because when I shop for a deodorant I tend to just go for the one that smells the nicest. The thing that actually sold this to me was the fact it had no aluminium salts which a lot of deodorants contain. APPARENTLY there is a chance aluminium can increase chances of breast cancer (I don't know how true that is) and with me being at my worst stage of anxiety I then realised that from now on I would be paranoid about using other deodorants.

When I first opened my new deodorant I found it very sharp on the armpits, it was a horrid shape that you had to wear in. Did not like that one bit. The only reason I continued to use it was because it actually really worked well to stop sweating and body odour and it would last all day. After it had worn in I actually loved this product. 

Although it isn't scented I think it smells fresh and clean anyway. I don’t actually suffer from body odour or excessive sweating so for somebody who sweats heavily, this might not be fantastic. I personally wouldn't know but it does a fantastic job for me after exercising. 
Something that is amazing about this deodorant is that it lasted me a year and a half and only cost £6. How on earth can a deodorant last a year and a half?!!! But seriously. It did.

So when I ran out I got some more and much to my surprise they had changed the shape of the deodorant! Yaaaaaay! It was now rounded and already smooth which I was really happy about. So now that it doesn't hurt to apply and is cheap and lasts so long I don’t think I would use another deodorant. This one is perfect for me and I always recommend it! 


I used to have Snapchat but I hated it. I’d get pestered by guys that I don’t know flexing their muscles and sending wink faces which was not appealing in the slightest so I deleted it pretty quickly and never really gave it chance.

I decided not long ago to re-download it but use it specifically for my blogging including some lifestyle blogging too and now that I've figured out how to work it and don’t have creeps on there I actually really like it. I want to start YouTube at some point but I'm too shy to just have the confidence to do it and not care what people think so Snapchat is kind of like little mini vlogs here and there so I like to practice using my Snapchat. That’s my plan anyway…I'm sure I’ll get there eventually!

Anything grapefruit…except grapefruits themselves.

I have recently realised just how much I love the smell of grapefruit. It seems to only be in beauty products though. Actual grapefruit is the worst thing on the planet. My friend once made me try grapefruit juice and I wanted to die. It was so sour and bitter. Yuck!

It’s completely different when it comes to putting it on your skin though. It is the most refreshing smelling and feeling ingredient! I especially love these particular products in the picture.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil Free Moisturiser is my life-saver. I suffer from really oily skin which causes me to have bad break-outs especially when mother nature calls which is so so frustrating and it bothers me so much more than it probably should and I get really down about it.
 I never used to moisturise but then I noticed my first wrinkle on my forehead. Seriously, the next day I cut myself a fringe LMFAO!
I had never thought about just getting an oil-free moisturiser and when I tried it I was shocked at how clean, refreshing, matte yet moisturised my skin felt and it definitely wasn't oily. I really love this stuff and get excited to put it on. That’s when you know your life is sad.

I'm sure I've also mentioned my Body Shop antibacterial hand gels on my blog before but I just love them! The grapefruit again is super refreshing, you feel so squeaky clean and the scent is so strong that it lasts alllllllllll day long and people always ask "What is that beautiful smell". Winning.

The Malin and Goetz Grapefruit Cleanser is for all skin types which is great. I don’t know how that works but hey ho. smells wonderful, leaves you feeling clean like all the other products and that my friends is why I've been loving grapefruit this month!

Scrub Love

I'm not going to say too much about this because I have actually written a full detailed blog post about this product (it was my last one if you want to check it out!) It is actually one of my favourite blog posts I've ever done so highly recommend having a read.
I didn't think it was fair to not have this in my favourites though because I really did love it!

Painting my nails

 I have completed numerous courses on nail related beauty so I have spent a lot of money on equipment for doing nails in the past. I have over 200 nail varnishes and yet I hardly ever paint my nails. I'm pants really, aren't I?

Well I've managed to get back into the swing of it. I've been quite on the ball. The minute they get messy, I change them and even use my base coat like a good girl. My nails have been in fantastic condition lately and are quite long for me so I want them to look pretty all the time.


Last weekend we went to Torquay. It was my first time visiting and I really enjoyed it. It’s so picturesque! I find a lot of things pretty and beautiful, especially nature. I'm a bit like that guy off friends who Phoebe dates and everyone takes the piss out of. 
“I MUST take a mental picture!”

We had a lovely day anyway. Me and Elliot went along with our friends Seb and Amy. We had a walk around in the sunshine, went for a drink at one of our favourite restaurant chains which I don’t actually know what the chain is but in Plymouth it’s called Seco Lounge and we are always there! Whilst in there we saw Lauren Pope. I had no idea who she was but apparently she is off TOWIE. She seemed polite anyway having pictures with fans and I liked her pink camouflage jacket.

We then went for fish and chips on the beach and also went to the amusements because Elliot and Seb are like little children in the arcades. We had a lovely day out though. It’s such a lovely little seaside town and it’s less than an hour from my house so we shall be going there much more often I imagine.

That’s all for this months favourites. I'm sure my May Favourites will be jam-packed with it being my birthday so I'm excited for that and I shall be back soon with my Primark haul!

Much Love,

Disclaimer: I was sent the Scrub Love product for reviewing purposes but opinions are 100% honest.
No other features in this blog post are sponsored.



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