Saturday 25 July 2015

Waterfalls for Winter...

Hey Guys! 

My second blog post is a bit different to my first... It may also be a bit inappropriate for Summer. 

But I don't care, you're gonna have to deal with it I'm afraid!

I wanted a bit of variety, and I'm sorry but I live in England and we all know what that means!? Unpredictable weather! So in cases of blistering winds we all need that one amazing key item in our wardrobes that we can throw on and still feel fantastic in! Even if we do have to get flung into the road with our hair flossing our teeth, stuck to our lip gloss, making us choke and look super attractive! At least it will be in the hottest new coat of the season and that's all that matters, right?

This is where I introduce to you... 

"Drum roll, please"

My waterfall coat!

This little beauty was something I lusted after for quite some time. I first laid eyes on it when a very beautiful girl came into my workplace wearing it. You know when you're not usually confident enough to ask someone where they got an item from but you feel like this is just too important to pass up?
Well this was one of those moments.

I asked her where she bought it from, she explained it was £30 and that she had gotten it from a girl on Instagram who was selling them. She kindly wrote down the girls name, and later that night I checked out the sellers page and considered buying one. However, I decided I didn't want it as the girl asked me to travel pretty far to get it.

Then the next day something so unbelievably WEIRD happened!

Get this... I'm walking through town and I see a waterfall coat which is EXACTLY the same as the one the girl was wearing! It was in the window display of a shop called Oxygene. It's one of those shops that sell clothes like the high street but for a quarter of the price, you know the ones... I don't usually tend to shop in them as I find the quality terrible, and sometimes the gold studs and dollar signs plastered all over everything is a huge put off LOL, but I thought it won't hurt to just have a little look. 

It felt just as good quality as the one the girl had showed me at work and it was only £20 and I thought "TO HELL WITH IT! ITS MINE!"

And then you will never guess what happened... A girl walks into the shop who I recognise and I'm trying to think where I know her from.


I do joke, 

It wasn't Kim Kardashian.

However, It WAS the girl who sells the coats on Instagram. She picked up almost all the waterfall coats and took them to the tills. I couldn't believe it! I was going to pay £30 on top of bus fare for it when she was buying them from the shop around the corner! So obviously I bought it at £20, fancy the chances of that happening ay! Talk about good timing!

Where was I? Oh yeah!

This coat is definitely a favourite. It's available on Ebay too by the way, can't be expecting you all to travel to my hometown! It is available in a huge range of colours: Khaki, Grey, Red, White, Black, Camel, Yellow, Orange, Pink...etc 
I decided on the grey, I don't have much grey in my wardrobe as it is and I fancied something different.

The lightweight fabric makes this coat beyond versatile. There are so many different uses for it! It can be worn in the snowy winter but also on cold, dry, windy days. It can be worn over a pretty dress on a night out, but also on a girls shopping day!
It may not be waterproof material but it doesn't get ruined if you do get caught in the rain which is a bonus! 

I must add, many of the other staff members at River Island wanted one when they saw me wearing it and they all bought one! We must have looked a right bunch! 
On the flip side, my nephew asked me why on earth I was wearing a dressing gown, THEN he told me he didn't want to be seen with me. There is just NO pleasing some people! *sigh*

But all in all... I LOVE this coat, perfect for English weather, a staple item of the season that every girl needs in her life and such a bargain! Whats not to love?!

I almost forgot to mention the rest of my outfit! I'll keep it short and sweet. My scarf is a paisley number, it cost me 50p from a charity shop. Thats right! FIFTY WHOLE PENCE!! 

My bag was £20 from BHS. I don't usually shop there either but whilst passing I saw it and thought "Thats very old lady... I like it."

My leggings were £10 from River Island. Now I know every girl needs a good pair of leggings and there is nothing worse than paying £3 each and every week for a new pair of see-through leggings from Primark which don't even last two seconds!! Aaaargh!
 River Islands leggings are AMAZING! They are high-waisted, super flattering, you can choose the length as well as the waist size and they are lovely and the perfect thickness so they don't go threadbare. Definitely worth the money! I shall link them below my post for you all to purchase, you can thank me later!

Andddd last but not least, my shoes were from Primark. I got them a while ago but they are just your average suede court shoe! An essential part of any girls wardrobe and available in most shops!

Speak soon everybody! It's my week off now and I plan to go to Cheshire Oaks (a designer outlet) so I'll definitely be posting about it at some point this upcoming week! Can't wait to share it with you guys!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love Stacie xoxo


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