Friday 17 July 2015

A Bohemian Storm is Brewing...

Hi guys! I love this outfit so much and just HAD to share it with you! 

I felt like such a flower fairy in this dress with these cuteee accessories. Now I have to be honest... This dress was a bit of an impulse buy. Picture this, there I was, stood in Primark with £10 in my hand and the price tag caught my eye, it just screamed "BUY ME RIGHT NOW, YOU WILL LOVE ME FOREVER" 

So I did. 

I must admit though, as always, I had to think about my hair colour, would it clash? This is turning into a reoccurring problem for me, it's so hard being a redhead when you like burnt orange and copper coloured clothes! 

You see that necklace? Well at first I thought it was a prop, but low and behold guys... IT'S ATTACHED! WHEYYY, you don't even need to spend money choosing a necklace to go with it! Erm... Bonus?!

When I got home and tried it on I felt that it may have been a little bit big and 'drab' on me but I was having the dreaded 'BAD HAIR DAY' with a side order of shiny makeup... Never good when trying on new clothes, I just cannot decide on an outfit unless I look my best, it's so hard being a girl sometimes!

It stayed in my wardrobe for a little while but then alas! Sunshine! This called for a productive day. *cue the montage music*

PHOTO SHOOT TIME! With my hair and makeup done I immediately felt better about the dress, and because it's such a cute outfit I decided to add flowers, you can never go wrong with flowers in summer. I've got a little bit of an obsession with flowers as you may have noticed on my Instagram! 


I felt my accessories really completed the outfit and I also found my hair didn't clash as much as I thought it would which I was really happy about. 

Since then I've found myself wearing this dress all the time. I find that it is a lovely material that doesn't stick to you so the curvier lady would also rock it! It's comfortable, light, airy and the colour is beautiful. The necklace attached is pretty and very boho, and I think for £10 it is a Primark bargain! 

One happy customer!

Thanks for the read guys, but I'm off for now, the dresses aren't going to buy themselves!

Love Stacie xoxo

Dress: Primark - £10

Flower Headband: Accessorize - £4
Hair Feather: Poundland - £1
Handbag: Primark- £7


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