Friday 1 July 2022

6 most likely reasons you would need a solicitor

 6 Most Likely Reasons You Would Need A Solicitor

If you live a life that’s free of crime, then you might think that there are not many opportunities for you to need a solicitor. Generally, you won’t need someone to represent you legally unless you’re a part of something that requires the law to be involved. That goes beyond just crime, and it could be for something simple like changing your own name - in which a solicitor isn’t always necessary, but the process can be made easier.


Family affairs

It might surprise you that the law would be relevant when it comes to family affairs, but there are certain scenarios where you might need the help of a solicitor. If you think that someone in the family is being treated wrong, or maybe there’s a divorce happening - a solicitor would be needed to oversee the event. Norton Peskett Solicitors can be helpful in such a situation, and it would be a good idea to learn more.

Committing a crime

The law is there to prevent those with ill intentions from doing what they want, and to prevent others from wrongdoings. You might not think yourself to be someone who would cross the law, but no one is immune to slipping up from time to time. There are times we’re not completely in control of our actions, such as being intoxicated. You would need a solicitor to represent you if an event like this required legal action.

Accident involvement

There are times when you might be involved in an accident, be it at work, in public, or on the road - solicitors are needed to help settle things. You might have become injured due to someone else’s negligence, which means you could be legally owed compensation. To get that compensation, you would need someone to properly represent you and take you through the process.

Starting a business

Starting a business isn’t a simple process, and you can’t just go ahead and start selling what you want to general members of the public. You would need to make sure you have all of the licences and insurances you need to legally operate. Without all of these things, you risk getting yourself into serious trouble, and it would greatly cost you if someone was injured due to your product or services.

Purchasing a property

If you’re planning on moving home, or just purchasing a new property for another reason, you want to make sure that it’s actually yours. The documents that bind you to the property are highly important, and you don’t want to simply exchange high amounts of money like that without an expert nearby. You might find that going without a solicitor here could cause you to lose out big time.

Handling fraudulent activity

No one is immune to fraud, and it could come from anywhere. You might find that you’ve bought a product online that’s not at all what the seller claimed it to be. In cases like this, you could decide to take legal action against the business that sold it to you -which is best done with an expert.


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