Friday 22 January 2021

3 Reasons To Consider A Serviced Apartment Instead Of A Hotel

When you are planning a trip, choosing your accommodation is usually the first thing that you do. A lot of people look for hotels right away and don’t consider any of the alternatives. That’s fine and some people just love the hotel experience. If you choose wisely, you can find some amazing hotels and have a wonderful trip. However, it might be worth thinking about some of the alternatives because there are more options than ever before.

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Serviced apartments are one option that is often overlooked, which is a shame because they are the best choice for many people. If you like the idea of staying in an apartment but miss some aspects of the hotel experience, a serviced apartment is ideal because it’s a middle ground between the two. You get your own apartment, so you have space and privacy, but you also have access to a concierge service and some of the other amenities you expect to find in a hotel. If you haven’t considered it before, here’s why you should stay in a serviced apartment on your next trip. 

More Space 

Hotel rooms are great, but they’re not ideal for relaxing in. If you have a few hours to spare before your next excursion or you simply fancy a chilled day, sitting in a hotel room all day long isn’t exactly ideal. But with a serviced apartment, you have so much more space, even if you opt for a small one-bedroom place. You can click here for serviced apartments to get an idea of what is on offer. Many people find that they crave the space of an apartment but they always end up going for the hotel because they prefer the experience. Now you no longer have to sacrifice space for experience because you can have both. 

Flexible Dining Options 

The major downside to hotels is that you don’t have much flexibility in terms of dining options. If you go all-inclusive, you will have restaurants you can go to, and you can always eat outside the hotel too. But what if you want to cook your own meals? You might have a microwave in your room at best, but any proper cooking isn’t going to be possible. If you’re trying to travel on a budget, being able to make your own meals, especially for breakfast and lunch, is a great way to save a lot of money. It’s also ideal for people that want to eat well and stay in shape instead of eating out every single day. A serviced apartment gives you the kitchen space you need to do that, but when you do want to eat out, you have the concierge service there to recommend places and make bookings for you. 

Fewer Added Costs 

The price that you pay for a hotel room isn’t usually the actual price because there are always add-ons. Even basic things, like wifi, often incur an added charge. Many of the services and amenities, like the spa, can sometimes come with an extra charge too. Before you know it, the cost of your hotel room has doubled and you aren’t getting the great deal you thought you were. But with a serviced apartment, what you see is what you get, and there are not usually any added charges for things. So, if you’re travelling on a budget, an apartment may be a better choice than a hotel. 

A serviced apartment isn’t for everybody, but it gives you the best bits of an apartment and a hotel, so it’s worth considering on your next trip. 


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