Friday 13 November 2020

Tips for improving your home office environment

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Spending on DIY, Gardening, and Home Improvement has stagnated with the current global pandemic. However, with a lot more people working from home, it’s more important than ever to have an office space that meets your needs and which is functional, inviting, and comfortable to be in. There are simple ways of doing this without spending a lot of money. Below are just some ways to do this to ensure your working space is ideal for your situation.


Desk & Chair

Finding the right desk and chair is essential for working at home. If you are comfortable, then you can be productive. Place them both in a location that has plenty of light. Ensure your chair is the correct height for you and suits your individual needs.


Clean & Tidy

It may seem a no-brainer, but having a clean and tidy working environment can increase your productivity and make you feel motivated to work. This means making sure your desk is tidy and that the area around it is free from clutter. If there are home chores that need doing, hide them away when you are working. Otherwise, you will be thinking about them if you can see them during work hours.


Add greenery

Adding a plant or two on your desk and in your work environment makes a positive contribution to you and the room. It’s a great way of boosting your mood and reducing stress. If you don’t have green fingers, then opt for a plant that doesn’t require much looking after such as a succulent. 


Natural lighting is best when working from home; natural light boosts mood and positivity. If you cannot access natural lighting, then positioning a lamp on your desk is another good option. Go for a day light bulb too. 


Separate computers

This may be a difficult task but try to have a computer for your work and one for leisure. Separating the two will help you distinguish between work and leisure. This helps with winding down each evening when you have finished work. 


Separate areas

If you can, choose an area you don’t normally use for your work and keep it separate from leisure. This allows your brain to associate a particular space for work and one for home. Another option is to convert a roof-space or add an outside office. These can be expensive options, so you may need to consider home improvement loans for this renovation type.

Stick to specific hours

Working from home can be fraught with challenges, and one of those is keeping work to specific hours. Set yourself a period of time that you are working and respect the time you need away from work for leisure and day to day living. You may need to change the routine from time to time but having that work/life balance is extremely important if you are working from home.


These are just some of the ways you can improve your working from home environment; if you are looking for ways to turn your house into a home then head over to this blog post.

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