Thursday 1 October 2020

Are these bad habits affecting your health?


We all have bad habits and things about ourselves that we wish we could change. Whether it’s staying up late, sitting on social media or binge eating, there are some habits that have probably stayed with us for far too long. They might even be hurting your health and if that’s the case then you need to kick them to the curb right now. Here are some of the worst habits that you need to avoid and the best ways to say goodbye to them for good. 

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Firstly, you probably don’t class sitting as a bad habit. But it does depend on how long you are sitting doing nothing. Sitting for long periods has been found by researchers to be more harmful to your health than smoking a packet of cigarettes each day. Why is this? Well, it’s essentially due to blood flow in your body. When you’re sitting doing nothing, your blood isn’t moving the right way and this takes a toll. If you spend most of the day sitting due to your job, you might want to consider a sit/stand desk. This is a great way to get up on your feet, even when you are stuck in the office. 

Poor Sleeping Habits 

You might want to think about issues with your sleep. When you’re young, you can stay up as late as you like and it probably won’t have much of an impact on your health. However, as you get older, your body can’t quite adjust as well. This means that it needs the full eight hours of sleep. If you don’t get that, then you are going to notice changes to your health. You might want to consider natural melatonin tablets to help you sleep at night. 

We hope this helps you understand whether you might have bad habits that are impacting your health and how to deal with these the right way. Once you understand the best ways to tackle these bad habits, you can ensure that they don’t continue to be a massive problem in your life. You will feel better about yourself and see positive changes to your health even in a short amount of time. You can learn more about bad habits on


Finally, you might want to think about the issue of smoking. I don't personally smoke but a lot of people do smoke and you might enjoy the casual cigarette now and again. Many assume that if you only smoke every so often, it’s not going to have a massive impact on your health. However, this might not be true. It’s possible that you could see issues with your health, even after just smoking a couple of times. This largely depends on your genetics as well as your individual makeup. That’s why you might want to find an alternative like vaping. There are numerous benefits of vaping including the fact that you can mix and match different flavours using sites like It is also possible to enjoy 0% nicotine vape juice which is perfect. You get the sensation of smoking without any of the issues that it causes. 

I hope this post could be of help or that it has prompted you to think about changing some of your bad habits.

Stay safe


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  1. Now that I am working from home, I sit around my apartment wayyy too much. I have been pushing myself to work out so that I don't have negative effects. Thanks for sharing!
    Jenna ♥
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