Friday 11 September 2020

Were you impacted by these lockdown health horrors?


It’s fair to say that the lockdown caused numerous issues for people across the world. It even began to impact our health. Here are some of the problems that you might have experienced and that could still be impacting you right now. 

Trouble With Sleep

A lot of people found that their sleeping pattern vanished completely through the lockdown. With nothing to do through the day they had no reason to get up early or go to sleep early. If this sounds familiar, you might now be dealing with problems with your sleep. There are lots of options to consider here including melatonin. A natural supplement will help you sleep easier and get your sleeping pattern back on track. I also recently bought an acupressure mat which is supposed to help a lot, perhaps I shall write a review on here.

Missed Diagnosis

Unfortunately, it was exceedingly difficult to see a doctor during the lockdown. The reason for this was clear. Officials were working to ensure that the virus did not spread through waiting rooms. However, it did leave a lot of people unable to get the expert medical advice they might have needed. This has led to the suggestion that many people have missed a diagnosis. If you have spotted a change to your body or a difference in your wellbeing, it’s worth contacting a doctor as soon as possible. Getting seen early will always improve any prognosis. 


A common issue throughout the pandemic is people suffering from depression. It’s not easy to cope when there is a huge change to your life, and one that you can’t control is even worse. It’s important to understand that depression is not simply feeling sad, but it goes far beyond this. Sadly, many people had to isolate on their own during this time, and if you were one of these people then you are more likely to have experienced depression due to being away from everyone you care about, as well as being stuck inside. 

If you have been suffering from depression, then it’s important you get the help that you need quickly. You don’t want to let it escalate to the point where it progresses to suicidal thoughts or other mental health issues. Call your doctor as soon as possible and tell them what’s going on so that you can hopefully start to get the help that you need.


I know that you’ve been staying inside, but this can be just as bad for your anxiety as going outside and socializing. What people don’t realize is that anxiety can be caused by a whole range of things, and it’s important to understand what your triggers are and how you can avoid them. Being told that there is a pandemic outside and that if you go out there you might be subject to this horrible illness is never useful, but then to be trapped inside and not be able to leave is just not easy to cope with. 

As such, you’ve got to try and find ways to effectively deal with anxiety before it starts to completely take over your life. For example, one of the things that you can try is exercise in your home. This is a natural mood enhancer, gives you something to take your mind off the outside world, and keeps you healthy. You never know what amazing benefits this can actually have until you try it. Or, CBD oil has been said to calm people down and help with symptoms of anxiety, but be aware that not everyone experiences the same effects.

I hope that you have found this article interesting and if you have been impacted by these lockdown health horrors, now have some idea as to how you can help yourself. 

Stay safe, 

Disclaimer: Photo is sourced from Rupi Kaur- Milk and Honey. 


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  1. My anxiety has definitely been worse during the lockdown, and my sister also has been having more mental health issues because of the pandemic... It's a scary time but I am sure we can all get out of it - great post!
    Jenna ♥
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