Tuesday 4 August 2020

My Minimalist Beauty Travel Kit

I'm currently away from home and temporarily living in Somerset and when it came to packing I wanted to make sure I was as minimalist as possible. 

I knew I would be here for at least 8 weeks and so I needed to be careful when choosing what to pack.

I think I managed to do pretty well, especially when it came to my beauty bits!

Today I'm going to share what beauty products and tools I decided to bring, so if you are planning on travelling and want to only take the essentials, then you might be able to use my checklist for reference.

My essentials
  • Toothbrush
  • Exfoliating soap bar
  • Deodorant
  • Hair oil
  • Face oil
  • Hand cream
  • Face mask
  • Nail varnish
  • Lip balm
  • Reusable make up remover pads

As you can see I really didn't pack a lot for somebody who loves using a good selection of beauty products. 

Here are my reasons for choosing these particular products and why I would recommend them!

Bamboo toothbrush

I decided to bring my bamboo toothbrush because its easy, lightweight and also it's something I don't have to worry about packing on the way back. I can just dispose of it as I would be due a new one anyway. Admittedly, I did purchase an electric toothbrush during my time here which came with a travel case. 

Exfoliating and cleansing soap bar

I thought I could kill two birds with one stone (hate that phrase) and bring a soap bar with multiple uses. This saves me having to bring two separate products, a cleanser and an exfoliator. This clears up space in my suitcase and I'll likely use the bar by the time I have to leave which works well for me on the way back. It also smells like a dream as it is rose scented. *Drool*


I opted for this roll on as it was the most compact one I could find that had all the qualities I wanted in a deodorant. I actually really like it and it works well!

Coconut hair oil

This is my go to hair oil and is the only hair product I packed. I didn't bring shampoo and conditioner as I knew there would be some here. I didn't bring hairspray as I didn't intend on leaving the house much and therefore knew I probably wouldn't need it. 
This oil keeps my hair moisturized and less frizzy from the soft water of Somerset.

Facial oil

I didn't pack a moisturizer and instead opted for an oil as it felt more luxurious which makes up for the lack of products I packed. I still wanted to feel as though I had made an effort with my skin and this was the perfect product to do so. Really I should have just bought this and not the hair oil as you can use it on your hair too!

Hand cream

I chose this Christmas hand cream because it was the smallest one I had in my collection and also smells so so nice and I thought it would be a good comfort product that makes me feel cosy. With all the hand sanitising we've been doing I thought it would be best to pack one.

Face mask

Again this was my smallest one and as I knew I would only use it weekly/fortnightly I didn't need a lot. This is a nice brightening peel off which makes it mess free and can be used anywhere. A good choice if I do say so myself.

Nail varnish

This was a treat rather than an essential. Because I haven't really left the house other than to go to the shops, I thought travelling to Somerset was the perfect excuse to paint my nails! A little bit of self care I guess and something to do with my niece.

Lip balm

There's nothing worse than being caught out without lip balm when you suddenly get dry lips. I wasn't sure how my skin would react to the change of water and I'm glad I chose to pack it! My skin and lips have been very dry and it's not usually something I suffer with.

Re-usable make up remover pads

I haven't had to use these as I haven't really wore makeup here but it's handy to have them just in case. They can easily be thrown in the wash and it's a super sustainable choice. I did pack a few makeup products too but I only packed foundation, lipstick and mascara. I tinted my eyebrows before travelling so that saved me bringing my pencils. 

And that's it! I hope this was helpful for anybody wanting to pack lightly for their next trip but not really knowing where to start.
I haven't found myself wishing I had packed more and if anything I've realised I could have packed even lighter! 

Thanks for reading,


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