Thursday 14 May 2020

10 'Hard to Kill" Houseplants

I always get comments on Instagram about my houseplants. Lots of people say they would love to have a nice houseplant collection but can never keep a plant alive! 

Well that's why I'm here to help!

There are quite a few plants that are so low maintenance that they are really quite hard to kill!

These tend to be the plants that don't really need much sunlight, if at all. And some of them rarely need watering making it very easy for those busy people to maintain them.

Below is a list of some of my favourites that can transform your house into a home!


My pothos is my favourite plant and probably one of my easiest ones to care for. I have a Devils Ivy. The name says it all really. Very hard to kill! It's such a beautiful growing plant that hangs beautifully. A gorgeous colour and I water her every 2-3 weeks. I've never had any issues with this plant. You would think it was fake! I only paid £5 for her from Columbia Road Flower Market!

Snake plant

I have a snake plant and it's super easy to maintain. She is always sprouting new leaves. It's a good idea to upgrade your pot sizes as they grow as it gives more space for them to get tall and multiply. I only water my snake plant every 2 weeks and they can survive any light situation. 

Aloe vera plant

      Photo Credit: Pixabay

Aloe vera plants thrive with sunlight but only need watering once every 3 weeks! 

Spider plant

      Photo Credit: Pixabay

Place in indirect sunlight and wait for soil to dry completely before re-watering! Super simple.

Jade plant

      Photo Credit: Pixabay

Jade plants do well with good sunlight. They need watering fairly regularly in summer but can be watered monthly during the colder seasons.

Cast iron plant

Cast Iron Plant, Hardy Tropical, Plant, Nature, Garden
  Photo Credit: Pixabay

The amount of times that you should water your cast iron plant depends on where it is placed. If it is in low light you can water less often and if it is in sunlight then water it more regularly. 

Burro's tail

Potted Cactus, Potted Succulants, Cactus, Succulent

  Photo Credit: Pixabay

You only need to water these succulent plants once a fortnight and be careful not to overwater but as long as you stick to those rules, they should be fine!

Heart leaf philodendron

Indirect sunlight and regular water mists are the set way to keep this plant alive. 

Air plant
Air Plants, Tillandsia, Plant, Leaf, Bromeliaceae

             Photo Credit: Pixabay

Air plants can withhold most light conditions but only water once or twice a fortnight and only water lightly.

Bamboo plant

My bamboo plant is by far the easiest plant to care for. Put in water. Done. 

And those are the top 10 easiest plants to care for! I hope you can discover some new plants for your home!

Stay safe, 


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