Sunday 3 November 2019

7 Places To Shop Small This Christmas

Before I get started I just wanted to talk about some of the benefits of shopping small this Christmas.

  • When shopping small you are more likely to receive a one-off item that nobody else has.
  • You are more likely to receive something of better quality. So much more time, effort and love gets put into something handmade.
  • You will receive better customer service because we care more about the damage of a bad review and just want our customers to love what we do and recommend us.
  • Shopping small or locally is good for the environment and helps you become a bit more sustainable without even trying.
  • Not only do you make the small business owner feel good by making them a sale. You also feel good for providing someone with a bit more income that month. I can assure you that with every sale I make, I run around the flat squealing like a loony. It makes me so so happy and that's what I want people to feel this Christmas who are out there trying their best to provide a service.

So I have compiled a small list of some businesses I found online that are offering beautiful and unique products this Christmas.
There is quite a variety for you to choose from so hopefully there is something for everyone in this post!
From homeware, to beauty, to artwork, to clothing. You can find the perfect gift from one of these businesses this year <3

Supermarket Sleek

So first of all I'm gonna plug my own business. I own a little side business called Supermarket Sleek. Everything I sell is handmade and I put so much attention into my creations. I specialise in embroidery, knitted goods and custom orders. I make accessories, homeware and I'm trying to branch out into clothing once I master it.

From now until April, it can be pretty damn cold here in the UK so warm cosy hats and scarves are always a great option for a Christmas gift. I love creating custom orders! I recently made a kindle case for a friends mum and she loves it! So even if you have an idea but can't see it on my shop, please do ask! 

I love making customised embroidery, I can have a go at anything. If you have a favourite film I can try and embroider your favourite characters into a one-off piece that nobody else in the world has, if you want something personalised with a name or date I can do that, basically anything you want on your wall, I can try and do! I even embroider portraits! 

Although a lot of my original designs are colourful and fun, I can make anything fit to your aesthetic so if colourful isn't your thing, don't rule me out just yet!

A lot of my items are also unisex, I cater for everyone. 

Majority of my items are £15 or under with free postage! 

So prices are always as low as I can get them whilst taking materials, postage, time and Depop fees into account. 

Please do consider me for some really unique and personal gifts this Christmas!
I also try and make my packaging as eco-friendly as possible! :)
I mostly sell through Depop but not to worry if you don't have the app. You can order directly by messaging me and can pay via Paypal or bank transfer. 

I'm currently doing a giveaway too, go check it out! 

Indigo Rosee Beauty

Indigo Rosee Beauty is a business ran by one of the best girl bosses I know, Tori.

Tori puts her absolute heart and soul into her beauty business where she specialises in cruelty free lashes. Perfect for the glam girl you need to buy for this Christmas.
She's recently launched her Christmas range too which features two lash books (one for a more natural look, and one a bit more glam). Each book has 3 lashes and all of them are reusable. She also has lots of other styles to choose from.

 All I've ever seen are really great reviews of her eyelashes and I'm so proud! Her packaging is beautifully made, each with an inspiring quote inside. This is a really easy stocking filler that is just so much more special than a branded box from boots that means nothing. 

Indigo Rosee beauty is also very charitable and Tori always tries her best to do good things with her business. For example she teamed up with Bloody Good Period who help girls in the UK access the sanitary products they need and gave them 20% of the revenue of each sale. 

What a queen.


I was so impressed when I discovered this brand to find that it's just one momma making the magic happen. Everything is designed in-house and she creates both children and adults clothing and accessories from 0-3m - 13-14y for children and from a S-5XL for adults which includes plus sizes. She offers a great range of twinning and also offers custom made clothing too.

The pieces from the Christmas range are perfect. Families LOVE matching Christmas pyjamas and this is the place to buy them!! It seems the business is running really well which can only mean people are really happy with the quality.

I was recommended this company by a friend and the variety of products is brilliant. From backpacks to hoodies to blankets. If you want something personalised for your family, I really do think you'll find everything you are looking for right here!

Lottie Round

Lottie Round is an artist creating beautiful unique celestial pieces. Inspired by astrology and astronomy her art is mesmerising to see.

Lottie sells on her own website and also an Etsy store but also appears to do a lot of market stalls to get her creations out and about. I believe you can also find her in The Shop in The Square in Wolverhampton which is my hometown! I'll have to pop by next time I'm there. I

 love the watercolour effects, it's all very magical, mystical and cosmic. 
Lottie is currently working on some new designs based on original paintings so do stay in touch with her social media to see the launch.

She creates such beautiful wall art that would look wonderful in any home, as well as pocket mirrors, cushions and even Christmas decorations. I'm obsessed with that cow print cushion! If you know somebody who is very into their horoscopes then they would love this brand!


Created by Amrit Nagi, Amehndi is a small business creating beautifully hand painted candles. They are painted with mehndi / henna inspired designs. They come in a range of colours and can also be personalised! Imagine your own personalised candle!

They make beautiful gifts for so many occasions and they make a great choice, especially for Christmas when everyone is lighting up homes with festive candles.

All of the designs are handmade and bespoke however if you have a particular design in mind, Amrit can take it on board and try and make your vision come to life!

The candles come in different sizes as well as sets such as one large and two medium which can be discounted.

I especially love the designs with the couple. So perfect for an Indian wedding which could definitely be personalised to fit with the event. Gorgeous!

Craft Hill Artisans

Lizzy makes the most unique and special keepsakes! I'm so jealous of her amazing talent with sewing! She is a one-man band who is using social media to keep her business going and she appears to be doing really well! 

From bespoke patchwork quilts to memory bears and baby gifts, Lizzys commissions are made with such care and attention to detail that you can guarantee that you will receive something that you can keep forever. 

Lizzy specialises in pieces that are sentimental to you and that exceed all of your expectations. She will make sure you get exactly what you are after.

One item I got really excited about were the reusable pads! I may have to put an order in myself because I'm always looking for new items to help me on my sustainability journey.

She even makes bags! How talented!!

This is the perfect place to go if you have old clothes lying around that you don't want to throw out because of the sentiment, why not make them into a really special piece that you can treasure forever? Whether it's your childs clothes from when they were a baby or a relative who has passed, you can create something really special.

Also, can we talk about the Christmas range?! I've never seen anything so festive and traditional in all my life.

Flora and Ferna

And last but definitely not least, Flora and Ferna.

The most STUNNING nature inspired embroidery. I want it all. You all know my love for embroidery and nature so the two combined is just 👌

Giving you all the autumnal witchy vibes you're guaranteed to find the perfect gift for the free-spirit in your life.

Flora offers custom pieces too so again if you have something particular in mind, then she can try her best to do that for you.

On her Etsy shop you can find the most beautiful wall art and she's recently been working on some handmade Christmas decorations which I've fallen in love with. They aren't for sale just yet as she is still perfecting them and I know that feeling. That's one thing about us small business owners, everything has to be perfect. We put so much care into our products, unlike bigger brands that use machines and pay no attention to each separate piece at all.

I'm just in love with the whole aesthetic of the Flora and Ferna brand and I can see her being so successful with her journey. I really feel like she has found her niche and it's perfection.

And those are the 7 small businesses I managed to find this Christmas that I really felt made heartfelt creations.

I really hope this post has encouraged any of my readers to consider shopping small this Christmas. I always find when I receive handmade gifts that they are the ones I treasure the most. 

I hope I managed to help inspire some ideas for your shopping list this year and I hope to recreate this again next year.

Thank you to all the brands for allowing me to feature them and contributing towards my post. You're all doing amazing! 

Happy Christmas shopping everyone! 



  1. Stacie, those custom made candles are so beautiful! it's so cool of you to feature small businesses. I really like small local businesses because I feel that they care about the consumer more than a super-chain business. I still want to purchase one of your scarves, as soon as I get extra money. Do you ship outside the UK?

    Natonya |

    1. Aren't they wonderful! I definitely do find smaller businesses put so much care into their work. I do ship outside the UK yes :) Just support like this enough! Forever grateful for all the love <3


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