Sunday 2 December 2018

4 Ways To Style Skirts This Winter

With winter quickly approaching I thought you all might like some advice on how to continue wearing skirts over the colder months. 

Whether you bought some new skirts over the summer that you're not quite bored of yet or you simply don't want to sort between your summer and winter wardrobe and shove all the skirts away somewhere, never to be seen until next year. 

When we think of skirts, our minds typically tend to drift towards summer. 
I have at least 10 skirts in my wardrobe and every single one I don't wear in summer.

I really dislike summer fashion. As somebody who is quite self conscious about her weight (too skinny), I don't really like to have a lot of skin on show. I definitely can't get away with wearing mini skirts in summer. So I prefer to style mine throughout Autumn and Winter.

I love layers. I love textures. Although some people think wearing over-sized items would drown me and make me look smaller than I actually am, I have to disagree.

Autumn and Winter are my favourite months for fashion and it's quite funny to think 'Oh, I can get my skirts out now that it's cold' ðŸ˜‚

You might be thinking, surely skirts would be unsuitable to wear in cold weather but I'm a strong believer in 'it's not about the item, it's how you style it'.
I honestly feel like anyone can wear anything if they style it well.

So please find below my 4 ways in which I personally like to style skirts throughout winter.

Knee high boots

Knee high boots are a great option if you're self conscious about shorter skirts, or even longer skirts!

Paired with or without tights, knee high boots do the talking.
I actually took some fashion inspiration from Jennifer Aniston with the longer skirt because she wears a similar outfit in Friends.

This is a great idea for warmth too! 


Now how you dress a skirt for a party is very dependant on the occasion. 
If it's a proper New Years Eve party and you want to get super dressed up, then you're gonna have to get your super-woman powers on like we all do and just face the cold. It's like us women have this magical ability to walk through blizzards on a night out in next to nothing, you can do this! ðŸ’ªðŸ»

Alternatively, if you're going somewhere slightly more casual there are ways to keep the party look but add some cosiness to your outfit.

Berets are a super cute way to style your outfit. Red lipstick paired with a beret and a mini skirt is just the best! 
A metallic leather jacket will add a pop of colour, shimmer for the party vibes but can be styled as a focal piece in your party outfit. 

You could also choose to go for a longer skirt? 
And never underestimate the power of some opaque tights!

Thicker textures

One rule to bare in mind is that we should avoid flimsy materials (sarongs etc), we're stylish, we're not stupid.
I personally recommend materials such as denim, corduroy, leather, suede and knitted textures.
These tend to keep in the warmth a lot easier. They are also easier to find in winter colours. This doesn't mean you can't wear brighter colours or I said, it's how you style it.

I love my green suede one. It looks great with a pair of tights and I love how 70's it is. You can make this look so so autumnal. This is what I wear when I want to be super super cosy.

Leather is a great one if you're worried about being cold. It will definitely keep you toasty! You can't really look unstylish in a leather skirt. It's one of those fail-safe high fashion pieces. 

My favourite for winter is my woollen one. It's very 'Chanel'. 
This looks so so good styled up with some tights and chunky knits. Or a roll-neck to look really put together! You can even pair it with a blazer for a chic work look.

A line skirts

I really like how feminine a-line skirts can make you look. Being petite, a-line skirts make me feel like a little pixie. I feel really cute in them. 
I prefer thinner materials for this style. I think this is one of the only styles of skirts I can wear without worrying about how thin my legs are. I love to wear these with heels to elongate my legs even more. I always feel nice in an A-line skirt. Denim, suede and corduroy a-lines are super fashionable this time of year too! 

I hope this has helped strike some inspiration to dig out your skirts and style them like a queen this winter!



  1. I love styling skirts with knee-high boots!

    Mariya |

    1. It's so great this time of year isn't it! Thanks for reading :)

  2. Stacie I really like the bohemian look and the bodycon style! How creative are you to style the thicker textured skirts. I always stray from those because I don't want to feel bulky but you really balanced those pieces well❤️👌🏾. I will have to try it out😍

    Natonya |

    1. Aww thank you so much! You should definitely give it a go! I like to style thicker textured skirts with bigger coats or layers so that you're not just bulky in one area :) xx


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