Monday 26 March 2018

Trying Luxurious Italian Skincare Products

I’ve recently been on quite the skincare journey. I’ve suffered with acne for around 5 years now and at times it’s got bad enough I haven’t wanted to leave the house. I lost all my self confidence and it started to get me rather down.

After putting up with it for so long I decided to take a trip to the doctors where I was prescribed Lymecycline and my skin has never been better. It took a good 6 months of swallowing pills to completely clear my skin but I’m starting to feel confident without makeup again and it’s made the world of difference.

One of the downfalls of suffering with bad skin meant I had to be careful what skincare products I used, anything that wasn’t for acne prone, oily skin was a no go and so I was never really able to experiment much with different brands and products.

You may remember a while back  I worked with an Italian dermatology skincare brand called Dermo28.

When I last worked with Dermo28, I was going through a bad stage with my acne but I was determined to try ANYTHING at this point so I agreed to collaborate. I shall link that blog post here but in a nutshell I tried out a selection of wonderful products that had positive side effects. After using oily skin related products my skin was very dry and needed some hydration and Dermo28 helped me get that much needed moisture back into my skin. I noticed my complexion was brighter, my skin was less oily and a lot plumper and softer.
However, because I was suffering with hormonal acne those products were never going to be able to cure my acne however good they were! It just doesn’t work like that, I needed medication. 

This meant it was a bit more difficult to gauge how well the products were working and how good they were for my skin, but as far as I could tell, I did actually really like them.

Something I mentioned in my previous post was that the price point of these products was quite high. Dermo28 are definitely a higher-end skincare brand. What I didn’t realise back then, is how long-lasting they would be. I wrote my first post back in December 2016 and I have only just come to the end of my products now! The cleanser didn’t last so long but I am STILL using my toner daily, day and night! The face mask and anti-ageing mask is still going too! But they are only just coming towards the end so when Edoardo from Dermo28 got in touch I couldn’t believe the timing! Perfect!

On top of that, my skin was now clear! I had only just come off my lymecycline so it was a little unhappy and needed some TLC. I was so excited to retry Dermo28 with my new skin as it would be much easier to see results now my skin wasn’t so inflamed! 

Also they had bought a whole new range of products since I last went on the website so there was plenty to browse through.
Edoardo very kindly allowed me to choose which products I might like to try out which were the most suitable for my skin, so I had a good look at the website and scrolled through trying to find something suitable.

After scrolling through so many amazing choices I settled on trying something from each collection that I hadn’t already tried. This meant the Perfecta collection, the Comfort collection, the Illumina collection and the Sun Skincare collection.

First up can we talk about the packaging of the Perfecta collection! They come in the most prestigious blue bottles. The quality of the packaging is top notch. I actually decided to try two products from the Perfecta range. Firm-up and Criogel. In the Perfecta range they also have a very innovative product called Perfecta Home Therapy, which is basically a professional treatment that can be made at home without the need of a beautician (so much cheaper too!) 
There is also Extrema as well, which is dedicated to the treatment of cellulite which might be helpful for anybody wanting to specifically target that. 


Firm-up is pretty much what it says in the title. To firm up any skin that you might like to tone.
Firm-up is a serum that stimulates the production of new collagen fibres to regain tone and firmness of young, healthy skin. It helps restore tone to tissues that have lost firmness through ageing. It stimulates collagen which is essential for firming your skin. It also helps to improve the elasticity of your skin.
It contains beech extract which helps to purify and drain excess fluids, chamomile to soothe and calm redness, lily to soften and invigorate and saccharide isomerate to hydrate!

The bottle you receive is quite big and definitely will last over a long period of time. You apply twice daily but because it’s a serum a small amount of product covers a large area.
The serum itself is blue in colour and smells almost menthol and although the product doesn’t include hemp oil, it does have a hint of it to the scent, but perhaps that’s just me? Either way, it’s a pleasant smell, it kind of smells medical but sometimes I like that in a product because it gives me more hope that it will work? Sounds silly I know.

Although Firm-Up isn’t necessarily advertised as a moisturiser I couldn’t quite believe how soft my legs were and I don’t even mean on application. On application the serum can feel a little tacky but that quickly goes away. I’m quite happy to apply this and then get straight into bed. But the next day you could literally tell a big difference in the parts of my leg I had applied the serum to and which parts I hadn’t! I applied at the tops of my thighs where my cellulite is and didn’t apply to the lower part of my thighs and there was almost like this line where my skin was instantly softer. I was SO IMPRESSED. That was a perk I hadn’t been expecting and especially after one use!

Its such a nice easy product to apply too, I can find creams quite a lot of effort to keep up with, I hate getting undressed then waiting for them to dry but firm-up is a really quick process and doesn’t really take time out of my day.
After using this product for a month I didn't notice any insanely huge differences however when comparing my before and after photos I did notice my legs looked tighter? Which is pretty much what firmer legs would look like, right?

This product retails at £57 which I can appreciate is a lot of money. I am going to persevere with this product and see if the results get even better as they go along. I still think £57 is a lot of money but as I said it will be long lasting and that amazing feeling of moisture is actually the main reason I would invest in this product and any other benefits of it would just be perks to me. I LOVED how soft this made my legs feel. I liked this product a lot but I wouldn't say it was my personal favourite of all the Dermo28 products. 

If you want to try it for yourself, you can buy it here
PS: it comes in a travel size which is an AMAZING idea if you just want to try it out before buying a full-sized product!


The next product out of the Perfecta collection that I tried was Criogel.
This is a product you will never hear me shut up about now. I will never be without and I will force each and every one of you to buy it :’)

One of the amazing parts of being a blogger is getting to try out a huge variety of products. If I don’t think I’ll like a product I won’t collaborate. If I agree to collaborate and the product isn’t what I thought, I’ll mention that in the post but 9 times out of 10 I enjoy the products I am sent.

Once in a blue moon I’ll be sent a product that I am absolutely amazed by, that I want to tell EVERYONE about and I worry that people won’t believe I genuinely adore it because they think it’s sponsored and I’m being paid to say so.
This is one of those products. 

You’ll all remember how much I bloody loved Scrub Love and still to this day I go round making people try it and giving out bags of it as gifts. I feel the same about The Body Shop anti-bacterial hand gels and also the OGX Biotin and Collagen collection. Not many products make it onto my special list and they have to be REALLY special! But Criogel made it!!

Now let’s rewind a few months, I seem to always find myself saying to people ‘my legs feel like they’ve got blood clots again!’ and everyone looks at me very bizarrely and asks what the hell I am on about.
I don’t actually have blood clots in my legs but it’s the only way to describe the feeling of it and I never knew what it was. Anyway I recently had it after a long coach trip to London and it wasn’t until I was on the Dermo28 website that it hit me…leg fatigue!  It did always seem to be after work or long journeys that I got that horrible heaviness in my legs that felt like clumps.

I was reading up about Criogel and how it helps to drain excess fluid from your legs and I had a light bulb moment where I was like ‘EXCESS FLUID!!’
This sounded exactly like what my legs were going through and I was very curious to try this product. I'd never heard of any products like this before!

Like the firm up, Criogel is a blue gel which on contact with the skin becomes very water-like and covers a huge area of skin meaning you only need a small amount of product. It’s wonderfully cooling and refreshing instantly and just melts into your skin.

A few minutes after applying it, it suddenly goes very cold, HOWEVER it doesn’t make you cold. You’re still warm inside but it feels like a beautiful refreshing and gentle breeze on your legs. Honestly the only way I could describe it is ‘like night nurse for your legs’. When I apply this my legs just go numb. 
Obviously I can still move them but they feel SO relaxed that I just don’t want to, so so perfect for bedtime after a long day.

I feel like this item is a must-have staple piece that you need in your collection for emergencies. This could cover so many different issues. Tiredness after work, tiredness after exercise, in summer weather when its hot, when you are ill and need to sleep well, when you have a cold and need some menthol scents to clear the airways, and also I really think this would help if you rubbed it on your temples during a headache. SO many times you could use this product when you’re in need. It's a really versatile creation with multiple uses.

I don’t ever want to be without this product! I feel like it’s going to be SUCH a lifesaver. But again, is worth the investment because its so long lasting and one great thing is, it’s instant! Instant relief so you know it works from use on the first time.
I LOVE this product. I've been using it every night that I've needed to sleep well. I'm not saying it cures insomnia, it doesn't even claim to help with sleep, that's just something I have noticed personally. I 100% recommend it and it works. It’s like a miracle product.

Buy it here!
Again, a travel size is available!

I was really eager to try something out of the comfort range. This is specifically for sensitive skin. I have very sensitive skin and I easily get redness and blemishes if products are too intense so Dermo28 very kindly sent over the gentle eye cream.

Gentle Eye Cream

This comes in such a prestigious little glass bottle. Glass bottles are just so classy when designed as cute as Dermo28 ones!

This eye cream has no preservatives, perfumes and dyes and it prevents dryness and redness. Perfect!
It also reduces eye bags and dark circles which as an awful sleeper I certainly need! This was one of the products I really wanted results from.
When I first used this I was taken by surprise as eye creams are usually so lightweight. However, this is more of a heavy rich cream but I really really liked it. It felt like such a treat for the eyes and kept me feeling hydrated for the rest of the night. Another product that’s perfect before bedtime. I feel like it makes my eyes feel fuller, almost like they are less sunken and are now puffier, but in a good way.
They feel full and awake. The cream has a beautiful consistency. I really like this product.

I decided to take before and after photos to monitor any progress and this is how I got on. 

So in the first photo I have really dark circles, they almost look bruised and there is lots of redness. 

In the second photo I have no redness, the dark circles have definitely got better, the only thing is my eyes look quite puffy, however I am going to mention that I'm currently very very unwell with a sickness bug and haven't slept well for a few nights. 

I still think with the puffy eyes that they look sooo much healthier and more awake than they did before, if I wasn't so ill I would be chuffed with the photo results. 

I 100% think this product does what it is supposed to do. It's amazing for sensitive skin. My eyes actually tend to sting when using eye creams, even ones from The Body Shop but this is perfect for my irritable skin.

Buy some here!

The Illumina Collection

The Brightening Mask

From this range I tried the brightening mask. This is a medium consistency and white in colour. Again, you don’t need much product. You apply a thin layer across your face and then leave it on for 10-15 minutes. It’s so lightweight you barely notice it’s on. It’s not one of those tightening restricting products.

It washes off nice and easily and leaves a nice sheen to your skin. I wasn’t particularly sure that this was working until I took some photos for my last blog post. My skin looked so bright and I had a really nice dewy glow. There is a huge difference in having bright glowy skin and having oily greasy skin and this was definitely a nice healthy look. I had been using it twice a week to keep the results up.

A few days ago I had someone at work tell me I looked really well which surprised me because I haven't gained any more weight or anything so I politely asked what made me look well and he told me that my skin was looking very healthy. I was really pleased with that because I don't think anyone has ever complimented my skin before and this product is the only thing I've been using different on my face.

This product is also anti-ageing which is a huge plus! It’s also great for hyper-pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles.

Give it a go here!

Dermo28 recently bought out a sun care range which I think is a really cool idea and I knew it wouldn't just be any old sunscreen. They have a range of different SPFs and me being pale and having ginger genes meant I should probably go for the highest one, which is 30spf. I usually wear 50! They also do an after sun too.


So this arrived in a hot pink bottle and for some reason I thought it would be a spray on but it's actually a rub in cream. Now I prefer spray ons usually because its quicker application and they tend to be less sticky. 

When I first put some of the product on my arm I did think the cream was quite thick and it's white so I thought 'well this isn't gonna rub in very well'.

I was very wrong! As I rubbed it into my skin, the white just disappeared actually leaving it very soft. But what really sold it to me was the smell! It's gorgeous! 

It has that underlying smell of sunscreen which I think everybody likes anyway because it reminds us of holidays and white sandy beaches, but it also has this really beautiful almost perfume-like scent? It's very sweet and quite feminine? I feel like this is a sunscreen that makes you smell and also feel good! I've never felt that from a sunscreen before. 

You usually find all sunscreens are the same, same scent etc but this is really different to anything I've tried before, I'm actually really impressed. I didn't feel all sticky afterwards either which is a plus!

In regards to actual results with this one, I can't give you an accurate review because I haven't needed sunscreen! Worst time of year to try this product I guess as here in the UK it's been snowing...a lot! We haven't had any sunshine and when there has been it's been covered by dull black clouds so I haven't had chance to put it to the test yet. 

I'd just like to know if it stops me from burning so what I'm going to do instead is keep you guys updated throughout Summer on my social media channels so you can see what I think. Sunscreen is an essential for me in warm weather because I burn so easily so I will definitely remember to do this!! 

Stock up for summer here

On top of all these beautiful full sized products, I was very kindly sent a little package of sample size products in little sachets. I thought this was a really great way for people to try out the brand without having to commit to a full priced purchase. It's a really great introduction to the brand and products, you can really get a feel for what they are all about. 

Inside the package you got :-

Revital Cream - This cream helps to regenerate skin, stimulate collagen production, increases elasticity, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, plumps and nourishes your skin. It's lovely and rich, it's quite a heavy consistency and I found that this would be PERFECT for dull, dry skin that really needs a boost!

Intensive Complex - This serum helps to nourish and moisturise your skin, helps plump and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and encourages collagen production. It leaves your skin leaving velvety and matte. It's super soothing to apply!

Crema Soffice - This is anti-ageing moisturiser which is super refreshing. I actually featured a full review on this in the previous post here!

Unica Mani Hand Treatment - A beautifully soothing nourishing hand cream with the added benefits of anti-ageing. I thought this was a really nice introduction sachet to the product.

Unieye Eye Contour - This is a soothing lipogel that firms and tones your under eye skin and lifts any wrinkles, I found it very lightweight and refreshing, perfect to use in the mornings to wake you up!

And that was everything I received from Dermo28. Again, they have been so so generous and I cannot thank them enough. I was already sold on the brand but they are quickly becoming a favourite!

If you want to know more about the brand itself and their incentives and maybe read more about their other products I would highly recommend reading my last collaboration with them or visiting their website.

I hope this has given you a good insight into Dermo28 and their products! If you order anything let me know because Id love to know what you think!

Much love, 

Disclaimer: I was sent these products courtesy of Dermo28. This is not a paid collaboration. All words, photos and opinions are my own and are my 100% honest opinions. 


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