Friday 9 February 2018

A Little Bit Of Self-Love

Guys, I'm back, and I'm in a much better mood!

I purposely waited until I was feeling a bit chirpier before writing this post.
If you didn't catch my last post please do go back and read that one by clicking HERE before reading this one!

My last post was a bit negative and it was going through all my flaws but I promised you at the end that I would be writing a more positive post next time where I would write all the things I do actually like about myself. 

So here it is!

I'm friendly to everyone.

If ever I was rude to anybody it would only ever be because they were rude to me first. I'm not one of those dickheads that stares at people, I don't judge people by their appearance, I give everybody a chance and if ever I did find myself accidentally staring at somebody I would always always smile to make them aware that I'm admiring, not glaring.
I would never cause trouble or confront somebody if I didn't agree with them. I'm not one of those people that say anything they like knowing they might upset someone, and then blame it on the typical 'I speak my mind' excuse.
I like to think I'm a nice person. If ever I am nasty, it is always a joke unless you've really being extremely rude to me. And even then it's rare. 

I'm hardworking.

Now everybody has their lazy days where they aren't on top form. I know I do. But that aside, I think I can be incredibly hard-working. I know when it comes to my blog I am because that is the career I want to go far with. I'm definitely punctual and flexible for other jobs. I'm never late, I very rarely call in sick, I'm always available to take on over-time.. I currently work part-time at a pub and I LOVE my job. I like to think it's quite an easy-going job (although it can be super hard work in the summer) and I love doing it as a little side-job next to my blogging. 
I work there part-time but when I'm not there, I am still working. I go home, get straight on my laptop and start replying to all my emails and working out my next load of content. I'm also taking on another part-time job in March and I'll always pick up little odd jobs for the neighbours too such as dog sitting and house sitting. I just love to work.
I previously worked at River Island and desperately wanted to be a visual merchandiser but left that to work hard on my blog and I like to think I worked hard at River Island and also like to think that my managers would agree. 

I think I have a good eye for fashion?

This might be biased because fashion is what you make of it but I don't necessarily mean this in regards to myself.
I think some people just have an eye for fashion. For example, Megan Ellaby. Megan Ellaby is a fellow fashion blogger and I think she looks bloody amazing all the time yet she is definitely an acquired taste. I just know a lot of people would look at her and say 'What the f**k is she wearing??' but as a fellow fashion addict, I can just see it as it's meant to be seen, if that makes any sense at all? Probably not.
I know what I mean.

I'm committed.

I think I can be extremely committed. In work, hobbies, relationships. Once I know I have reason not to be, it's a different story and I can detach myself very easily. But like...with my blogging...I'm incredibly committed. After two weeks of not writing a blog post I start to get stressed and I can't relax properly, it's like an impulse. I have to do it. 

I'm mature.

Some people who know me would disagree with this. But those are people who knew me years ago when I was anything but mature. These days, I think I have everything on track. I stay out of peoples drama, I work hard, I'm grown up and pay my way, I think longer and harder on any big decisions, I have a handful of friends and I'm happy with that.

I'm a great cook.

This was a skill I never ever thought I would possess. I was never taught to cook. I think around the age my mum would have taught me was also the age I left home. I was only 16 when I moved out and I think that's about the age you start having to do everything for yourself. I didn't learn to cook until around 3 years ago. I could do the basics but now I can make really complex meals and they are bloody good! I pride myself on my vegan green bean and cherry tomato minestrone soup which you can learn to make yourself here!

I'm very creative.

This is one of my favourite qualities about myself. I am definitely creative. I love arts and crafts. drawing, painting, knitting, writing, singing, dancing, make-up. Any of the creative arts, I'm a sucker for. Recently I've been enjoying photography more after working on an exciting project with OGX. I just have a hell of a lot of creative tension and it's how I unwind. I cannot WAIT to own my own home so I can design it!!

I'm strong.

I don't think I've necessarily had an easy life, it's certainly not the worst life, but I've made it all by myself. I like to think I'm quite independent and I deserve everything I have because I've worked darn hard for it! So many people who live in this area ask me how the hell I afford to live here on a part-time job and I have to explain that I've been through a lot to get here and this is like my reward for all my previous hard work. I'm doing well and I'm very very proud of it.  Had you of seen my life in 2009 you would understand why I'm so grateful for everything I have. I was not the same person and lived a very different lifestyle to what I do now. It's so nice to compare and see how far I have come.

I'm brave.

This I can only say recently. I suffer terrible anxiety but the past year or so I would say I have come on leaps and bounds. I am so much more open to doing new things now. Little things like going to London would have been a huge no before, now it's just something I do regularly. I think it's a huge achievement and such a huge thing to overcome. I'm excited to see what life throws at me! 

I have a good sense of humour,

I would say I have a good sense of humour. It's quite dry and I don't get offended easily. I think I can be a laugh and appreciate other people who have a sense of humour too. 

I love to learn new skills.

I'm always open to learning new things. I would love love love to just get qualification after qualification and never stop. I think I've got quite a big list of random skills and it's only because I'm so open to learning new things. I am a qualified holistic beauty therapist, I can play the ukulele (a little bit), I am a qualified nail technician, I can knit, I have learnt new writing skills, and just so many more things I love to do in my spare time. 

This is a much shorter blog post than the previous one but I really really struggled to come up with things I liked about myself! This one was quite forced actually.
The first blog post about my flaws was a breeze LOL! 
However, writing this has certainly made me feel a little better about myself. I feel like I can do anything if I put my mind to it!
Maybe you could give yourself a little bit of self loving too and write down a list of positive qualities you have. Stick it to your mirror so you can see everyday all the wonderful things about yourself! 

Hope you are all well! I have lots and lots of exciting content coming over the next month. I'm doing some travelling and planning lots of fun days out so definitely subscribe to my emails if you don't want to miss those! 

All my love, 


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