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OGX Scentuals Collection


Before I start, let me just say I am sooooo sorry it has taken me so long to write a blog post. I really needed a break from blogging. If you didn't see my last blog post explaining why then you can catch up here.

I went into detail in my last post about how I needed a break from brand collaborations but I probably should have explained that a little better. 
I had a long list of brands wanting to work with me which obviously is super exciting and great news but I was really struggling to cope with it all because of things going on in my personal life. So I decided to put a stop to taking on any new brands. This didn't mean I wanted to stop working with brands I regularly work with. 

Anybody who follows me will know I work with particular brands over and over because I just love them so much. This includes Happy Socks, Diff Eyewear and my personal absolute favourite...OGX Beauty.

OGX are my favourite brand to work with hands down, because not only do I love the brand, I love the people behind the brand, and I ADORE the products. I am yet to find an OGX product I'm not a fan of. If anybody was to ask for a hair-care brand recommendation I would always recommend OGX.

A lot of people find it hard to take a bloggers word as truth.
They presume it's sponsored and we have to write everything positive and basically bullshit you into buying it but that's the one thing I refuse to let myself get into.

You may have noticed in the past I've written blog posts and included the negative things about the product.
I've ranted about items being too expensive, crap quality and I've even refused to write posts for brands after using the product because I refuse to recommend this to people. I'd rather keep my readers happy than someone trying to make money off something that doesn't even work.

So I'm going to let you know in advance that this is going to be a glowing review of OGX because I genuinely love the products. I don't make any money from OGX. It's simply me letting you know about a good brand that I think you all would like. Anyway...I'll stop rambling and get on with it.

So basically I'm telling you guys today about their new 'Scentuals' collection...I see what they did there!

This was a collection I was unaware was being released so it was a really nice surprise to receive a little press release. And as always, beautifully timed. Thanks again Jess! I don't know what I'd do without you! 

So what is it? 

The Scentuals Collection is crafted to gently cleanse and indulge both the mind and body with sweet, invigorating, and floral fragrances derived from exotic ingredients cultivated around the world. It's definitely a collection to get your senses going.

I was sent two shampoos and two conditioners. 

Sensually Soft Tsubaki Blossom Shampoo & Conditioner

I was instantly attracted to the bottle as it's such a lovely girly colour, and I love anything girly. 
Jess also threw in some lovely lilac petals, perfect for a flat lay. This girl knows!

One of the first things I do when receiving a new OGX package is obviously smell the product.
It's a very sweet and floral smell and reminded me a lot of the O2 shampoo which is my favourite OGX product so far. I wrote a raving review about that one which you can read here.

My favourite thing about the O2 is the smell so I was really happy to find this is a very similar scent.
I would say slightly more floral but a lot more subtle. The O2 is quite a heavily perfumed scent which I love but this is a lot more toned down and calming.
Highly recommend this for people who get headaches easily off strong scents but still want something fragranced.

When I used it I found that it was very calming and I decided this was the one to use before bed when you've had a stressful day.
I also would recommend it with a bath over a shower so you can make the most of taking in the scent and just let yourself melt into the water and let your mind run free.

It's a nice consistency and I also found that it lathered a lot better than some of the previous shampoos I have used. I was really happy about that because you can use less product then, making it last longer.
The shampoo does a great job of cleaning the hair of any product or dirt or whatever you've been getting in your hair and so it can feel a little dry but then the conditioner completely cancels that out.
The conditioner was a beautiful buttery texture, very rich yet not too heavy and it of course, smelt divine. My hair was really soft after using it which is what this product is meant to do.

Usually when I use an OGX product I always find it works for one thing in particular.
For example...the Biotin and Collagen did wonders for the thickness of my hair.
The O2 did wonders for the volume of my hair.
The Bamboo Fibre-Full gave it life and shininess. 

However, with this one I didn't find one thing in particular that this helped with. Instead, I found that it just helped overall if that makes sense? Since using it, I haven't had a single bad hair day. It's almost as though it's made my hair much easier to style. No frizziness, no greasiness, lots of volume, super soft. My hair just feels great.

Which is surprising considering I recently dyed it and spent a lot of time in the sun which would have damaged it.
That is another positive, it doesn't fade coloured hair.
Some brands are awful for stripping hair of colour but OGX have it pretty spot on. Considering this isn't specifically a colour collection shampoo it has certainly kept it vibrant and on point.

Sorry I don't have better photos, had to pinch these off my Snapchat (fbloggerstacie) because I'm useless. 

Overall, I'm very happy with this shampoo and conditioner. I would recommend this to anybody who's hair just doesn't seem to go right and although I would say it's more so aimed at the ladies, gentlemen never fear because the next one is a good one for you. 

Intensely Invigorating Eucalyptus Mint Shampoo & Conditioner

So first impressions...again lovely colours! 
I also thought 'ahh, what would a senses invigorating collection be without a mint staple piece?' 
I think putting mint in this collection is a given.

It says on the bottle intensely invigorating and they didn't lie. I'll be honest, I opened it and was a bit surprised at how strong it was and I instantly thought 'hmm, I don't know how to feel about this'

It's not like a typical peppermint or spearmint scent. It's very menthol and airway clearing. It most certainly will wake you up in a morning which is great because the other one was good for nighttime relaxing and this one is fab for getting you up and refreshed of a morning.

The scent is definitely strong and I instantly felt energised...it's amazing what shampoos can do these days :') 
One thing I will say..is if you can help it, try not to get it in your eye. That is all.

The shampoo lathered beautifully and I was really shocked because shampoos tend to strip the hair of any nasties and so can feel a litle dry but this was almost like a huge boost of moisture. My hair felt so soft and lightweight, it was like my hair had turned into bubbles. I spent ages washing it because it just felt so nice and then the conditioner was like the most beautiful rich serum that you can imagine.

Although the other shampoo was targeted to make your hair soft, I actually found this one made it feel softer if anything. 
I already knew before I blow-dried it that this was going to make my hair look and feel amazing and I was right. My hair since using this just falls beautifully. 
I left it to dry naturally and when I went into work two people asked if I had been to the hairdressers because it looked like it had been professionally done and all I had done is brushed it. 
It was completely my natural hair and everyone said how lovely it had curled and when I looked in the mirror I actually felt really nice for once so I was really happy about it.

That's going to help in the long run too with my hair condition because if I can just use that and let my hair dry naturally, I won't have to use heated tools on my hair damaging it further. 

So actually, although the scent isn't my ultimate favourite, the results certainly are.

I was always quite reluctant to splash out on higher priced hair-care and would always buy what was on offer as I'm sure many of us do. Then I discovered Aussie which I found was good and so I started forking out a bit more once I realised it was worth paying it. But now that I've discovered OGX I truly believe I will never buy another brand again. They make Aussie look like shit :') 
Although they might be a bit more pricey than you would like to pay, I 100% promise you that it's worth it. They last ageeeees and do exactly what they say they will and surely that is what you're looking for in a hair care range? I also find you gets results super quickly, no matter which product you choose.

Anyway...I don't have a huge amount to say other than I'm sorry I didn't get more photos. Bad blogger *slaps hand* 
But I really hope you enjoyed this review and I'd definitely recommend having a little browse on their website and checking out which one would be most beneficial for you.


The scentuals collection is only available at Boots so please bare that in mind. It retails at £6.99 a bottle.

Thank you again OGX and sorry it's taken me so long to write a post. I'll try and be more on the ball, I do have some more things planned everyone!

Much love,

Disclaimer: I was sent these items free of charge as part of a press release. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion and all photos are my own. I am not making any money from this collaboration.

To read any of my other blog posts please visit my blog archive :) 



  1. Sometimes we do have to take a break or step back from things! The products you picked look lovely and the scents sound wonderful!

    1. Thank you so much! I really loved the products! x


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