Thursday 5 January 2017

Cath Kidston Boxing Day Sales Haul...

So...are we all enjoying 2017?

So far so good for me! Apart from the boiler playing up but that's about it. I high 5'd a dog today so that is a good start.

Anywho...let's get on with the post shall we? 

One of my Christmas presents was a £30 Cath Kidston gift card from Elliot's dad and step-mum.
I was over the moon with this as I knew EXACTLY what I wanted.

Except I didn't end up getting it as it was out of stock. However, although I was sad at the time, I'm really glad now because I picked up soooo much stuff that I had wanted for ages so it was a successful shopping spree regardless!

Let's take a nosey...

Velvet Hair Bows

I picked up these super cute velvet hair bows for just £4.50 reduced from £6 I believe? 
Unfortunately, I've had a look online so I can link the products but these are out of stock.

Let's hope this isn't a repeat of my Christmas homeware haul. If you know, you know.

Velvet was definitely one of my favourite trends from 2016. It's funny really because as a teenager I wouldn't have been seen dead in velvet. Now I live for it.

I think the red one is great for the festive season! The green one would look soooo good with my green Gabby Motel Rocks dress.
Then it's nice to have the polka dot one for everyday use.

I much prefer this style of hair clip to those slide in clampy grips that rip your hair out your head when removing them. 

I just thought this was a really cute purchase to add to the rest of my order.

Wells Rose Printed Leather Business Card Holder

I actually did this shopping spree online at around 4am when I was tired which is never a good idea and I didn't realise that this is for business cards and not normal cards.
I bought it for my debit cards because whenever I pop out I tend to take my cards. There isn't really any need for a big bulky purse.
I was very happy to find that this fits all my debit cards and my other essential cards such as my Boots card and Waterstones card.
I must have been tired because I didn't even realise it was real leather. 
I love the embossed logo and it feels such great quality.

I also really like the polka dot pattern inside and I was surprised at just how much space is in this, you could put money inside should you need it. Very handy and perfect to simply slide into your pocket for quick trips.

This was reduced from £18 to £12.

Again, they have sold out but they do have alternatives.
They have the exact same card holder in pink and it is also reduced so if you want to have a look simply click here.

Trailing Daisy Knitting Bag

You may or may not know this about me but I really enjoy knitting.
I was quite sad really because I didn't pick up my knitting needles once throughout 2016. I put it down to blogging so much. I never really took any time to myself to do arts and crafts.
This is something I would like to get back into this year.
I have an entire wardrobe full to the brim of wool and I need to start working my way through it and maybe start selling some homemade scarves on Depop.

I always find when I am working on something I tend to just shove it next to all my other wool and needles which are just carelessly scattered around and wool tangles very easily and so I end up ruining my work by pulling it apart from other wool. 

I have wanted a cute knitting bag to keep the projects that I'm working on separate from my other wool. 
I was really happy to find Cath Kidston had a great one online in the sale!
I love this pattern, it's so feminine and girly. I really love daisies so I was instantly attracted to it.

I also think this bag would be great for when we are visiting our family in the Midlands because then I can take my wool for those times when we are just sitting having a little catch-up. I quite like to just go into auto-pilot and knit whilst having a chat.

I think this was a staple piece I needed in my knitting collection for quite a while and so I'm happy I finally got one.

They actually do have this one online so if you click here it will take you to it.
It was meant to be £25 but is reduced to £16. What a bargain!

Rose Paisley Knitting Needlecase

Another item I really wanted and needed was a case for all my knitting needles.
Again, they are just thrown at the back of my wardrobe and it's a nightmare trying to find both 7mm needles and then I end up having to use different sizes because I keep losing my needles.

Again, I love the pattern. I could have got all matching patterns throughout this haul but I chose to get a different pattern in each item. I hadn't actually bought anything from Cath Kidston before but I had lusted over their products for so many years so I wanted to have as many different styles as I could.

When ordering this case I did notice the picture had needles in the case but I didn't think for a second that this would actually come with the knitting needles.
I presumed they were just an example in the photo but when I opened it and saw the needles I was really impressed that they were included in the price.
What is great is that I actually needed a load of smaller size needles for my intricate work and now I don't need to buy any.
What a pleasant surprise.

I have a few knitting books from my old manager from River Island Wolverhampton and I have been meaning to give them a go but didn't have the needles.


From £22 to just £9, I think this was probably my best bargain of the haul.

Really happy with it :)
 Grab yours here!

Hutton Rose Passport Cover

Do you ever find that you need certain things but refuse to buy them because it's just one of those things you don't buy yourself and you just wait for it as a gift?

This is one of those things. I have needed a new passport cover for sooooo long but I just didn't want to fork out for one because it wasn't something I needed desperately.

Similar to the knitting needle case this is a nice floral pattern on a blue background and its much nicer than my boring dirty pink one that I was using.

It feels as though it would be waterproof which is handy because I would have never thought to make sure a passport cover was waterproof until I attended a foam party when I was 19 and that night I ruined my passport. I had to order a new one and it would have perhaps been avoided if I had a waterproof cover on it.

I really like this and it's nice and lightweight, not chunky and so it's more likely to fit in a handbag on a night out.

This has sold out too but they have a variety of other patterns.
My personal second favourite was this polka dot blue one which I was stuck between. 

Also £6 from £8.

This brings me to the end of my haul.
Just want to thank Karen and Stuart again for my lovely Christmas present I was really happy with how much I managed to get with it! Everything came to £53.50 so I only had to spend £23 on all this! Much better than buying just one handbag anyway!

I really have become a fan of Cath Kidston. All my items are great quality and I look forward to building my collection.

My only negative actually (I'll quickly add in) was that I know Karen had some trouble buying the gift card as they cancelled her order due to it being out of stock? Also it took a little while for them to ship my items but I suppose it was the busiest time of year so it can of course be forgiven.

Hope you all enjoyed this little haul! If you missed my last blog post, it was a look back at 2016, you can read it here.

Much Love, 

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  1. These are so cute,I love the card holder and the passport cover

    1. Thank you! I was really happy with the selection on their website. I never knew they had so much cool stuff! :) xx

  2. What a lovely card holder (and the bows are super cute as well)! Great bargains.

  3. Thank you! I just ordered some business cards so I'll actually be using it for its purpose now 😂😂 xx

  4. Such lovely pieces you picked up in the haul! Really like the card holder, super chic against the black <3

    // xx

    1. Thank you very much! It's making me want to do another Cath Kidston haul :') xx

  5. Ah I do love everything in Cath Kidston! It's hard to simply walk past the shop, I have to go in and have a little browse...such lovely things you've chosen. Xx

    Best wishes . . .
    Keep Calm and start writing -

    1. Thank you so much. I totally get what you mean. You can never not go in! It's so pretty and inviting :) hope you're well xx


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