Monday 14 November 2016

Party Season With Motel Rocks...

First up, 

I hit 100,000 Instagram followers!!!

I just want to thank everybody who follows me! It's not the fact that I have a large amount of followers that makes me proud of myself.
The achievement for me is that 100,000 people are interested in what I'm saying and have continued to follow me.

It's insane. Just thank you.

But enough of that...let me show you my New Years Eve dress!

Motel Rocks very kindly sent me this dress to style and I LOVE it!

It's just so sparkly!! I absolutely love anything with sequins at the moment so this is just perfect for party season.
Such a beautiful colour too. 

This is the Finn Slip Dress in black and gold. It comes in a variety of different beautiful colours which you can browse here.

I love that it's not your typical sequin dress. Large circular sequins that add lots of texture and sass to a plain black slip.

I also like that the sequins are gold, yet in the light they shimmer white, grey and silver too. 

The dress is a low cut plunge neckline and has thin straps and a low back.

I really love my hair in these pictures by the way, I used my Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler, you can read more about how I created this hair look by clicking here.

As you can see the dress comes down low at the sides. I actually took this picture the day I came out of hospital so I'm looking rather thin so I was a bit self conscious whilst taking these photos. Especially with such a low cut dress and no curves!

I reckon you could dress this down with a t-shirt underneath. Wearing slip dresses over tees is in at the moment and I'm loving it. I have a sheer black top that I think would look great with it. I'm sure you'll see me rocking that on Snapchat very soon! 

You can also see by these pictures that the dress really does look beautiful in different lights, which makes this the perfect party dress to hit the dance floor in. If I still spent my days clubbing, my god I would wear this ALL THE TIME.

I've grown up a bit now though and spend every weekend snuggled up with Elliot watching back to back episodes on Netflix.

Netflix and chill is actually just Netflix...and chill.

I teamed the dress with this choker from Accessorize. I thought it distracted from the fact that the dress just about covers my nipples. This dress is so so perfect for girls who like to accentuate their small boobs and don't care, but also perfect for those girls who have mastered the sideboob. Curvy girls would also rock this. I think it's a great dress for most figures but I personally am very self conscious of my non-existent funbags and so I pulled the dress up and secured it behind my neck with a bobby pin. So this is actually it pulled up.

When I chose the dress I was well aware that it was very low cut and everything would be almost on show but I didn't know I would be losing a lot of weight that week so I didn't bare that in mind when choosing it.

I'm hoping to be back to my normal size, hopefully bigger by New Years Eve and so my plan is still to wear this dress! I won't let illness get the better of me. If I want to wear the sexy dress, then I shall wear the sexy dress.

I also teamed this slip dress with a cute little gold clutch bag and matching gold heels, although you can't see them in this picture.

I really like the dress with the curly hair but I think smooth, silky barrel waves would look so sophisticated and fancy! Or an up-do for a super sleek look and some killer heels if you have the legs for it.

Funny story. I don't have the legs for it but apparently my 92 year old neighbour thinks I do!

We have a lovely elderly lady living underneath us. Well not the one directly underneath us (she's a miserable old bag)...but the one to the left is just so sweet, Elliot always waves to her and she tells her daughter how fond of him she is.

Her daughter always chats to me and recently the neighbour has been away and we weren't sure what had happened to her. Her daughter told me that she has bad memory loss and so she has been living with her other daughter for a few months who has been looking after her.

She said they had told her 'It's time to go back to Devon' and she could not remember her home. Not at all. They showed her pictures, they explained the layout, they mentioned nearby places but nothing was working.

A few days later out of nowhere she just said 'Ooooh! Is there a ginger girl who walks past with great legs?

That would be me. I am the ginger with the great legs. Apparently! Hahaha! She clearly does have memory loss! 

But so so sweet and it made me laugh during a stressful week. Funny that it's the one thing she remembered. How bizarre. 

Always nice to hear!

Anyway, back to the dress.
It retails at £50 which I think is reasonable. Although I prefer the quality of my other Motel Rocks dress, this is just so so stunning. One of those dresses that you bring out on really special occasions when you want all eyes on you. Definitely a show-stopper! 

I also have the amazing green Gabby sequin dress from Motel Rocks which I plan to wear for Christmas. Motel Rocks really do have me covered this party season. I'm so grateful because I surprisingly own hardly any party dresses.

Again, looking rather skinny but look how beautiful this dress is?!

You can find my blog post on this dress here. Be sure to check it out. Another fantastic dress for this years festivities. I'm showing how you can dress it up AND dress it down!

Motel Rocks are definitely the best place for party dresses this season. They have so much variety. An amazing collection to choose from. I highly recommend having a browse and seeing if anything catches your eye!

They also have an offer on at the moment where you can get £10 off!! If you use the code GIFT10FORU at the checkout it will take £10 off! How generous.

It might seem like ages away yet, but Christmas and New Year are just around the corner so you best start looking now!

Preparation is key and all that.

Again..thank you for 100k. I love you.

Much Love, 

Disclaimer: I was sent this dress free of charge in exchange for a feature. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion.

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  1. That dress is gorgeous! I love the big sequins

    1. Thank you so much! I agree the big sequins add a little something :) xx

  2. You really look SO lovely in both dresses. So stunning. What a lovely compliment from your elderly neighbor too! I love the whole look with the curls included. Ideal for a New Years Eve party! Xx Ps. Though I do agree Netflix at home in the warm, cosy and chilling is simply perfect! Xx

    Bestest wishes . . .
    Keep calm and start writing ~

    1. Thank you so much! I've had so many lovely compliments since posting this and it has really made me feel better about my appearance.
      I'm literally having a Netflix cosy chill right now and catching up on all my comments haha! xx

  3. Oh! Wow! Beautiful dresses, I want one of these for my birthday so bad. I have also booked a nice event space Atlanta and have invited all my friends and cousins to the party. Can you also suggest me with some good activities that can be done on the day?


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