Saturday 26 November 2016

My Denim Patch Backpack...


Are you all enjoying the Black Friday sales? 

Well..the Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Cyber Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on sales?

I can't say I've been a fan of Black Friday before but I suppose it only in recent years became 'a thing' in the UK but as a blogger who has a lot of American followers, I've jumped on the bandwagon!

So many great brands that I have previously worked with have sales on and it's great. Perfect opportunity to grab something you may have seen on my blog and thought 'I'd like to try that myself'.

Anyway, one of the items that I have been sent this weekend was this amazing backpack from Spiral Industries!

They also have a Black Friday sale on until Monday so take advantage of 20% off all bags with the code 'BLACKSPIRAL20'

(If you haven't read Keri Smith - Explorer Of The World then do! It helps you get out and about and discover new places without even realising and looking at the world in a whole new light. I love it). 

Spiral are a UK based brand and I was reading up a bit about how the company got started and I love what gave them the inspiration to create 'Spiral'.

A group of guys were on their morning commute on a London train and two things stood out quite quickly. All the passengers were holding some sort of luggage but the thing that really registered was how bland and dull they all were. No colour and it was already a dreary day. 

I like that something so simple started a journey for these people and they have come such a long way.
Sweet :)

You've probably seen Spiral bags around before but may not have noticed the brand.
I know I have. They do a lot of the cosmic looking backpacks and I've never really made an effort to look at the brand so I didn't realise who the brand were until I saw their website. 

This denim patch backpack immediately stood out to me. Iron on patches and embroidery are a huge fashion trend lately and so this really caught my eye.

I like the denim effect. I didn't realise until receiving the product that the material is actually like a PU fabric. Great quality but I actually expected denim. I like it though, more durable in wet weather and what not. Even up close it really does look like denim.

Spiral also do an amazing collection and wide variety of other bags, including bumbags.
They had some AMAZING pink bags that I actually fell in love with but I just felt like I would probably wear this more as it isn't so 'out-there'.
Loving metallics lately so I did really fall for the pink ones. Maybe I'll have to treat myself to one another time!

To have a look at which ones I particularly like you can find them below.

Holographic OG

Jewels Multi Bum-Bag

Jewels Multi OG

Pink Rave OG

Elliot also really liked some of the more masculine ones! They have some really funky ones but some more sophisticated smart looking ones too which would suit Elliot more.

I was shocked to see how big and spacious the back pack actually was and it has some really cool features too!

You may know what I'm talking about if you saw my Snapchat and Instagram stories.
I actually filmed myself opening it on there and showing everyone the little bits and bobs that I like about it.

At the top of the bag there is a little headphone hole for you to thread your headphones through to listen to your music and below it is a little pouch to pop your phone in!

There are also other pouches such as the big one on the front of the bag.

There are numerous pouches of different sizes inside, one which is zipped to keep valuables in, one is a notebook sized one which is super handy for myself! I never know when I might need to make some important notes in my little  blogging book.

There is space for your pens too which is something I don't see very often in handbags and backpacks so I like that they added a little something.

It's the absolute perfect size for my laptop too. I don't have one of those little mini portable laptops and it's quite old and chunky so this is great for carrying it about. I only have one other backpack from Skinny Dip London and it's a small one so it's great to have this staple piece now in my wardrobe.

I visit family a lot but they live 4 hours away so I have to take an overnight bag so this is going to be really handy for that too!
It's one of those things I didn't realise I needed until I actually got it. So thank you Spiral!

I was worried it might be a bit big for me as I am rather petite but actually I think it's the perfect size. I didn't want to look like a year 7 on their first day of school! But nope I just look like a queen. *smug face*

Even if it had been a little big, it has adjustable straps, bonus! 

One thing I'd also like to mention is how sturdy it is. Whether it's packed full of stuff or has nothing in it, it keeps it's shape. I prefer firm bags as they always look in good condition.

I think I shall be using this very often so I'm sure you'll see much more of it.

If you like this bag yourself you can get it for £34.99 here!

Don't forget to use the 20% code 'BLACKSPIRAL20' to get it even cheaper! Just under £28 ! 

Take a look at the spiral website and social medias below.

Spiral Website





A big thank you to Spiral for sending me this, I truly love it!!

Much love, 


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