Thursday 13 October 2016

Guess Connect Watch Review...

I've been keeping this a surprise for a little while now. But I've been sent a parcel that is possibly the most exciting item I've been sent so far. At least that's what I think anyway.

As you all know as a blogger I get sent a fair few things to review. Usually things like clothes, tea-toxes, jewellery, accessories, home decor and beauty products. Which is lovely!

But one item I have never been sent is a gadget. Something that I can literally use everyday and not run out of or grow out of. 

This week H Samuel were so so so generous and sent me the most AMAZING gift to review.


This watch is about the coolest most insane thing I've ever owned. But why? Surely it's just a watch?

No no. This watch is like something out of the year 3000.
I can use my Guess Connect Watch to take phonecalls, make phonecalls, read my text messages, read my emails, get notifications for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and loads more apps and social medias. I can even get information on the weather which is perfect for my lightning phobia! I can make notes, take pictures on my phone by clicking the button on the watch which means I can take snapchats without having to hold my phone. I can skip music on my phone through it, use the stopwatch feature and I can of course tell the time! Important feature of a watch really!

This is what it looks like!

Most smart watches tend to be big old chunky things or slim little square shaped ones that dig into your wrists. This is a rather large watch but I feel like maybe it's just my teeny tiny wrists. I was scared it might be super big and masculine but I feel like it's just right! Any bigger and maybe it would have been an issue and they do a slighter bigger version so I'm glad H Samuel sent this size.
I also like the fact that the strap is silicone and has lots of holes for adjusting. I have tiny wrists so most watches don't fit unless adjustable so this was perfect. The last hole was the perfect size. With it being silicone it's stretchy, won't break from tugging at it when fastening and is comfortable on your skin.

It comes in other colours but I like the black and gold. It's sophisticated, looks very luxurious and modern and will go with any outfit. I wouldn't team it with a ballgown but this is so so handy for everyday blogger life. I feel like every blogger and non-blogger (so everyone) needs it.

At first I was actually terrified when H Samuel offered to send me something so technologically advanced and pricey! Other than my Iphone, I don't really have any really impressive gadgets and so the idea of learning how to use it and trying it out was quite daunting. I was a bit nervous actually. When I opened it I was surprised. I expected it to be bigger and have lots more buttons. This literally looks like any other designer watch on the high street but has this hidden secret of all these amazing features.

The fact that it looks like a normal watch is so good in some circumstances. Say you are in an important meeting or talking to someone and you get a text which you need to read but don't want to look rude typing away on your phone. You can now just glance towards your wrist and read it without pressing a single button. It's handy for if you are at work and can't access your phone. It's just a discreet vibration and the message flashes on the screen. Nobody says you have to read it. If I got just the vibration I would know it was my daily text off Elliot to say he arrived safely at work and then that would give me peace of mind and I wouldn't feel anxious my whole shift. I would never play about with my watch at work anyway but for emergencies it's handy indeed!

It also helps how you can call someone at the push of a single button. It connects to Siri so you just say 'Call Polly' and it will! Perfect for in an emergency. If you couldn't find your phone but you were in danger you could press the button and say 'call 999' and it would work.

Here is a quick video of me calling my buddy to show you how it works. It cuts off and is terrible quality but you get the jist!

Click here

I have a very very busy lifestyle and I am constantly on my phone as I am bombarded with messages every minute so this watch has come in so so handy for that too. I can now read my messages at the flick of a wrist. 

So now that you know the basics of what it does, let me tell you what you get with it, about the packaging, how to set it up, the price and where you can get it! it arrived in a very fancy box wrapped very beautifully by the fantastic team at H Samuel.

Silver, which looks like a stainless steel box but it's not. With the Guess logo embossed on the lid. It opens with an asymmetrical edge as opposed to a straight edge box. Ooh La La! Very snazzy!

Inside is a micro USB cable which fits into your watch as your charger. 
An instruction leaflet.
And the watch on a lovely velour cushion.

When I saw the instruction manual I was gobsmacked. I seriously expected a hugeeeeee pamphlet with it telling you every little detail.
Its tiny! Just three very small pages So then I worried that it wouldn't be detailed enough and I would get confused. This was not the case. This was the most straight forward set-up of anything ever! Of course, it's me so I had to have one little hiccup but it was easily solved and my watch was set up and good to go really quickly.

 I had to charge it for a little while first, same as when you get a new phone.
At the top left of the watch is a discreet tab which lifts up to reveal the USB port. 

Once it was charged (a green light shows when fully charged) I had to hold the button on the bottom right for two seconds to turn it on.

I then set the time as you would with any other quartz watch. It's not a digital watch but it also has a digital watch feature on the OLED display screen.

This is when you are ready to pair it up with your phone. I believe this watch only works with IOS and Android devices. I have an Iphone SE.
All you have to do is download the Guess Connect app from the App Store and turn on your bluetooth.
You then connect the watch to your phone through the bluetooth (this is all done through your Iphone so it's easier to understand and set up, as this is a device you are familiar with).
You then open the app and confirm your connection through that and you are all good to go!

You can then take some time on the app deciding what features you want to use and what alerts you want.
I decided not to get social media alerts as I get thousands of notifications a day just from Instagram so I just wanted the important notifications such as calls, texts and emails. 

I also never have a ringtone, I always have my phone on silent. That's how I prefer it and so I don't have any sound alerts on my watch, just vibrations and you can change the tempo, intensity and pace of the vibrations too!

I opted for long vibrations two seconds apart for an incoming call.
Two short vibrations one second apart for a text.
And one short vibration for an email.
Exactly the same as my phone.

You can also check your watch battery life by clicking the bottom right button twice. The average battery life from fully charged is 3-5 days which I personally think is incredible!! 

I was so happy that this was so easy to set-up as I had been worried about it! It really was nothing to be afraid of and is even easy for technophobes who can't use smart technology.

I do feel that I may become very reliant on this watch. It has been a lifesaver today and I truly believe it will be one of those gadgets that I wonder how I ever got by without it. I was even considering giving this to Elliot as a Christmas present but now that I've tried it myself I have realised how much easier this makes my career for me and how well tailored it is to my lifestyle! There is no way I would even think about giving it away!

The quality of the phone call is good too! Obviously not as good quality as your phone speaker as it is always going to be loudspeaker but it does the job well. I used this feature on my walk to work this morning to test it out and I heard everything clearly.  You can adjust the volume too.

You can also text through it. You simply ask the watch to 'Text Dad' then it will ask 'What do you want to say?' then you simply read out your text and it will send!

When a text comes through from someone else it slowly scrolls across the OLED screen and then once you have read it you can then dismiss it by pressing the bottom right button once. The only thing is that if you don't read it when it comes through, it only scrolls once then disappears. There might be a setting on the app to change that though! You can also dismiss a phone call if you are busy or simply trying to avoid your psycho stalker ex. Handy!

To answer a phone call you press the top right button. You can also listen to any voice mails through it too. So there are only two buttons on the watch that function all the features which is amazing and simple to understand.

You can also use the Do Not Disturb feature. If you press the bottom right button twice it will show options for different things such as 'music mode' 'camera mode' 'stopwatch' and then 'DND' which is the do not disturb so no communication features go through.

Your watch battery life also now shows on your Iphone next to the 'Iphone battery life' so you know when you need to charge it! 

The ONLY negative thing I could maybe say about this product is that because your bluetooth has to be on constantly it does drain your battery on your Iphone and lets be honest Iphone batteries aren't great anyway. It's not horrifically draining but just more so than it would be without the watch. And maybe also that you have to have your phone near you for it to work. I'm not sure exactly what the radius is but if you cut off your bluetooth, it wont work. Other features would but not communication features. But I always have my phone to hand anyway. I managed to get relatively far before it went out of range. I suppose we cant expect everything. The fact it can do everything else is amazing enough! At the end of the day, even when the features aren't working, it's still a really nice watch.

I truly believe this is worth the money. It retails at H Samuel for £249.00. I personally would not spend £249 on a watch but in this case I totally would and consider it a bargain. I feel like if you can spend hundreds of pounds on phones, laptops and cameras. This can do sooo much that they can do for a cheaper price and it's literally attached to you on your wrist. PLUS it's designer! That's incredible. Yes it can't do everything that a phone can do but it's handy for business people, more so than I ever imagined. 

Its also a much cheaper alternative to the apple watch just with less fitness features. But still some! 

2016 has amazed me. We have come so far with technology, you just don't know what they will invent next. It's truly amazing and so so clever. I'm glad to be here to witness all this! 

To get your hands on one, read more technical information or just browse the selection you can click here

I highly recommend this product for anyone with a busy lifestyle. It's so good for on the go and keeping you updated throughout the day. If you just love trying out new gadgets, try this one! If you just love social media and cannot get enough and panic without your phone, get one! 

However, if you are never really on your phone, don't interact with people much and don't have a career that involves technology then maybe just stick to an everyday watch! 

Thank you to H Samuel for your generosity and the opportunity to work with you on this. You've literally made my life easier without realising or even intending so I'm eternally grateful! 

This isn't the first time I have worked with H Samuel. They also sent me the matching earrings and necklace to my engagement ring as a wedding present! You can read about that here!

Also thanks for reading guys, if you have any questions at all about the watch or just anything in general you can contact me through any of my social medias or my email

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Love you all.

Disclaimer: I was sent this watch free of charge in exchange for a review on my blog. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion.

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