Tuesday 27 September 2016

September Favourites 2016...

Hello beauties...

Well it's that time of month again. Time to tell you all what I've been enjoying this past four weeks! However, I do feel that it would have been easier to write a 'not-so-favourites'.

This month has truly being atrocious. Obviously there is a lot worse going on in the world than a few crappy things I've had to put up with but just in comparison to my usual life, this month has just been a pile of shit. 
My fiance was in a car crash, my Instagram pictures were deleted, someone almost committed suicide outside my house again which is really starting to affect me even more so now than before, my anxiety has come back with a vengeance, my laptop broke, I had a 41 day menstrual cycle and I just feel like nothing else could possibly go wrong! 

HOWEVER. I am here today to focus on the good things. The little things that have helped me keep my chin up and that I want to tell you all about so if anyone else out there is feeling a bit pants then you can maybe enjoy some of these things with me too. 

First up...


Sapphire is the September birthstone so I felt that this was the perfect month to feature my engagement ring and matching necklace and earrings that H Samuel so very kindly sent to me. I won't go too into it as I have written an entire blog post about why H Samuel sent me free jewellery and also featured some pretty pictures. Read it here.

Statement Shoes

I am terrible for buying shoes and then never wearing them because they are too 'out there'. I love a crazy shoe. 
But I think the reason I don't get to wear them is because when I'm not at work, I'm in bed sleeping. So I never actually get chance to dress up. But recently after seeing that statement shoes are back in fashion it's kind of prompted me to pull out some of my old faves and get back into wearing them.

Trying New Foods

As a child I literally lived on pasta and ketchup and I still do. 
I am just not an adventurous eater, as you can probably tell my figure. When I started my new job people were shocked that I had never heard of a stroganoff or a ploughmans. 
I think since the age of 20 I have become more open to trying new foods but it's only being recently that I've become more adventurous in restaurants. I would usually always choose some sort of chicken or pasta dish. Recently I went to Secco Lounge which is a fave of mine and Elliots and I tried the salmon fishcake which isn't really anything special but just isn't something I would think to try and I ended up loving it.
I also tried paella for the first time and it was delicious so I had it again a week later. I had also never even considered trying tapas but now I would love to go to a proper tapas bar and try lots of new things. I feel like I'm on my way to a better diet and a healthier lifestyle.

Anybody Called Megan...Apparently?

Obviously one of my close friends Megan is always a fave and I cannot wait to see her very soon as it's being a long time but I have become obsessed with two new Megans who are both well known bloggers / vloggers.

Megan Ellaby. If you don't follow Megan Ellaby on Instagram already, please do. I have never really felt that I need fashion advice because I think fashion is what you make of it. Nobody can tell you what to wear, it's essentially your decision but when I watch her videos on Youtube I just feel like I learn so much. She really knows what she's talking about and I always finish the video realising I have not got a good capsule wardrobe, I can wear statement shoes, and I need to try making my own denim handbag with iron on patches. 

This girl is just something else. She could wear a bin bag and look amazing. She's very rock and roll, lives in Manchester, loves high street AND designer brands and I have never seen a picture of her that I haven't loved. Her social medias are always so inspiring and I just want to be her hahaha! Be sure to see what all the fuss is about on her blog www.pagesbymegan.com 

Another Megan that I am a little bit in love with is Megan Gilbride who is also known as Wonderful You.
A fellow ginge who is also a very inspiring lady. She's great for giving advice on all sorts of subjects, even just on being a woman and the troubles we go through. I feel like I can relate to her on so many levels, being very thin throughout my life, having acne, and she also has a love for crushed velvet which is my new thing.

She's so naturally pretty and I feel like we have a similar sense of style. I just really love her account, her photography, her way with words and I highly encourage people to check out her blog! 

Lidl Cotton Pads

Bit of a jump in subject here but if anybody cannot stand using cotton wool pads because the horrible splitting texture between the two pads and the fact they fall apart then you need double faced wool pads. I always relied on Boots double faced pads which cost about one pound something.

Lidl have the same cotton pads for just 50p (possibly cheaper) I've been paying way more than I needed to my whole adult life. They don't say they are double faced but they are!

Theme Hospital

80's and 90's babies should remember this childhood legendary game well. You made your own hospital and had to cure people with all these crazy illnesses and deal with epidemics and it was actually really quite hard and really funny too but I loved it so much and recently Elliot downloaded it for me and I gave myself serious back pain from sitting for like 10 hours straight reliving my childhood.

Golden Oldies

By golden oldies I mean songs. Songs like 'Come on Eileen' 'Oh, what a night!' and 'Baggy trousers'. Nuff said.


Nope. I've still not got into vlogging but I'm getting there surely but slowly. If you want to see my vlogging so far then you can follow me on Snapchat (fbloggerstacie) I do a lot of videos on there.

I mean watching other peoples Youtube channels and I discovered two awesome channels this month.

First being 'Hydraulic Press Channel'. This is literally a guy who crushes things with a hydraulic press. It sounds really boring but you have to watch it to understand. He even managed to crush a Nokia 3310. He has done the impossible.

But seriously, you can never predict what the outcome is actually going to be like. It's quite fascinating. Watch them here.

The other channel is 'Walking With Giants' which too many of my family have got confused with walking with dinosaurs. Walking with giants is a guy who makes miniature versions of meals. Like lasagnes the size of your thumb but will actually cook them and make them with the same ingredients and process as a normal lasagne. He's made lots of different meals. It's amazing. Go check it out here


OGX are a very popular hair care brand and they sent me their whole Biotin and Collagen collection and I am seriously impressed. I'm going to be writing a proper review about this soon with pics and more information about the results but so far so good! Watch this space.


Everyone is having babies. My best friend of 20+ years Jade (see picture) and her partner Andy just had their first child. A little boy called Jaxson who is such a cutie and I'm so happy for them all. Very proud of Jade dealing with a very hard labour and there are just too many cute babies around me lately but I kind of just want a dog to cuddle at the moment. Very jealous of everybody though! I wish all the couples who have recently had babies or are currently expecting enjoy parenthood!

Xmas Shopping

I know it's not Christmas yet but its coming round quickly and this year I am super prepared and have already started picking up bits and bobs here and there. I can't say what because people will know what I've got them but I have found some fab items for people so far. Very excited for mine and Elliots first xmas alone this year in our flat but will also feel very weird as Christmas is all about family! 

My Fiance

Obviously you all know how much I love Elliot. I think that's rather obvious but since he proposed I've just become so overwhelmed with love that Im scaring myself a bit. Since having my heart broken many years ago by someone silly I very stereo-typically 'put my guard up'. I am not a touchy feely person, I'm not affectionate at all, I have a very short temper and can become very irritable, self-centered and lazy. When I first started dating Elliot I really didn't trust him, I wasn't very willing to compromise with him and would never make effort to make him feel loved. 
I think it was because nobody has ever wanted to commit to me before and I have fell for people in the past very easily and being led on and let down. I'm very much about commitment but I've never met someone who thought I was wife material or who wanted to settle down with me.

So I guess I had this 'he's never going to commit to me so maybe there is no point but we will see how it goes' kind of attitude and it took Elliot to propose for me to actually realise he really does love me and although I obviously loved him to pieces anyway I really felt that moving in together and getting engaged really helped me give it my all and let this stupid wall come down. 

I am now so obsessed with Elliot that I would do anything to make him happy. I never want him to go to work again, I want to look after him and care for him. I've literally put my all into our relationship now, I trust him 100% and I have put myself in the position to have my heart broken into a thousand tiny pieces but he is worth it and I trust that he won't hurt me. I constantly hug and kiss him. We are over two years into our relationship and we are still in our honeymoon phase. I tell him I love him about ten times an hour but he doesn't mind because it's making up for all the times I wouldn't say it.

He's seen a completely different side to me now and both of us are so much happier than we already were. I had to write an apology letter to him because I really wanted him to know why I am the way I am and that I am sorry. 

He has become perfect in my eyes and I have cried myself to sleep almost every night since his crash because I'm so terrified of losing him. This is why my anxiety is so bad but it makes me appreciate every second with him.

I now know that somebody does truly love me and I'm so glad that I can now move on from my insecurities and focus on an even better future together.

Very soppy part of my blog post but I just wanted to shout it out to the world. 

ANYWAY, enough of this love chatter. I just wanted to mention that I have started a Facebook business page for anything blog-related. Whenever I have an announcement, whenever I publish a blogpost, all my snapchat vlogs, they will now be on Facebook too so go give it a follow, I would really appreciate it.


Much Love, 

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  1. Lovely picks! I love the look of those sapphire pieces! They kind of remind of the Titanic!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. Thank you so much! Haha I totally know what you mean :') I've also been told it's like Princess Dianas :) xx

  2. I am loving your shoes collection :)



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