Tuesday 26 July 2016

July Favourites 2016...


I've just been terrible at keeping my blog updated over the past few weeks! I really am very sorry!
It's been a busy few weeks but I've had some amazing things happen which I'll mention in this post!

You may have noticed that I didn't do a June favourites but it was simply because I didn't discover any new products that month so I skipped it. So here it is, my July favourites. 

Me Before You

This is for sure one of my favourite films. I had heard a lot about it yet it still wasn't what I thought it would be. I don't want to give too much away but it's a great film. It's british and brilliant. All I'm saying is make sure you have tissues! I watched it at the cinema and left with make-up all down my face.  10/10.

Barry M Eyeliner

I've used Barry M liquid eyeliner for years. In fact I do believe it was the first eyeliner I ever used. However, recently I tried a few others. One by No7, another by Maybelline and I've also tried Collection but nothing compares to my trusty Barry M. At first I can find the brush is a little too firm with Barry M but once you break it in, it's the easiest brush to use and my wings just glide on. It stays on all day and I like how dark it is. It's a very black, black if that makes sense? Wings on fleek.

Keri Smith Books

I am definitely more of a writer than a reader. I'm not a 'good' writer but I enjoy it more.
That's why I love anything by Keri Smith. Keri Smith books are like little journals that you fill in by following instructions. Once you have completed the books they all turn into different scrapbooks that represent you and your life and therefore become a keepsake that you can pass down to your family. I just love the idea and you can always get as creative as you like. 
They are really fun to do in your spare time!

Following brands on Instagram

Bit of a random one...but I have really enjoyed following lots of big brands on Instagram recently. There are so many perks from following brands on social media. You hear about promotions first, they do lots of competitions, you might see discount codes too so it's always a good idea. I feel like my Instagram newsfeed is always interesting which is good because then I can get some inspo everytime I scroll through.

The Weather

Well the weather has been lovely this month. Lots of sunshine! Nice and warm but not ridiculously humid. (I don't think it has been anyway). I did manage to burn myself very badly which was annoying because I was only out for an hour and I wore factor 50! But because the weather has been so stunning we have had some beautiful sunsets! 

Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwiches 

Oh my good god. These things are glorious!! Have you tried them? I'm not sure why Co-op are still selling them as they seem very festive but still I'm glad. They are so good. When I first tried one I wanted to cry because it was so disgusting and I didn't understand why God would do this too me. However, they grew on me and now I can't get enough.


It took me a while to get into Tumblr. I didn't really understand it. I still don't fully but I just think you see some lovely photography on there. I very much enjoy reposting photos of apartments, cacti, flowers and cute animals. 


Some of you may have heard my good news this week. Depop got in touch with me and told me they would like to upgrade me to a VIP account, at first I just kind of nodded and went along with it, not really sure of what it entailed.
It wasn't until the next day that I heard the perks and I have to say I'm very impressed and it's made me very happy!

Here are some of the perks I get with my VIP account!

I don't have to pay any fees to sell an item.
I'll be featured on all of Depops social medias and in their newsletters.
I'll be featured on the explore tab to over 4 million users.
I'll be doing a snapchat takeover
If I'm too busy to list any items they will send over a photographer to do it all for me (which is insane)
Ill get VIP goodie bags.
I'll get free postage bags.

Can you see why I'm excited??

That's pretty much it for this month guys.

Until next time, 

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  1. The books sound lovely ... I like the idea of a journal style book to read and write in. And I'd love to see Me before You, despite needing tissues! May have to wait for the dvd now!

    Keep Calm and Start Writing -


    1. Its such an amazing film! You have to see it :) It's definitely a favourite of mine now!
      The journals are so much fun and lovely to keep!

      Much love, Stacie xoxox

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  3. I love following big brands on Instagram too... I love the promotions they have and the releases are always so exciting

    Amy | www.yankified.com

    1. Definitely! They have such fantastic packaging for some of the press releases too omg! :) xoxox


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