Thursday 3 December 2015

Fur and Festivities...

Helloooo Everyone!

Well...yet again, it has been a while since I last posted. I really need to step up my writing game don't I? It has been a very busy few months for me but the good news is, Elliot and I now have our own place, our own little home which we are both extremely happy in! 

So as you can imagine we've had a lot to get done which is one of the many many reasons I've been a little too preoccupied to keep my website updated, I do apologise from the very bottom of my always palpitating murmured little heart! 

I assure you I will stick to my New Years resolution this year to work very hard on my blog! I aim to hit 100,000 followers by the end of the year. I know that's a big target, and maybe a little ambitious and unrealistic but you gotta have faith! You'll see, YOU'LL ALLLLL SEE!

So it's December! Exciting, am I right? AM I RIGHT?! Yeahhhh I am. I absolutely LOVE Christmas and what excites me most this year is the fact I've been able to decorate my own home.
I'm gonna get straight to the point. There is tartan. There is tartan and fairy lights, Everywhere. 

I've managed to buy some really awesome things this Christmas, I really wanted to get into the festive spirit, and so I'm going to share some of my seasonal finds with you guys because I know you're all jealous of my Christmas tree. Which by the way made the popular views page on Instagram. Wheyyyy.

Here she is, in all her glory. Now I'm very proud of her because believe it or not I've never actually in my entire life decorated a Xmas tree. My mum would never let me near it because she would become a little bit OCD with it and everything had to be symmetrical. So for a first attempt I don't think I've done too bad!

I've just noticed I have a lot of hearts and love quotes in my flat... why so many? Clearly didn't think that through when decorating now did I?

So basically, I really want you all to get into the festive spirit with me, Instagrammers be sure to tag me in your Xmas tree pictures so I can have inspo for next year please! 

Now to show you all the wintery, seasonal things I've been loving this month!

First of all, the obvious.

My Advent Calendar. 

This year I decided to go for the not so traditional type calendar and got treated to this lovely Yankee Candle one. This was the best decision I ever made. It is DIVINE. 

I still had a chocolate one as well because my boyfriends lovely mother got me a white chocolate one so I get two treats every morning. 

OH NO! It's JUST hit me as I was writing this post that I could have made an advent calendar for my hamster! Whyyyyy have I only just thought of this? I'm such a bad mother.

Anyway, lmfao, this calendar is great, a lovely tea light candle for each day, all christmassy scents that really make the house have that rustic, warm feel. 

There are six different scents in the calendar, it would have been nice if all 24 days were a different scent but I am willing to compromise because they all smell so good! Here are the six scents that you get...

I'm not reeeally sure how someone found out what an angels wing smells like but it smells pretty damn fine to me! All the candles are lovely, I was very fond of the Icicles one so next time you see Yankee Candles be sure to check that one out. This calendar may still be available to buy? Mine was reduced to £15 in Boots. 

Another thing I've really been enjoying this season are fur coats. It happens every year without fail. As soon as it starts to get cold I get very excited to pull out the winter coats. They are currently all set out on my clothes rail in my dressing room. Yes that's right! Elliot allowed me to turn the second bedroom into a dressing room/walk-in wardrobe! I do love him very much. Lucky Lady.

I think my favourite is my leopard print coat, or is it Cheetah? I don't really know. 

I'm not usually one for animal prints, I think it's easy to be made tacky but this I am willing to have a change of heart. I thought at first I'd PROBABLY look like a pimp. But once I had it on I fell in love with it, super warm, flattering shape and surprisingly it goes with a lot of things in my wardrobe! A lot of people tend to compliment me when I wear this coat too which is always nice. It was only £20 in Primark. Bargain. 


Here, have a picture of me wearing it, where I don't have any hands and my body looks separated from my legs. If you look closely I kind of just look like a floating head that has a bowler hat and a coat photo shopped onto it. 


I also love my big woolly coat from New Look, also £20 but it was last year. This one is sooooo cosy! I just feel like a little lamb that hasn't been sheared in years. It's great. Although I suppose in years it would be a sheep wouldn't it?...

Oh yeah... you gotta have some tacky Christmas things haven't you?!...Those leggings are seriously theee most cringey Xmas themed clothes I own but they are my absolute favourite! You can get them in Primark at the moment for £10. 
Whilst on the subject of tackiness, people please tag me in pics of your Xmas jumpers, some of the ones people manage to find make me howl and seeing some silly ones would really cheer me up. 

Woolly tights. It doesn't really matter what time of year it is, I love wearing woolly tights anyway but now is the best time because they are in all the shops! I think I have at least 20 pairs of woolly tights at the minute...eek.

Now for the exciting stuff ! CHRISTMAS DECORATIONSSSS! YASSS!
I really loved decorating the house this year. I didn't go overboard. I managed to calm myself down before it was too late, and for that I am proud. 

Fairy lights are kind of my guilty pleasure. I have them up all year round but they just look especially good this time of year. 

Another thing I've been a little obsessed with lately is anything copper so when I saw the copper bauble fairy lights for £5 in Asda I had to get them. They look really nice in the bedroom and give it that relaxed feeling when you're lying in bed. They also do silver ones for anybody who are looking for some pretty lights.

The girly butterfly ones are for round my dressing table in my girly room and even though they are really tacky I don't even care because they are so god damn cute. sorry, not sorry. £3 from Primark.

A wreath for the front door. Awww.

 £10 from Tesco. 

Fun fact. I always get confused with pinecones and porcupines.

These three Christmas decorations were from Tesco, 3 for £5. I don't know if it's just me but our family has always had that one traditional decoration that they put on the tree. So me and Elliot wanted to choose a few decorations that we will always put on. I liked the gingerbread ones because come on, how cute really? and Elliot chose the robin because it makes him laugh sooo much, He was practically rolling on the floor when he saw it. 

We have a pet robin by the way. He sits outside on the fence by the bedroom window every single day. I've called him Robyn. And he is morbidly obese.

I had to get this tree because its adorable. £4 from Asda.

As I said earlier I've gone a little bit coocoo for Tartan, all my wrapping paper is tartan, my blankets are tartan, my chairs are tartan, my cushions are tartan and so I had to get a tartan duvet cover! I saw this one in Primark, £22 for a king-size and I love it. It is reversible but the other side is disgusting. Hahaha. I desperately want a massive fur throw to put over the bed. Oh man that would be heavenly!

Speaking of furry. I've been trying to get my hamster in the festive spirit too but he is a grumpasaurus and was being very difficult when trying to get a cute photo with him. 

But I still love him all the world. I don't actually think I've mentioned Walter on my blog before which is surprising as he is my soul mate and is always bought up in conversation every single hour without fail. 

And to end this blog post, have a bloody cute picture of him, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Also a quick apology for the quality of my photos and the formatting of this post. I am hoping to treat myself to a new camera and laptop in the new year so my blogging game will step up 1000 levels. 

Hope to post again very soon ! 

Enjoy your December guys!

Much Love, 

Stacie xoxox 


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