Wednesday 13 April 2022

How to improve your eating habits



Your eating habits play a role in helping you maintain a healthy weight and high energy levels. When you eat poorly you may feel sluggish and notice that you start to put on extra weight over time.

If this is your situation then you may be looking for advice on how to improve your eating habits and get to a better place. While it’s also important to exercise and stay active, what you choose to eat and how much of it you consume will certainly impact your health and how you look.

Cook at Home

One way to improve your eating habits and live a healthier lifestyle is to cook at home for yourself. This way you have more control over the ingredients you use and how much you eat at once. When you eat out you risk consuming more calories and saturated fats than you desire. Make a list of healthy items to buy and then head to the grocery store so you have what you need at home to prepare meals.

Enlist Professional Help

Another way to improve your eating habits effectively is to enlist professional help. Educating yourself on what to eat and how often to eat it will put you on the right track to success. You’ll have a personalised eating plan when you work with a Dietitian so you don’t have to think so hard about what foods to eat and how to achieve your weight loss goals.

Keep A Food Diary

You may be eating more food than what your body needs or can handle. In this case, improve your eating habits by keeping a food diary. Write down what you’re eating and when and try to identify areas for improvement. It’s a great way to be more honest with yourself and stop lying to yourself about what you’re putting in your body daily. This way you may think twice before eating sugar or sweets and opt for a healthier choice instead.

Manage Your Portions

You can have better-eating habits by managing your portion sizes. Put less food on your plate in the first place and you may eat less at each sitting. You’ll think twice before going back for seconds and may decide that you’re actually thirsty instead of hungry. Losing weight will come easier and you’ll start to see results when you take in the right amount of food for your body and health goals. Eating smaller portions more frequently is usually an effective way to lose and keep weight off.  

Plan Ahead

You can maintain your healthy eating habits by planning ahead. Otherwise, you risk grabbing and eating what’s convenient or easy at the time. For example, you can pack a lunch or healthy snacks for work or when you’re on the go and look up menu items and calorie counts before eating out at a restaurant. Plan ahead by putting nutritious meals in the freezer you can pull out during the week and chopping and preparing meals on Sunday instead of at the last minute.  


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