Saturday 25 June 2016

50 Facts About Little Old Me...

I thought I'd do something a bit more relaxed this week that some of you might enjoy reading more and with all the tension of the EU referendum I think everyone needs to lighten up!! 
So there is no showing you products I've discovered, no collaborations, no opinions on brands. Just 50 facts about little old me. 

Someone suggested that I write this blog post so that my followers can get to know me a little better. Sure, they know my sense of style, they know what I look like but other than that, they don't really know me at all. I might lose a lot of followers after this because everyone will know how weird I really am. Haha!
So here it is, a list of 50 facts about Fashion Blogger Stacie.

Enjoy! xoxo

1. My full name is Stacie Cunningham and I don't actually have a middle name. My parents didn't love me enough to give me one. Although my best friend has always called me Stacie Louise Cunningham since we were little girls. I don't know why.

2. I am 24 years old. By the time I reached 24 I wanted to be married with children. I am not married and I have no children. 

3. I have lived in a fair few places. I was born in Germany, I then lived in Newcastle for a short while (I think), then I moved to Wolverhampton when I was 3. I stayed there till I was 16 when I moved out of home and lived in Wales. I lived in various parts of Wales until I was 19 when I moved back to Wolverhampton. Then Elliot and I moved down to Devon where we are happily settled. I plan to stay here for a long time as I much prefer it down South. Altogether I have lived in about 15 different houses.

4. I have had quite a lot of jobs. My first job was at a place called First Steps Nursery looking after kiddies then I worked at Ten Green Bottles where they made decorative home pieces out of recycled glass. I then got a job at Boots but not for very long. Then I worked at Novotel Hotel, then The Gunmakers Arms pub, then River Island.

5. When I was 10 years old I became a Buddhist and would try to reach Enlightenment in my bedroom by meditating. I had books and everything and still have a Buddha from Nepal as a memory.

6. I am not a natural ginge. My dad is a natural ginger and when I was born it was 'strawberry blonde' as my mum likes to say so I was basically ginger and then it went super blonde. It is now a very boring dirty blonde/ mousey brown colour.

7. I have tiny feet. I mostly wear size 3. However, I have had to get size 1 or 2 sometimes depending on the shoe and I am 5 ft 4.

8. I love the smell of Opium (the perfume, not the drug) I would wear it when I was younger and everyone thought I smelt like an old lady.

9. I can play some Ukelele. I'm not fantastic but I enjoy it anyway.

10. I thought that I was Anne Frank in a past life. When I was a little girl I read her diary and I felt so mesmerised by it that I genuinely thought I MUST have been her. I also went through a phase where I thought I was Florence Nightingale because we have the same birthday and I was conceived in Italy and Florence is in Italy. I was a young girl, give me a break.

11. I've had a few different nicknames. Stacie Moo because I used to be OBSESSED with cows and Hermit Fraggle which I went along with but then realised years later that it means ugly and alone. Thanks Jenny. 

12. My favourite films in order are Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby, Dirty Dancing, Changeling, Seven Pounds, My Sisters Keeper, The Perfect Getaway, Me Before You, Finding Nemo and The Lovely Bones. I've probably forgot loads.

13. I wouldn't say I suffer with OCD but I have a few weird routines. I won't re-use cutlery. For example if I was making porridge I would mix the oats and milk with one spoon then get a new one to stir it halfway through, I would then get another one to stir it with when it's done and then another one to eat it with. 
I also wear my clothes in a particular order. I go through my wardrobe in the order that they are in there.. left to right and it doesn't matter what the weather is like I have to wear it. If it was a crop top and it was snowing, I would wear it and just layer. 

14. For a fashion blogger I actually hate getting dressed. 90% of the time I am in my pyjamas. I never get dressed because I never leave the house. I also rarely wear make-up unless I have to go out. But my dressing room is full of clothes and make-up. Most of it has not been used.

15. I am extremely anti-social. I rarely make plans with friends or contact them which means I'm not very good at keeping them. I prefer my own company and rarely call or text people. 

16. I suffer with severe anxiety. Although I suffer from GAD mine is probably more phobia related. I am anxious about particular things that affect my everyday life and it's a lot more extreme than just a dislike. My phobias (not fears) are spiders, wasps, planes and lightning. Lightning is my worst. I faint, I throw up, I won't use anything in the bathroom, I position the flat in a particular way during a storm so I'm not near any windows, I can't touch door handles, I won't have my phone anywhere near me and I check my weather app every single day numerous times. If it's forecast lightning I will cry and struggle to eat through fear. I'm on medication for it and have been feeling better in myself, however I've not witnessed a storm since so I don't know how I will react.

17. I once had my hips pierced and I loved them and I only have one ear pierced after stretching the other one went wrong. 

18. I am in a very happy relationship. We rarely argue and when we do we sort it out minutes later. The start of the relationship was the complete opposite.

19. I like anything cranberry. The colour, the drink, the band and the smell. 

20. I had an ex boyfriend who would steal my money from my purse and buy drugs with it who also killed my kitten. He also still has my laptop and friends box set. Bastard. Well he doesn't..because hes in prison. But ya know. 

21. I HATE quotes about men only liking women with curves. It's body shaming, it makes skinny girls feel like shit and it's not always a girls choice to be thin. You bodyshamers actually disgust me. Look at what you're doing, it's practically bullying!
You're allowed to be body confident without disrespecting others and no I'm not offended by it because I don't have curves because I do.
It works the other way round too but lets be honest you rarely see quotes on Facebook about how skinny girls are more loved without feminine curves and when you do see that, that is also bodyshaming and disgusting behaviour. You're entitled to think someone looks unhealthy but I just don't think it's right to say it to them. You wouldn't go up to them in the street and say they are fat or thin so why do it on social media?

22. My favourite TV shows are Clarence, Criminal Minds, Friends and Bad Girls.

23. I have quite a lot of various qualifications. I won't list them all but I have around 30 and I'm actually a qualified Beauty Therapist but I don't do it. What a waste.

24. I hate people eating near me loudly, I hate people slamming doors. I hate people in my space.

25. I have changed a lot in the past 2 years. I would say I am a completely different person. I actually hate my younger self from 16-22. I think I was trying to be someone I'm not in an attempt to get a boy to like me which by the way kids, you should never do! I lost weight, I dressed like a knob, acted different just so this guy would ask me out but I was never good enough and I just wish I had been myself. 

26. I had a hugeeeee crush on Pete Wentz but I'm over it. I also truly loved James Franco but it's not so obsessive anymore.

27. I have never been to a festival. Only gigs, but even then only a few. Ed Sheeran. The Gypsy Kings, Boyce Avenue and LMFAO who we met and they were awesome.

28. When I was 6 I fell UP the stairs which then sliced my head open and it was so deep you could see my skull. I have a scar across my forehead and not long after that I fell at school whilst playing kisschase, knocked myself unconscious and split my chin open.

29. I would love to be a midwife but could not deal with any losses which is why I haven't done it.

30. I hate my nose because I look like a who out of the grinch and my skin pisses me off too. 

31. I really want to revisit Paris so I can go to the Moulin Rouge and also go to Amsterdam to see where I used to live (Anne Franks house)

32. I can knit and I have about a billion scarves taking up space in my wardrobe and I hope to eventually set up an online shop so I can sell them.

33. I was a really late learner as a child. I didn't know how to make a cup of tea, I couldn't tell the time and I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was around 14. I also couldn't cook until a few years ago. Tragic.

34. I am a ring size F which is children's sizes. The guy who measured it said it was the smallest ladies finger he had ever measured.

35. I'm allergic to Lavender. The slightest smell and I get a horrific migraine. Its very hard at Christmas when people buy me lavender bath sets to help my poor sleep routine.

36. I am so unfit. I hardly exercise because I don't enjoy it and get scared in case I lose weight. I've always had issues with my weight and find it impossible to get over 7 stone. Bladdy nightmare! 

37. My favourite meal is my mums homemade quiche. Stacie's mum has got it going on.

38. The worst food in the entire planet is liver. Just the smell causes instant puking.

39. I have a vivid memory of living on an army barracks in a bungalow with a coca-cola fridge and a very overgrown garden. My family swear they have no idea what I'm on about.

40. I have reoccurring dreams every week about plane crashes and that's been going on for around 3 years.

41. I have the worst memory ever which is why people probably can't remember these strange memories I have. I'm so forgetful it's unreal. I don't remember much from my childhood at all. Even secondary school. I couldn't name many teachers or anything.

42. I thought the song My Sharona was saying Mighty Sharona. I thought Cumbria was in Africa, Indiana was in India, Gibraltar was in America and that Australasia was just people saying Australia wrong. Geography is not my strong point!

43. I wear knickers in bed. I think this is extremely normal but Elliot insists it is totally not normal and most people sleep without pants on underneath their pyjamas. Please let me know what you think is normal so we can end this madness.

44. I have had sleep paralysis and it is one of the worst feelings and experiences in the world.

45. When I first got with Elliot I made out that I loved the same music as him, Blink 182 and other punk type bands, It's been 2 years and he now knows I friggin hate it.

46. When I was younger I wanted to be an author and would write my own books. 

47. I thought my name was short for Anastasia and I saw the meaning in a baby names book which was (to rise again) and so I started telling people I was Jesus. I also saw a child at nursery tell people it was his birthday and he got presents and the next day my parents got a phonecall asking them to get me to stop telling people it was my birthday so that I too would get presents. 

48. I have been a victim of workplace bullying. Nobody should have to go through that. There is nothing wrong with wanting to do well at work and progress. People get jealous so easily but they should just be supportive and appreciate that you work hard. I've never told anyone at work though because I didn't think they would believe me because it was one of the managers and I never reported it and I wish I had now.

49. I asked for a 'Changing Rooms' doll house one Christmas which I never got and I'm still gutted now. I also asked for a dog every year and I've never had one.

50. I have however, owned a lot of rabbits which I trained to do obstacle courses. They would also wimper when I played dead and they were all lesbians and would hump each others faces.

So there you have it, 50 facts about me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, I enjoyed writing it and it gave me a few giggles. 

I hope you all have a lovely week and are not judging me right now. Hahaha!

Much Love, 

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  1. Oh I absolutely love these kinds of posts. Makes you so much more "real" and authentic. Have a wonderful weekend <3

    Love, kerstin

    1. I love reading other people's ! You just get to know them behind the blog! I had a lot of fun writing it. Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend too ! ☺️ Xoxo

  2. You sound lovely to me! Very nice to get to know you xxx (:

    Keep Calm and start writing

    1. That's so lovely of you! Thank you so much ☺️ Xoxo

    2. Thank you too for leaving such a kind comment on my Mindfulness with Horses blog - I had to reply via my families face book page as I haven't quite set up my own just yet. Just in case you wondered! But thank you. It means so much. Xx Enjoy your weekend. Your blog is such a nice place to explore ...


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