Sunday, 29 September 2019

For My Sister

This is quite a personal post for me to write, but it's probably the most important I'll have ever uploaded.

This is my sister-in-law Crystal. 

What you see in this photo is a woman who's clearly having the time of her life with Larry the llama. But what you cannot tell from a photo is someones past.

You cannot see what's behind the smile. 

My sister suffers from PTSD.

After spending her childhood subjected to sexual exploitation, bullying and cruelty by her own stepfather and mother she spent her teenage years homeless. Until she met my brother who helped her get back on her feet.
The thing with PTSD is that it kicks you down when you think you've got back up. 

I've watched my sister go through good times and really really dark times.
My sister has attempted suicide a few times now, once while I was in the house with her. She told me she was going for a nap and next thing I knew she was being carted off in an ambulance.

But then there was the time it worked. 

She took her own life. 

She died. 

In my brothers arms. 

But someone up there had other plans for her because they managed to resuscitate her. I'll never forget that moment. She wrote a message to say goodbye on social media and then wouldn't answer anyones calls. Then we got the phone call. 

I thought I'd lost my sis for good. The whole family suffered but we understood. Things didn't get much better after that. It took some time, but I can finally say she's coming through the other side of it. She's got herself an apprenticeship she loves, she has two wonderful children, she has a loving family that she married into who will always support her. 

I'd love to see my sister fulfil some of her dreams. There was a reason she lived that day, and she understands why now, She needs to make the most of being on this planet, she's making a happy life for herself.

She's recently been given the chance to go to Mount Everest base camp. This is something on her bucket list and I'd love to see her do something that she can look back on and say "I'm so glad I stuck around'. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her but it's also expensive and apprentice wages aren't all that great so she's set up a gofundme to help raise money for her to do this, any extra money will go towards a mental health charity. If anybody would like to know more about Crystals story or would like to help please visit 

I don't usually like asking people for donations but this is something really close to my heart and I'd love to see her do this! Love you Crystal 


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